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  • A drunken Siegfried cleaning his prospective employers' windshield. With a dead chicken. See it here.
  • Tristan accidentally sending a rude client a jar of infected cow dung and instructing him to rub it into his pig.
  • Siegfried scaring Tristan out of his mind with a real human skeleton and dropping innocent little hints over the next few days.
  • James, after a long day, attempts to milk a bull.
  • James' first conversation with Tricki-woo, having to thank him for the cheese "he" sent him and reminding him to eat more protein and fewer sweet biscuits. With Tristan right behind him.
  • James has taken Tricki-woo to stay at the surgery for a few days. Mrs Pumphrey has been calling several times a day to enquire after Tricki. James has to promise to pass on 'Mummy's love' and say 'Uncle Herriot will tuck Tricki-woo in, don't worry' in front of a grinning Tristan
    Tristan: Uncle Herriot certainly does have the bedside manner down pat.
    James: Uncle Herriot will do you an injury if you don't shut up!
    Tristan: Wicked Uncle Herriot!
    • During the same episode, James introduces the vet dogs to Tricki:
    James: I know what you're thinking: yes, it's a dog.
  • Tristan is very hungover and has spent the night asleep in the car because he forgot his key and didn't want to wake Siegfried up.
    James: Tristan! You've been sick all over the passenger seat!
    Tristan: Have I? How inconsiderate of me. I do apologise.
    James: *glares*
    Tristan: *woozily* Can I go into the house now?
  • James sums up Seigfried's Hypocritical Humor:
    James: You know the one thing I can't stand about your brother, Tris? It's when he gets patient with you. He gets this saintly look on his face and you know that any moment now he's going to forgive you. For something he's just done!
  • Mrs Pumphrey has just adopted a pig. James comes to examine it and breaks the news that it can't live in the house. The maid busy dusting sighs in audible relief!
  • James has been rather on edge recently.
    James: What is the point of me telling you things if you DON’T LISTEN! *storms out*
    Siegfried: … Hmmm. Would you say our James has had something on his mind recently?
    Tristan: Her name’s Helen. *Cheshire cat grin*
    Siegfried: Oh. *smiles*
    • Later they're discussing the situation further and Siegfried sums up the case:
      Siegfried: James in love is bad enough; James rejected doesn't bear thinking about!
  • Mrs Hall demonstrates double standards:
    Mrs Hall: More bacon James?
    James: No thanks!
    Tristan: *steals bacon*
    Mrs Hall: I'll cut your fingers off!
  • In a DVD extra, Christopher Timothy revealed that when Lynda Bellingham took over as The Other Darrin for Helen, he decided to break the ice by pranking her with some Improv in their first scene together. But she proved a quick match for him, leading to this exchange:
    James: Hello... (Beat) Who are you?
    Helen: Oh my god, it was all a dream!


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