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TBS shorts

  • One of the funniest episodes from the original shorts has Retsuko going into rage mode when she has trouble removing the price tag from a flower vase and sings with Gratuitous English "You wanna go? You wanna go!" as she battles with the tag. She loses the battle.
  • Anai from the TBS series tries defending Restuko from Ton when he suggests that Retsuko will marry rich and quit her job. Anai then suggests that that's not true and rages out like Retsuko and says that she doesn't socialize and implies that she's married to the job and not interested in vows (it's actually that she's too shy to ask anyone out, but she does socialize quite often). Retsuko is left embarrassed and Ton is left incredibly flustered.
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  • Another episode has Retsuko telling Ton that he should answer the phone sometimes instead of always leaving her to do it. Anai turns out to be spectacularly awful at answering the phone.

Netflix Series Season 1


  • Pretty much every time Fenneko starts laughing. Her laughter is so deadpan that it just comes off as her saying "ha" repeatedly.
  • Seeing Fenneko drunk can be amusing to watch, such as her drunk laugh. She was once so drunk that she had a strange short conversation with Haida on her phone outside after the singles party was over and trying her hardest to stand up.

A Day in the Life of Retsuko

  • Retsuko accidentally wears her Crocs to work. When she bumps into Tsunoda, her first instinct is to do a strange dance to try and distract her from looking at the shoes.
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  • Retsuko and Fenneko are in awe of Gori and Washimi as they pass by. As soon as they turn a corner, though, Gori stops to complain that their "baddest bitch in the room" walk is killing her back.
  • Fenneko's obsessive study of Tsunoda's Instagram, to the point that she not only notices a very carefully-planned pattern in the order of her posts, but can recite it as a limerick! Better yet, the limerick-like speach pattern carries over into all of the dubs.
  • A small one, but near the end, Kabae makes her second appearance, annoys Retsuko a little bit, and waving her arms like she's riding a motorcycle and giving a full six seconds long "Bye." She walks off the edge of the screen about halfway through.

A Good, Hard-Working Girl

  • Fenneko: Retsuko, what's up?
    Retsuko: What do you mean?
    Fenneko: Hmm... not to alarm you, but your face reminds me of a grandma.
    *cut to Retsuko with her face all wrinkled*
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  • Midway through the episode, Fenneko and Haida are describing things they imagine Retsuko does, as the “responsible” one. The problem is, Puko used the same hypothetical scenarios earlier, and it ends in this:
    Fenneko and Haida: Okay, double or nothing, then, I bet you buy socks you don’t even want ‘cause you feel bad walking out of a store without buying anything.
    Retsuko: (panicked) You’re really starting to freak me out!
  • When Retsuko was having a drunken conversation with Puko. She suddenly tells her that the electrical outlet back at her home looks like Ton's snout.

Short Timer

  • As Kabae is honing in on Retsuko for a potential rumor, her eyes are lit up and she's doing a weird, wavy arm dance.
  • To keep her plans to leave her job a secret, she tells Kabae that she couldn't go to the bathroom for five days. Later in the restroom, she runs into Fenneko:
    Fenneko: I heard you can poop again. Good job.
    Retsuko: [thinking] Why is she telling people?!
  • Somehow, as it spreads through the office, the rumor gets twisted enough so that Haida ends up thinking that Retsuko is pregnant. His reaction is nothing short of hilarious.
  • This scene also introduces Fenneko's memetic flat laugh.
    Fenneko: hahahahahahahahaha
    Retsuko: You're not helping!
  • Then her plans fall through, leading to one of the best exchanges in the translation.
    Retsuko: Some things even a good pooping can't fix.

Walking Down the Aisle

  • Retsuko attends a wedding of an old friend and offers 30,000 yen to the happy couple as a present (a common practice in Japan). She has a hard time letting go of the money, however...
  • When Retsuko realizes she could quit her crappy job if she gets married to a gainfully employed man, she lets out a Metal Scream that both Gori and Washimi hear from the hall and which visibly freaks them out:
  • Retsuko's yoga teacher can only say one word: Protein.
  • At the class, Retsuko notices Washimi and Gori in the same class and tries to act calm, hoping they haven't noticed her. The second after she thinks this, both women pivot towards her almost with a Scary Shiny Glasses effect.
    • A similar situation happens after the class is over. Retsuko is just getting over the awkwardness of seeing the two women there and has just convinced herself they're probably not interested... when Gori starts walking excitedly over towards her when she's not looking.
    • Gori is so excited to meet Retsuko she gets flustered... and has to actually tag in Washimi to finish the introductions properly.


  • Fenneko tricks Haida into asking Retsuko out for drinks, despite knowing that she was busy that night.
    Haida: God, you're such a troll!
  • After Retsuko finds out she has the same yoga class as Gori and Washimi, Gori asks her if she wants to come have dinner with them after. She politely turns them down, but only because she feels like she's not good enough. The next day she passes them in the hall and, feeling bad about it, doesn't look at either of them. After Retsuko is out of sight, Gori, totally stone-faced, abruptly collapses against the wall before crumpling over in tears, saying that Retsuko didn't even look at them and must hate her.
  • After hearing about Fenneko's Sherlock Scan of Retsuko's whereabouts, Haida is freaked out, and says he'd hate to make Fenneko an enemy. Fenneko's responses in Japanese and English are different but equally funny:
    • The Japanese:
      Haida: You're scary. I wouldn't want to be your enemy.
      Fenneko: It had to be done. Retsuko wasn't going to tell us. *wine sip*
    • And the English:
      Haida: Okay, you're freaking me out. I hope I never piss you off.
      Fenneko: If you do, just stay away from social media. *wine sip*
    • Another amusing translation: during the Sherlock Scan itself, Fenneko opens up a social media pic with Retsuko in the background. The Japanese is much more straightforward than the English...
      Japanese!Fenneko: Doesn't that look like Retsuko in the background to you?
      English!Fenneko: And there in the background: Retsuko booty.
  • Tsubone likes to torture her colleagues by asking them to open a jar for her, one that is near impossible to get open. In one episode, she stumbles upon Retsuko and asks her to open that same jar. Thanks to getting more fit from her yoga classes, Retsuko manages to open it without any hassle, leaving Tsubone dumbfounded.
    • Fenneko's "O_O" face she makes after this scene is hilarious, considering the Cat Smile doesn't leave her face, creating something that looks like "OωO"
  • After Retsuko reveals her love for singing Metal, Washimi and Gori try replicating her scream to no success and being confused at how Retsuko can do it.

Stoking Rebellion

  • In direct contrast to the deferential Retsuko, Washimi destroys her boss's miniature model, and while he proclaims that it was very expensive and he's the CEO and she's just a secretary, she calmly tears into him about how much the model cost (300,000 yen!) and rips the check in half while he cries.
  • Gori striding down the hall by herself before she comes to an abrupt stop (along with the music), realizes she doesn't have anywhere she needs to be at the time, then does an about-face and strides back the way she came. In the English dub, she even comments that the "baddest bitch in the room walk" works better with Washimi.

The Duel

  • After being called out by the CEO for his actions, Ton pretends to be nice so he can figure out who told on him. Needless to say, it freaks everyone out.

The Out of Pocket Prince

  • After the office party where Retsuko absolutely demolishes Ton with her Death Metal, nobody remembers due to being too hammered at the time. However, when Fenneko and Haida begin to recall the events, Retsuko knocks them out with a single chop to the neck.
    Retsuko: [after knocking out Haida] Luckily, my inebriated co-workers don't seem to clearly remember last night.
  • Gori invites herself over to Retsuko's apartment so she can vent about her relationship troubles. Then she starts rummaging through Retsuko's dresser.
  • After the singles mixer, drunk Retsuko performs Death Metal Vomiting.

A Rosy World

  • Gori and Washimi on Resasuke:
    Washimi: Is it just me, or does his head look like some sort of... partially toasted marshmallow?
    Gori: Thank you! I've been thinking that this entire time!
    • In Japanese, Washimi notes: "This guy reminds me of a soft candy for babies."
  • Resasuke and Retsuko's date song gets pretty hilarious when you realize that Resasuke's line to her is: "You are the girl who barfed, who does accounting."

The Dream Ends

  • Gori and Washimi on dining:
    Gori: Oooh, can we go to that place with the quiche?
    Washimi: Of course you'd want to go there.
    Gori: Girl, I know you did not just quiche-shame me.
  • Gori's attempts at singing during the season finale are flat-out hilarious.
  • A combination of this and Tear Jerker: Retsuko's trying to deal with Resasuke's indifference to her when the "RAGE" symbol appears on her head and the metal music starts playing. She slaps her forehead where the symbol is to mute it before running off.
  • The part in the finale where Ton explains to the office why they're down three people: Haida's Gray Rain of Depression scene led to him being hospitalized for pneumonia, Tsubone tried to open another jar and broke her wrist (complete with a split-second shot of FATALITY in the flashback), and Kabae's nonstop gossip somehow got her arrested for espionage.

Netflix Special: A Very Metal Christmas

  • Retsuko's new Instagram hobby is Serious Business to both Tsunoda and opposite directions.
    Fenneko: Why'd you do it, huh, Retsuko? Why? You were the best of us...
    Tsunoda: Every time you post a cute picture to social media, you're helping to make the world a better place! [glares] You do want to make the world a better place, right? [takes a selfie] I'm such a giver.
  • Kabae's kids apparently have great careers ahead of them as detectives, given that they were apparently able to figure out from the dirt on Kabae's shoes that she had buried their presents in the woods. Retsuko is kind of stunned by that.
    • Comes back as a Brick Joke.
      Kids: [proudly holding aloft dirty presents] Thanks for the presents!
      Kabae: But I buried them so deep!
  • Haida has apparently taken some training in Medium Awareness.
    Haida: They're not gonna like this episode, huh?
  • Tsunoda explains it all, for a given value of "explains".
  • Tsunoda's attempts to convince Retsuko to "go big" with her Christmas celebrations get so intense that she starts to get Kaa-style hypno-eyes.
  • Haida practicing his attempt to invite Retsuko to a party is mostly kind of touching, until:
    Haida: Fenneko's coming too!
    Fenneko: Why hasn't Fenneko heard about this?
    Haida: [hilariously over-the-top panic face]
  • Retsuko's been working too hard.
    Retsuko: I've been a good girl. Maybe I have a Christmas miracle coming my way?
    [sleigh bells start jingling]
    Retsuko: What?...
    [Ton appears in full Santa costume, in a sleigh pulled by two Komiya reindeer]
    Santa Ton: Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas! [pulls a heap of paperwork out of his sack] It's due tonight. [disappears into the sky]
  • The above hallucination, combined with Tsunoda's "Dinner with bae" selfie, finally overloads Retsuko's Heavy Metal Node.
  • Once she's finished the song, she dons her Rage Face, smashes through the window, does a Three-Point Landing, and...walks off into the night on her tiny little legs.
  • When Retsuko posts a shot that appears to be two wineglasses at a fancy restaurant, we get to see Haida's face fall in real time, and then the bartender hands him a bottle of whisky, half of which does not survive the next fifteen seconds.
  • After that, Detective Fenneko turns her attention to the image and applies her Sherlock Scan gifts...followed by a Lampshade Hanging where she's actually shown in a deerstalker and holding a pipe.
  • Fenneko's explanation of the image is interrupted when Haida runs away in order to console Retsuko.
    Fenneko: Yeah, you're welcome!
  • Washimi decides to let Haida and Retsuko have some time to at least talk it out. Gori...does not pick up on this, leading to Washimi escorting her away as quickly as possible.

Netflix Series Season 2

Double Moratorium

  • The episode opens with a pretty solemn scene, with Retsuko firmly telling her mom that she won't be seeing Shirota anymore, but as her mother presses her she resorts to increasingly flimsy protests, including the fact that he was wearing white socks with a suit, his tacky Velcro wallet, and his friendly personality and cute smile and good job. Eventually, Retsuko's mother relents and hangs up... and then calls her back less than five seconds later.
    Retsuko's Mother: The sock thing is a pretty easy fix, dear.

Unavoidable Impact

  • Gori chooses Yakisoba for their Family Day stall and has everyone in her department keep it under wraps, only to find out that there are no less than four other stalls all serving the same thing. One of her workers thinks if there was a mole in their department, but Washimi points out that because of how easy it is to make in large quantities almost everyone instantly thought of yakisoba.

United Front

  • Anai's yakisoba is so good that whoever eats it apparently has a religious experience.
  • There's something about Ton's family being voiced by the same actor that makes people chuckle.

He Lives Above The Clouds

  • When Retsuko goes on her first date with Tadano, all she's told is he wants to take her to a Ramen shop he prefers to go to. What follows is Retsuko learning that Tadano is rich, taking her in a limosine and even in a private jetplane taking her from Tokyo to Hokkaido. Retsuko is obviously slowly getting more and more overwealmed before she can't take it anymore.

Wonderful Life

  • The episode starts with Haida answering a call from a very worried Fenneko, who asks him if he had read the article about Retsuko dating Tadano. When he mentions he had, Fenneko panics and tells him to stay calm and not repeat the incident that saw him hospitalized at the end of the previous season.
    Fenneko: Just stay calm! Don't do something you'll regret!
    Haida: And what kind of stuff would that be?
    Fenneko: Wandering all over town drunk but you go to kick a can and fall flat on your back like last time.
    Haida: Oooh... Hah. *Camera cuts to show him lying on the street in the rain* Did that right before I called ya.
    Fenneko: Why are you such a dumbass?
  • Anai's complete lack of social hints causes him to ask Retsuko the exact worst possible thing the moment she comes in. Specifically if she intends to get married to get a higher social standing. Fenneko and Kabae are understandably horrified by this. Bonus points for him doing it with his happy face. Fortunately Ton comes and drags Retsuko off before it gets anymore awkward.

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