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  • His runs as WWE European Heavyweight Champion, where he would dress up in the traditional outfits of various European countries.
    • The Head Cheese run with Steve Blackman.
    • His promos with Head in ECW.
  • Using a bowling ball as a weapon during a Royal Rumble.
  • His hardcore match against himself.
  • Al Snow hiding out by the ring disguised as a stereotypical Japanese tourist complete with really thick glasses and both he and Head were wearing woks. Which isn't Japanese. It ended with Al arguing with Head about how stupid the disguise was.
  • Putting Val Venis' actual phone number on a sign and asking fans to call it.
    • That was actually done during the "Where's Pepper" storyline, which had Al looking for his missing dog. Al had a sign done up asking fans to call if they had any information on where Pepper was, and it was actually Venis' cell phone number; Val proceeded to get bombarded with phone calls. Even Mick Foley had to give props to Al for the prank.
  • Of the Avatar gimmick, he's stated "you could put a magnet through my ass and drag me through Fort Knox and I still wouldn't draw money"
  • As mentioned on the main page, the King of the Ring match against Too Much. It has become something of a meme that Head was unbeatable; she had no shoulders so they could not be held down to the mat to pin her, and she had no hands so she could not tap out. Too Much attaching a bottle of 'Head and Shoulders'-brand shampoo to her so they could pin her is one of the most absurd examples of Loophole Abuse in the history of wrestling!

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