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  • Malasangre's vociferous repenting of his love for sadomasochism before his execution. It is hilarious not only because is just as hammily acted as obviously dishonest, but also because he basically orders the executioner to stop to proclaim it and the executioner complies. And the funniest is that the act gets him pardoned for real!
    • Which only turns funnier when Philippe IV pretty much reveals that he is into bondage as well and it is implied that Malasangre was pardoned actually because the king interceded himself out of empathy.
    Malasangre is in his room, checking melancholically the bondage instruments he is presumably going to dispose of.
    Phillippe IV: (entering) So your head is still on your shoulders, huh?
    Malasangre: It is, Your Majesty. I have managed to stir the heart... of the cruelest Inquisitor in Spain.
    Phillippe IV: (feigning solemnity) Sometimes, when we see the death near us, we repent our sins.
    Malasangre: No. Who says I have repented? No, no. I did it because at the last moment I saw a beautiful young woman who was watching me from the crowd and I thought: "There are many women in this world... and very few man who satisfy them." Then, what's the use for allowing himself to be killed, huh? It's much better to continue enjoying.
    Phillippe IV: (amused) I see you have not learned the lesson.
    Malasangre: Ah, are you going to preach about moral as well?
    Phillippe IV: I don't talk about moral. I talk about... my own experiences. (Picks a whip from Malasangre's collection and expertly tries it.) In this kingdom, if you want to do something forbidden, make sure that your left hand doesn't know what the right one does.
    At the background, Malasangre visibly struggles not to giggle.

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