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  • Her second presentation skills video from her early days in NXT - with Christina Vargas. It had her suggesting the latter try to win the other Divas over by sending a friendly text to all of them - including Alexa herself "because you've been kinda rude to me too" - and insisting she add a smiley face to the end. Then there's this.
    Alexa: Bless your heart. How hard was that?
    Christina: That was harder than giving a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes away.
    Alexa: Well I don't know who he is, [Christina's jaw drops in horror] but if you're giving his shoes away, you might wanna send him a text too.
  • She and Bayley deciding to high-five in the middle of a match after Alexa executes a perfect headscissor takedown on her.
  • After getting caught on the top rope trying to ambush Nia Jax, Alexa... thinks better of it.
  • Her expressions in this segment, playing off William Regal (an absolute master at great expressions). At one point she gives him a brilliant Death Glare while Aries, Blake and Murphy are jawing, which Regal sells the intimidation of as if it's Brock Lesnar...
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  • Her first appearance on Talking Smack probably counts as her Crowning Moment of Funny. She hilariously insults both Daniel Bryan and Renée Young within the first few minutes of being on and her response to Bryan's constant comments about her short stature is absolutely priceless.
    Alexa: I am five feet of fury, excuse you!note .
  • Natalya tries to pep Alexa up for a Survivor Series match by repeating "I get knocked down but I get back up again. You're never gonna keep me down" Alexa bristles at the idea that Natalya is quoting "Tubthumping" by Chumbawamba.note  Natalya asks "what's Chumbawamba?" and Alexa storms off in frustration.
    • Happens again when Natalya is threatening champion Becky Lynch, warning that "near...far..wherever you are...This Hart will go on" and behind them, Alexa is throwing up her hands and moaning "Again? Again!" and storms off.
  • When Nikki Bella is taken out at the Survivor Series match, Carmella and Alexa (the only heels on the team) can be seen looking at each other asking "did you do that?"
  • Alexa's heel expressions are frequently hilarious in their OTT-ness - just check out this GIF.
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  • This moment from her Elimination Chamber title match with Naomi.
  • Alexa vs the "What?" chant.
  • The week after that horrible skit, Alexa meets with Kurt Angle to suggest a "This is Your Life" on herself. Angle replies by talking of how "that was one of the worst segments in the history of RAW." He then pushes Bliss to defend her title against Nia Jax with them doing a "seriously" back and forth.
  • Alexa and Mojo Rawley have a ...strange relationship.
  • Her re-enacting the "Tight Pants" skit from The Tonight Show with The Miz, Maryse, Nia Jax and Titus O'Neil.
  • At a live event in Trenton, New Jersey, Alexa does the worst kip-up ever, followed with the best reaction ever.
    • What makes it funnier is her swinging her legs and flexing her arms immediately prior, meaning she's probably had difficulty with this before.
  • For the WWE Mixed Match Challenge, Alexa found herself in a Huge Guy, Tiny Girl duo with Braun Strowman. Highlights include Alexa demanding Braun to destroy Curt Hawkins after the latter interrupted her entrance at a house show, and Braun teaching Alexa how to lift a car (because an ambulance or a tractor trailer would be too much)... all while she's wearing one of his shirts, which is comically oversized to say the very least; she's also visibly uncomfortable almost the entire time.
    Alexa: I mean... I kind of have my own shirt.
    Braun: No, no, no. I've worn this shirt, I've sweat in this. [Alexa shoots him a disgusted look] This means it's gonna instantly make you at least 30% stronger.
  • On the March 12th RAW, Nia Jax has just finished off a jobber when video captures Alexa and Mickie backstage, bad-mouthing Jax and insulting her with Alexa cracking on how Nia thinks they're friends. After a long pause, Nia starts charging to the back. Alexa and Mickie are informed the mic has been on, leading to an utterly priceless Oh, Crap! look. They start packing but after five seconds, Alexa says they don't have time and they take off running seconds before Nia shows up to trash the place.
  • The opening of the duo's WrestleMania 34 match has a priceless moment where Alexa slaps Nia in the face. Nia immediately lets out a yell and Alexa answers with a scream of terror before trying to run off.
    • Really, the entire match is hilarious in how Alexa sells being tossed around like a rag doll and totally out of her league against Nia.
  • This PSA, where Alexa accuses Nia of stealing a homeless woman's food, and somehow manages to keep a straight face the whole time.
    • The follow-up as a distraught Alexa claims that, during a vacation in Disney World, Nia repeatedly made fun of her by asking if she was tall enough to be on the rides. Her near-tears are beautiful.
  • During the opening segment of the final Raw before Money in the Bank, Alexa screams at the mic to cut the bantering between Braun Strowman, Kevin Owens, Bobby Roode, Finn Bálor, Natalya, Ember Moon, and Sasha Banks (the other seven participants for their respective Money in the Bank ladder matches) and proceeds to call each and every other participant "The Real Housewives of WWE".
  • Openly lampshading the Running Gag in that it's impossible for her "Moment of Bliss" interview segment to go off without at least one person coming out for a huge interruption of her guest and Alexa just sitting there fuming.
  • For her and Nikki's tag team title match against The IIconics at SummerSlam 2019, Alexa came out in gear clearly inspired by a certain character from Toy Story. What ensued was...Bliss Lightyear. What's arguably even funnier is the fact that color commentator Corey Graves, who notoriously sides with Alexa no matter what type of outlandish or nefarious stunt she pulls, was raging at how stupid he thought she looked.



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