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  • "Queen of the Rodeo," a "country song" that Crosses the Line Twice with every verse.
  • When Jerry Cantrell met William Duvall (who would later on replace Layne Staley as the frontman of the band) during the band's reunion concerts, the first thing he said to him was "cool hair."
  • From "Real Thing:" "Sexual chocolate, baby!"
  • When the band played "Sludge Factory" on MTV Unplugged, Layne accidentally sings part of the second verse ("There's no pressure besides brilliance / Let's say by day 9") after singing one part of the first verse ("You insult me in my home / You're forgiven this time"). Layne Staley cuts loose a Precision F-Strike in response to the screw-up.
  • The chorus to "Nothin' Song:" "Well, the nothin' song sticks to your mouth / like peanut butter on the brain / Ayeeee-eeeeeee / Nothing ever stays the same."
    • This becomes a "Funny Aneurysm" Moment when you consider that Layne wrote the lyrics, and their completely nonsensical nature was likely because he was fucked out of his tree at the time of writing.
  • "I wish I could just hug you all, but I'm not gonna," says Layne Staley after their unplugged performance of "The Killer Is Me."
  • The band's 1993 Headbangers Ball episode, full stop.
  • Footage of the band cutting up on their Music Bank DVD is frequently hilarious; one such instance is Layne singing "Bleed the Freak" like a lounge singer.
  • Their early Hair Metal material.
  • The entirety of the hidden track "Love Song" on their Sap EP.
  • Tom Araya from Slayer on the hidden track "Iron Gland" from Dirt: "I am IROOOOOON GLAAAAAND!!!"
  • The Nona Tapes. Jerry plays Nona Weisbaum, a female journalist looking for her breakthrough story (she's been an 'aspiring journalist' for twenty years). In order to do so, she's come to Seattle to find some Seattle rock stars, and ends up kidnapping the other members of the band (sans Jerry, obviously) and interviewing them. Nona turns out to be a bit of a Dirty Old Woman, stroking Sean's thigh and chest while they're in the car together. Not that the others are much better - Sean makes rather suggestive faces at her and Mike starts squeezing her 'breasts'. There's also Sean as a circus clown and Mike with his hair in curlers, getting his nails done.
    • In a similar vein, Alice In Chains - Twenty-Three, a very thinly-veiled Affectionate Parody of Pearl Jam 20. Like The Nona Tapes, it's a mockumentary, but none of the band members play themselves. Jerry plays a country musician, William plays a reggae singer, Mike plays a Norwegian black metal musician (with the name Unta Gleeben Glabben Globben Globin and his voice distorted to the point where it's just an incomprehensible growl, with subtitles) who says that 'the bass (on The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here) is shit' and Sean plays a hipster (with an enormous fake beard).
      • Jerry's country musician character realizes it's his pony's birthday and insists they stop the interview to sing "Happy Birthday". A caption appears noting that "Happy Birthday" is subject to copyright (true as of 2013), and an extended bleep replaces the audio for the entire duration of the song.


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