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For the TV Series

  • Alex opens his drawer to find it stuffed full of chocolate Easter eggs in "Chasing Ghosts".
  • The dialog between Tolliver and Natalie as they head back to the elevator.

For the Musical

  • Sam is clearly sweet on the (white) camp nurse Hannah, and his sister clearly picks up on it the first time the two meet, and teases him mercilessly.
    Sam: Hannah. In Japanese, that means "flower."
    Sam: (glares at Kay) It's similar.
    Kay: (grinning) Not really.
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  • When Sam comes up with the idea of the internees getting baseball games together, he tells one older Japanese woman that she'd make a great umpire.
    Sam: You call the games.
    Japanese Woman: Call them what?
    Sam: You'd judge the plays.
    Japanese Woman's Husband: Oh, she likes to judge!

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