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You wouldn't think a series of slasher style movies IN SPACE would have much humor, you'd be wrong.

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  • Parker as the three survivors prepare to detonate the Nostromo.
    Parker: If we don't get out of here in 10 minutes we won't need no rocket to fly through space!
  • The Brick Joke over Jones the cat. When they go searching for the infant Chest Burster, Parker, Brett and Ripley get startled by Jones. With Brett not catching him, because it wasn't the Chest Burster. Parker berating Brett at first, but going into hysterical laughter when Brett said it was only Jones, which causes them all to laugh. When Brett goes to look for Jones, it seems like Jones is only being a jerk, hissing and not moving from its spot. However it becomes scary when the alien now grown is behind Brett before his demise. The cat is never seen again until near the end, when Ripley has to race against both the countdown and the alien before the ship blows.
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  • A bit dark but at the beginning of the infamous chest burster scene, Kane begins choking but Parker tells him the food isn't that bad.
  • The scene where Brett's Verbal Tic is discussed.
  • When Ripley finally shuts down Ash's decapitated head, his face is stuck in a shit-eating grin.
  • Parker's Verbal Backspace when the idea of first checking out the distress call is discussed. Parker isn't interested in putting the crew and ship at risk, and would rather go over the bonus situation. When Ash quotes a regulation stating that any transmission indicating a possible intelligence must be investigated under penalty of "total forfeiture of shares," Parker immediately changes his tune.
  • In the film's climax, when Ripley is forced to backspace to the bridge to try deactivating the self destruct, Jones is left alone with the alien in a carrier box. The alien apparently remembers him, because the next thing it does is kick Jones' box against the bulkhead!
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  • In the novelization, while it makes things difficult later, Dallas' utter nonchalance about how damaged his ship is after landing on LV-426.
    Ripley: We're blind on B and C decks—
    Dallas: I don't need to see B and C decks, I know what they look like.
  • Ripley is peeved at Dallas for letting Ash keep the facehugger, and follows him down a corridor demanding an explanation. Dallas is ignoring her, until she hits a button next to her, and the door in front of Dallas closes. In exasperation, he finally turns and starts answering her questions.
    Dallas: Look, I just run the ship, okay? Anything to do with the science department, Ash has the final say.
    Ripley: How does that happen?
    Dallas: It happens, my dear, because that's what the Company wants to happen.
    Ripley: Since when is that standard procedure?
    Dallas: Standard procedure is to do what the hell they tell you to do.

The Kenner Comic book series

  • The comics had some hilarious artwork (Apone thinking, "What a jerk!" when his mouth looks like it's broken), and even funnier out-of-character one liners and quotes:
    Ripley (when facing a giant facehugger): HUG THIS!
    Apone: Monster rhinos?!?
    Atax: So-how do you like your eggs, queenie? Scrambled, or fried? Howzabout scrambled?
    Bishop: Everything's cool...for now!

The 2019 Stage Play

  • Brett and Parker have some rather humorous moments in the stage play, especially with annoying Ripley while they're repairing the ship (by dancing to Get Tricky). They also tend to lean on the fourth wall a little bit, with this gem being especially funny.
    Brett: Hey, Parker. Ever feel like we're in a horror movie where everyone dies in the end?

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