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  • "You're not from around here, are you?" "No, I live in Brooklyn, actually." *smile* *ass-kicking*
  • After handcuffing a thug, Peggy deliberately attracts the other guards by ordering him to scream for help. He does so... even after all the other guards are knocked out. Then, after coming back after knocking out the guard he didn't tell her about...
    Peggy: (looks at the bound guard sternly) Learn to count.
  • The Stinger, where Dum-Dum Dugan beholds a recent invention: the bikini. Which is much larger than its modern incarnation.
    Dugan: You invent it?
    Howard: No, the French.

Season One:

    Now Is Not The End 
  • It's obvious where Tony Stark got his snark and his contempt for Congress from:
    Congressman: Did you knowingly sell military-grade weapons to the enemy?
    Howard Stark: Not knowingly, no.
    Congressman: Did you do it unknowingly?
    Howard Stark: By definition, that would be impossible to answer!
  • How confident is Howard that an untested chemical formula he designed is dangerous?
    Let’s face it, I invented it, so it works.
  • When Jarvis approaches Peggy in a dark alley, she punches him out. Naturally, later on, Jarvis snarks about this.
    Peggy: Next time you meet a woman in a dark alley, you might introduce yourself first.
    Jarvis: Well, I shall endeavor to remember that, provided my concussion isn't too severe.
  • Jarvis mentions that he frequently has to get rid of Howard's nightly bar conquests, just like Pepper is introduced doing for his son.
  • Jarvis insists that he goes to bed at 9PM, and thus Peggy can't call him after that. As she points out, most of the parts of the investigation she needs him for take part after that.
    Peggy: Mr. Jarvis, you do realize that this job will have certain after-hour requirements?
    Edwin Jarvis: So does my wife, Miss Carter. Good night.
  • Angie's nickname for Peggy? English.
  • And this dialog between them after a jerk of a customer starts in on Angie:
    Peggy: Is he a regular?
    Angie: Yeah, but a regular what, I'm not allowed to say that on the clock.
  • Peggy not putting up with one of her coworkers' casual dismissal:
    Thompson: Carter, I'm gonna be a little busy with your friend Stark. If you don't mind, these surveillance reports need to be filled and you're really so much better at that kind of thing.
    Peggy: And, what kind of thing is that, Agent Thompson, the alphabet? I could teach you. Let's start with words that begin with "A".
  • Sousa's remark on Thompson:
    Sousa: Poor guy. I hear his personality got shot off at Iwo Jima.
  • Peggy's rather unique take on the Oh, Crap! moment: "Crikey O'Reilly!"
  • When she tries to seduce Spider Raymond, she didn't expect that he would forcefully kiss her and get knocked out by the toxin she placed on her lips before he told her anything.
  • Toward the end, we see Jarvis on the car phone talking Howard through preparing his favorite drink.
  • Peggy requests a day off for lady issues. Her boss lets her have it because thinking about it terrifies and disgusts him.
  • Peggy casually telling Sousa that Howard wouldn't dare get in a boat... when he'd already made use of one to get away. And the story she tells about how he can't swim — he tried to kiss her on V-E Day, so she knocked him into the Thames, and they had to send the frogmen in to fish him out.
  • The fact that Peggy can remain so ridiculously calm even as she's running out of a factory that's about to blow up.
    Peggy: Mr. Jarvis, could you possibly bring the car around?
    Jarvis: Sure, when would you like it?
  • Peggy's conversation with Jarvis as she's running out of the factory and telling Jarvis to drive the car towards her:
    Jarvis: Where are you?
    Peggy: Just keep driving!
    Peggy: NO!
  • Peggy jumping on top of the car while it is moving, and Jarvis's freaked out reaction to this.

    Bridge and Tunnel 
  • The Captain America Radio Hour, particularly how they portray Peggy as a generic Damsel in Distress and how Peggy herself is understandably pissed about this. Her long Death Glare at the radio playing that program at the beginning of the episode is hilarious.
    Betty Carver: [after Peggy knocks out McFee] Captain America, what would I ever do without you?
    Peggy Carter: Why does this keep happening?
  • Jarvis's method of disposing of a car.
    Jarvis: I left it in Hoboken with the keys in the ignition. I'm sure it's long gone by now.
  • Peggy's summary of what's happened so far in the series:
    Peggy: So I've got two foreign agents with no voice boxes fighting over a milk truck full of experimental implosives.
  • Jarvis and Peggy finding the "costumes" Howard keeps in his bachelor pad's bedroom for his romantic liaisons. And to top it off, Peggy finds a doctor outfit that she might find useful (for espionage, of course) and Jarvis's expression sells it.
    Peggy: Oh, don't be lewd.
  • How Peggy tricks Jarvis into letting her close her bedroom door on him so that he'll stop trying to convince her to bring him with her to the dairy factory.
    Peggy: I can assure you I have far more tact then you give me credit f— oh. You've popped a button.
    Jarvis: Oh... (looks down at his shirt and sees that there's no button popped)
    Peggy: (slams the door on him) Good night, Mr. Jarvis.
  • Peggy posing as a dairy inspector and hamming it up in the grand tradition of old screwball comedies. And a shot of her inspector's checklist reveals that it's actually her grocery list.
  • Also, Peggy sneaking around the office while trying to break into Sousa's desk and acting nonchalant by resting her feet on her desk and eating scones after seemingly appearing from thin air.
  • Peggy continually knocking out the people she wants to interrogate.
    Peggy: It's so hard to get straight answers out of people nowadays. Whatever happened to a nice cup of tea and a civilized interrogation?
  • After beating up Sheldon McFee and handcuffing him to a chair, Peggy intends to interrogate him but finds out that she beat him unconscious, and then she has to attend to other matters. A while later we see Sheldon again, now running away while still handcuffed to the chair. SSR head Dooley finds him and comments that he walks around while tied to a chair all the time.
  • Peggy's Gretzky Has the Ball moment, when the guys' question about whether a man in a picture is Joe DiMaggio: "I don't follow boxing."
  • Angie wrapping up her introductions of the building's other residents:
    Angie: That's Sarah. She's a slut.
  • The landlady's interview with Peggy, complete with Angie eavesdropping and snickering.
    Landlady: How long do you intend to work for the phone company?
    Peggy: Only until I get married.
  • While offering carrot and stick agreement to a suspect, SSR showed the guy literal carrot and stick. Becomes "Funny Aneurysm" Moment when he actually, initially, choose the stick, despite the consequence for it is obvious. In the later scene, it turns out the guy tore the stick apart with his teeth!
    Thompson: We need another stick.

    Time and Tide 
  • A man climbs up the drainpipe to Carter's window... only to turn out to be the suitor of one of her neighbors. Carter directs him to the proper window and then closes hers. It becomes less amusing when the lady in question gets evicted the next morning for allowing a man into her room.
    Man: [hanging from the window] Would it be too much trouble if I could come...? (Peggy shuts the window in his face)... have a nice night!
  • Howard tried to invent a back massager, and ended up with something that breaks bones.
  • Jarvis calls the SSR to tip them off to the boat carrying Howard Stark's stolen inventions and disguises his voice by speaking in a fake American Brooklyn accent that he seemed to have learned from watching gangster movies.
  • Once again Jarvis has the best quips.
    Thompson: Did you lose anything recently?
    Jarvis: Yes, I did lose a fountain pen on 5th Avenue.
    (Later, as he's being arrested by the SSR)
    Jarvis: Won't this be novel. I haven't been in the back of a car in years.
    • Peggy gets some digs at Howard's expense:
    Jarvis: Mr. Stark believed the intruder had some advanced technological assistance.
    Peggy: Mr. Stark believes brushing your teeth requires advanced technological assistance.
    • and
    Jarvis: Mr. Stark deemed me worthy of his trust. I would hope that would suffice.
    Peggy: Mr. Stark would trust a shark to not bite him if it was wearing a short enough skirt. But that's not entirely relevant...
  • In a bit of Bathos when the entire SSR office is saddened by the murder of Krzeminski, and Dooley sadly tells them he'll phone his wife to tell her the news of his death, Thompson sadly says that he'll call his girlfriend.
  • Angie has a disgusting plan for the evening that she's very enthusiastic about:
    Angie: I got a bottle of schnapps and half a rhubarb pie. Let's see which one makes us sick first!

    The Blitzkrieg Button 
  • While talking to Peggy and Jarvis from within his luxury (smuggling) boxcar, Howard notices one of Mink's goons has woken up and is right behind Peggy. Without missing a beat, he picks up a billiard ball and wings it at the man's head. Peggy merely leans to the side and lets it land.
  • Howard greeting Peggy and Jarvis: "Ah, my favourite foreigners!".
  • It's not the first time Howard's snuck into The Griffith. He spends the time when Peggy's at work getting to know her neighbors.
    Howard Stark: How's Miriam?
  • The whole exchange as Peggy tries to sneak Howard into her room.
    Howard Stark: What if the chain snaps and I fall to my death?
    Peggy: Don't worry, I'll never reveal that Howard Stark's dead body is lying rotting in the bottom of a dumbwaiter shaft.
    Howard Stark: What if I suffocate?
    Peggy: If Miriam finds us we'll be much more comfortable in an electric chair!
  • After Peggy finds Stark in one of her roommates' bedroom, and he claims they are related.
    Lorraine: Don't you think your cousin looks just like Howard Stark?
    Peggy: My cousin is a lot shorter.
    Howard Stark: And much better looking.
  • As she exits her room to change her clothes, Howard insists she doesn't have to. "I thought we were friends."
  • Howard showing off his camera pen by taking the world's first selfie. Peggy is completely unimpressed.
    Peggy: A camera pen?
    Howard: A camera pen? I was expecting a little more enthusiasm! Any idea how long it took me to figure out lens miniaturization?
  • The SSR techs trying to figure out what all of Stark's toys do.
    • The tech Peggy talks to is examining a device that has no discernible purpose other than to painfully shock its user. He has tested it multiple times.
    • Two techs repeatedly setting themselves on fire in the process. Doubly hilarious: each time the poor scientist catches on fire, the flame is a different color.
    • Also Peggy discretely taking pictures with the camera pen Howard gave her as all this is going on.
  • The thugs Peggy and Jarvis took care of at the start of the episode trying to justify getting beat up by claiming there were five to seven other men present. Mink doesn't buy it.
    Thug: He didn't come by himself! He brought a girl! A-and five guys! Or six! Yea, six or seven guys!
  • Peggy and Howard are developing the film of his camera pen
    Peggy: She seems...uninhibited.
    Howard: (grabbing the film back) The first ten or so might not be suitable for your eyes.
  • The girls of the Griffith swipe food from the dining room all the time and are quite sophisticated about it. One girl has a pocket big enough for an entire chicken inside a blouse custom-made by her mother. Another sewed a pocket into her purse specifically to smuggle gravy.
    Dottie: "Can you make me one of these that holds pickles?" (the other girl nods enthusiastically)
  • When Sousa brings a homeless man in to the SSR office, Thompson sarcastically announces to everyone else that Sousa has found Howard Stark and they can rest now.
  • Thompson barging in on Sousa's interrogation for "the dinner show".
  • Dottie killing Otto Mink in a single move just for his automatic pistol. The suddenness of the situation makes for a great Black Comedy.
  • "Why is your mustache sad?"
  • Dooley meets with Colonel Mueller, a Nazi colonel condemned to death, in his prison. Mueller asks "Would you like some water?" and points to the toilet. Then he apologizes for "gallows humor".
  • The reveal that the Cyanide Pill Dooley used to bribe Mueller is actually a breathmint.
  • Although heartbreaking, the argument between Howard and Peggy.
    Peggy: You used me, you lied to me...!
    Howard: You hit me!
  • Stan Lee's particularly out of nowhere cameo, capping off a quite sad scene by asking for Howard's sports section.

    The Iron Ceiling 
  • Ladies and gentlemen, Dum Dum Dugan forgets the password:
    Dugan: Don't move. Emu.
    Thompson: What?
    Pinky: Ostrich, man, ostrich!
    Sam: Shut up.
    Dugan: Emu!
    Pinkerton: Carter, Dugan forgot the password again!
    Carter: The password is "eagle," you apes!
    • Plus the Commandos are hiding in that scene, so it's just their voices arguing while the SSR agents just stand there listening to everything.
  • Dugan's idea of a Howling Commando nickname for Peggy:
    Dugan: You sure you want to get on that plane? The Commandos could always use another good fighter. We just need to come up with a nickname for you.
    Carter: Tempting, but I think it's time I put my days in the front lines behind me. And I suppose someone needs to convince the SSR of Howard's innocence, wanker or not. I'll miss you.
    Dugan: Miss you, too, Peggy. (hugs Peggy) Wait a second. Miss U...Miss Union Jack! What d'you think, fellas?
    Carter: Never speak again.
  • Just before Dugan meets up with everyone by breaking into the same room everyone else is in:
    Carter: Dugan, I'm about to be very cross with you!
    Dugan: (breaks into the room) Wahoo!
    Carter: Stop wahooing and HELP!
  • After Carter holds the line during the final escape from Leviathan's agents:
    Ivchenko: Not bad. For a girl.
    Carter: I hate you all.
  • When they enter the classroom in Russia:
    Carter: Does anyone else feel a chill up their knickers?
    Juniper: I would if I wore knickers...
    • And later:
  • Angie was "too consumed by ennui" to go to work.
  • Juniper clarifies the difference between a yeti and an abominable snowman: one of them isn't real.
  • Dugan starts to explain why his hat is called a Bowler, then realizes he actually doesn't know.
  • "Bye bye, bourbon."

    A Sin to Err 
  • Howard Stark Really Gets Around.
    Peggy: I need you to get me a list of all the women that Howard has entertained in the last year.
    Jarvis: I don’t think there’s enough ink in the whole of New York to complete that request.
    Peggy: Fine. Just in the last six months, then. Is that possible?
    Jarvis: Oh yes. Yes, I suggest we start with the Western hemisphere.
    Peggy: Oh, please.
    • Later they deem that they can get a list of the most recent by stopping at the jewelry store and see who Howard ordered custom made bracelets for.
    Peggy: Are you telling me that Howard Stark has a custom bracelet made for all of his dalliances?
    Jarvis: No! (beat) Yes.
    • Then they finally get to see the list of his dalliances:
    Jarvis: [casually] Oh, it's shorter than I thought it would be.
    Peggy: How does he have time to meet all these women?
    Jarvis: Well, the Academy Awards is a particularly busy time of year.
  • Jarvis is rather nervous about investigating all the women:
    Peggy: I need you to positively identify these women. Stop dawdling and come along.
    Jarvis: [Sighs] I-it's just that with Mr. Stark's tendency to, um...
    Jarvis: When... when he ends a relationship, he prefers to do so by proxy, and that proxy is me.
    Peggy: Ugh.
    Jarvis: Suffice it to say, these encounters could be disagreeable.
    • And Peggy insisted Jarvis to come along because it would be less fun without him. It's pretty obvious she's still angry over what happened in "Blitzkrieg Button"!
  • Poor Jarvis getting slapped by all of Howard's previous flings. Especially when Peggy blocks one woman who then proceeds to kick Jarvis in the shin.
    Jarvis: Well, Mr. Stark would seem to have an unfortunate attraction to violent women.
    Peggy: I imagine they were far less violent before they met him.
  • Jarvis seriously suspects that Ginger Rogers might be the Leviathan agent, as the look in her eyes as he escorted her out was "dark as the gates of the abyss."
  • While Peggy searches the empty apartment of a Stark ex she suspects is the Leviathan agent, she puts Jarvis in charge of watching the hallway for interlopers. Jarvis is immediately spotted by a chubby kid sucking on a lollipop who stares silently at Jarvis while Jarvis tries to give various lame excuses to justify his presence there/get the kid to go away. Finally, Jarvis gives the kid money, at which point the kid grins and runs away.
    • Not to mention Jarvis' immediate reaction at seeing the kid, which is gasping dramatically and freezing.
    • When Peggy returns and asks who he was talking to, Jarvis responds: "A future mafioso." Foreshadowing the Kingpin?
  • The brief "Oh come on!" look on Ivchenko's face when his hypnotism of Dooley is interrupted.
  • The fact that Miriam Fry is more upset about the fact that Peggy ruined her wall than about the fact that Peggy is enough of a national threat that she has a dozen federal agents going after her.
  • Angie fake-bursting into tears when the SSR agents search her apartment for Peggy. She makes them feel as guilty as possible with a story about her dead grandma, and asks what Thompson calls his grandmother. Given his characteristics in the series so far you expect him to brush her off, but he gives a small, fond smile and whispers, "Gam-Gam". He swiftly remembers himself.
    • Right after he and Sousa exchange looks, likely thinking something like this: "You really call her that?" "Don't go repeating that."
    • Angie also gets to sneak in a Take That! from Peggy when she mentions her friend is always complaining about "her fathead male co-workers". Sousa, on hearing it, looks away uncomfortably, clearly thinking: "Peggy thinks I'm a fathead?"
  • It's very brief, but Jarvis taking out an attacking agent with a lunch tray. Right after doing so he has a look on his face saying: "I did it! I finally beat someone!" The fact that a federal agent was beaten by a butler is also quite hilarious on its own.

  • When Jarvis tells the switchboard ladies that he's got a signed confession from Howard Stark, they all pause, and one of them says, "Hold, please." Cue the commercial.
  • When Jarvis and Peggy are left alone in the briefing room, they discuss the plan to clear her name. He apologizes for panicking, especially since the confession portrays Peggy as a doe-eyed girl taken in by Stark's charms (with some bankruptcy sprinkled on top to explain selling the weapons). Then things get complicated.
    Peggy: Still, Howard stepping up to his confession...I wouldn't have thought he'd had the nobility in him.
    Jarvis: [Jarvis looks guilty] Yes...about that confession...
    Peggy: [suspicious] Did Howard write that confession, Mister Jarvis?
    Jarvis: He did not.
    Peggy: [glances to the outside to ensure nobody else's hearing, then glares at Jarvis while putting one of her hands to the waist] Did you write that confession, Mister Jarvis?
    Jarvis: I did...
    Peggy: Oh, flipping hell!
    Jarvis: I did call for help many times! Mister Stark never answered. I left countless messages, nothing. And then I panicked, and panicked again...and then put particular skills to use—
    Peggy: Oh, for the love of God!
    Jarvis: Like I said, panic was involved.
    • The fact that Jarvis's plan of action when the shit hits the fan goes: Panic, call Mr. Stark, leave a message, call Mr. Stark, leave a message, panic, panic, forgery.
    • The fact that Jarvis seriously believes he can save Peggy and himself with a piece of paper, as Dooley lampshades.
    Dooley: Why would I give up Carter and you for a piece of paper?
    Jarvis: A signed piece of paper.
  • Peggy and Jarvis get the idea to use the table they're handcuffed to to break through the one way mirror. The two of them being the only two British characters has always made their interactions delightful and no more so than here.
    Both: One, two, thr-
    Jarvis: Wait. What if there are people behind this mirror that we’re breaking?
    Peggy: Then they may get hurt. There will be a spray of glass.
    Both: One, two, three-
    Jarvis: Wait! What if those hypothetical people behind the mirror have guns?
    Peggy: Then we may get hurt. There will be a spray of bullets.
    [after breaking the mirror]
    Jarvis: Nobody there. Everybody wins.
    Peggy: I just realized something.
    Jarvis: We're still attached to the table.
    Peggy: We're still attached to the table.
    Thompson: [walks into the room] What the hell is going on here?
  • This exchange between Carter and Jarvis:
    Peggy: Have you ever been hanged, Mr. Jarvis?
  • When Peggy spots Ivchenko signaling Dottie, she starts copying down the message, while Jarvis begins translating out loud.
    Peggy: You know Morse Code.
    Jarvis: (offended) Your surprise wounds me.
  • Jarvis's first suggestion for breaking out of the SSR:
    Jarvis: I'm sure we could lure one of the men in and get the drop on them, steal a weapon—
    Peggy: "Get the drop on them"? You've been in custody all of an hour, and you're Jimmy Cagney.

  • When Howard walks in on an SSR meeting concerning Item 17, most everyone points their guns at him and tells him to put his hands up. Jarvis quickly does so, as if they were sticking him up at the bank. Then Howard criticizes the SSR's security, stating they should've hired him to keep them safe.
  • Howard may create dangerous inventions, but at least he knows how to handle them, and in the laboratory, he criticizes the SSR's handling of his stuff... meticulously, even!
    Howard: This is photosensitive, it needs to be somewhere dark, this needs to be somewhere cold, and this— [flips a gun-like device over, does nothing else] Now this is fine.
  • The fact that Howard makes Jarvis pluck his nose hairs. Which Jarvis compares to "a nest of spiders with very short legs."
  • Howard's continuous failures to identify Dottie, the ex-lover that just kidnapped him. Even he can't keep track of all the women he sleeps with. Also funny is that Dottie keeps slapping/knocking Howard out, and from her facial expressions, it seems that it's not just torture being done by a Soviet agent. She's not interrogating him, she's genuinely offended Howard doesn't remember her. And then his reaction when he does remember her name:
    Howard: Ida. That's her name. I knew I'd remember. (points to head) Steel trap.
    Peggy and Jarvis: (roll their eyes and walk off)
  • We get another look at the Captain America radio show, where it's revealed that despite his deep, heroic voice, Cap's actor is a scrawny nerdy guy. Just like the original.
  • For the press conference, Thompson has to give a speech proclaiming Howard innocent to trick the villains. It's blatantly obvious that Howard wrote it, and he keeps chiming in with suggestions like "hero" and "humble brilliance." Thompson eventually can't take it any more and just awkwardly hands the microphone over. Made even funnier by how it mirrors the Senator's speech at the end of Iron Man 2. There's also one of the reporters asks if it's true that Howard was hiding out at Barbara Stanwyck's house.
  • Sousa, in a hospital bed recovering from Midnight Oil exposure with Peggy watching over him, admitting he still wants to kill Thompson, but "no more than usual".
  • Dottie's response to Fennhoff's sudden change of plan:
    Fennhoff: A new opportunity has arisen.
    Dottie: Just since I left the car?
  • Fennhoff hypnotizing Sousa to kill Thompson, and then just as Sousa's about to pull the trigger, he turns and knocks out the doctor, then removes his earplugs.
    Sousa: I'm sorry, did you say something?
    • Thompson's reaction:
    Thompson: You son of a bitch.
  • Viewers familiar with a certain memetic video where a homeowner attacks a news team reporting on a recent fire will be tempted to drop an F bomb right after someone tells Dottie and Ivchenko, "Hey, this is private property!"
  • When Dottie and Fennhoff get caught by Peggy, Dottie greets her with a big grin and a "Peggyyy, it's so swell to see you!".
  • As she explores Stark's mansion, Peggy says, "I appreciate the finer things. I just don't want to know what's happened in and on the finer things." Followed by Jarvis looking uncomfortably at the couch cushion in his hands.


Season Two:

    The Lady in the Lake 
  • The first thing that happens after Peggy gets off the plane is notice that Jarvis has a live flamingo in his backseat. She stops just short of giving a Flat "What".
  • Stark is off busy with his movies.
    Peggy: When can we expect our esteemed Mr Stark to return from the preproductions of his motion movie?
    Jarvis: That depends on how long the location scout allows Mr Stark to... scout her locations.
    Peggy: Oh.
  • Jarvis' opinion of Los Angeles is less than complimentary, but quite hilarious:
    Jarvis: You have no idea how foreign Los Angeles will seem to a civilized person such as yourself. They eat avocados— with everything. The foliage is preposterous. Take the palm tree. Would you trust the structural integrity of such a thing? They afford no shade! Everybody says it's a very dry heat, but that doesn't mean it isn't unbearably hot. And worst of all, the drivers are both abundant and abundantly irresponsible.
  • Peggy being exposed to the domestic interactions between Edwin and his wife Ana (complete with a brief Sexophone riff) and her attempts to maintain a straight face are a sight to behold. Ana's witty repartee is also not wanting at all:
    (After Jarvis is snogged witless by Ana)
    Ana: (laughs shrilly) He's too easy. (Peggy stares at her dumbfounded) What's that look?
    Peggy: (dumbstruck) I-I don't know... suppose I was expecting someone more...
    Ana: Like Mr. Jarvis? In a girdle?
    Peggy: (uncomfortably) Precisely.
  • The LA SSR office has the cover of being a talent agency. Their sign is misspelled, their address in the phone book is wrong, and they have absolutely no connections in the entertainment industry. People still show up every single day looking to audition.
  • Detective Henry doesn't want the possible publicity issues of grilling a Senatorial candidate about his possible connection to a murder. Sousa's reaction to Peggy asking to head over to the race track to question him? He hands her some money and asks if she'll place a bet for him while she's there.
  • Jarvis' snark when he mentions that he'll be a beacon of justice when Sousa gives him a flashlight.

    A View in the Dark 
  • Jarvis' fight with the flamingo. He's chasing it all over the yard at night while his wife just watches.
  • Peggy needs a car for a mission, so Jarvis acquaints her with Howard's "leisure" vehicle:
    Jarvis: I thought Mr. Stark's leisure car would be appropriate. Couple of things I ought to show you. This button here is in case you find yourself dehydrated.
    (A compartment opens up with a champagne bottle and two glasses)
    Peggy: Howard Stark becomes more ridiculous the longer I know him.
    Jarvis: This button here tints the windows for more privacy. There's a small compartment in the back with a change of clothes. And this is what Mr. Stark affectionately refers to as his "sock on the doorknob."
    Peggy: WHAT?!
    Jarvis: It's a tracking device. Mr. Stark activates it when he's abandoned the car for the evening because he's found companionship.
    Peggy: When I think Howard has reached the depths of depravity, you dig up a wellspring, Mr. Jarvis. (points to a button) Radio?
    Jarvis: Noooo.
    (Peggy pushes the button and the seat flips violently backwards)
    Peggy: (out of shot, because she's still flat on her back) Good lord, is that a mirror?
  • After an encounter with a racist baker, Peggy says Wilkes should have just let her punch him. Wilkes doesn't think that would have worked.
    Wilkes: Besides, it's not like his type are uncommon. What are you gonna do, punch everyone in Los Angeles?
    Peggy: I might. I could do with a hobby.
  • The baker extorts them to buy something before he lets them have a quarter for the phone. Wilkes admits while he might be a racist jerk, the baker makes a darn good pastry.
    • A frustrated Peggy snatches it from him, takes a bite herself and then flings it away.
  • After taking up self defense, Jarvis makes a specialty out of a move for when he's flat on his back. The man knows his strengths.
    • Capped off when Ana sees them in what looks like a rather compromising position. She's clearly aware that it's not what it looks like, and dryly comments on Jarvis's fighting technique.
  • As if to remind the audience that the front company for SSR LA Office is a talent agency, this episode featured a man dresses as clown, almost out-of-nowhere, sitting down in the office and looking utterly saddened. Clearly, he's another person who failed an 'audition' in Auerbach Theatrical Agency.
    • Even better is his introduction: Chief Sousa is heading out for the evening when he gestures to the side and asks, "who's this clown?" At which point we see a literal stage clown in full regalia sitting on a bench.

    Better Angels 
  • Peggy and Jarvis attempting to discretely get out of the shot during the filming of the Kid Colt movie ... and failing miserably. Better yet, one of the cowboys looks like he's about to do something dramatic like pulling out his gun... only to be cut off by Howard who yells at Peggy and Jarvis to stay out of the shot. The cowboy's actor's pissed expression basically says "Dude! Really!?"
  • Howard Stark can't remember who Dottie Underwood is. Apparently women kidnapping him by gunpoint is fairly common. Jarvis gets him to remember by reminding what clothes he was wearing, to which Howard to eject "the Russian knockout with the killer backhand", while Jarvis just rolls his eyes in irritation.
  • While being told that even the esteemed Eleanor Roosevelt was turned away from the threshold of the Arena Club, Howard dryly quips, "well I've seen Ellie's threshold, you made the right decision."
  • Try not to chuckle when Peggy questions Howard's movie making decisions by saying movies based on comic books "are a dreadful idea."
    • The full exchange is quite brilliant, and a not-so-subtle jab at the modern-day lack of superhero films starring women:
    Howard: You want to play a sassy beer wench?
    Peggy: I’d rather be the cowboy.
    Howard: I like it. I don’t think the audience is ready yet.
    Peggy: But they’re ready for a movie based on a comic book? Sounds like a dreadful idea!
  • In a similar vein as the above entry, the very (very) rudimentary groundwork for the JARVIS artificial intelligence is laid in this episode when Stark quickly sets up a security system at his mansion after Peggy is attacked by Mr. Hunter, which he has Jarvis record an excessively polite warning for. Jarvis makes it clear it's only temporary, as he has no intention to spend the rest of his life as "a disembodied voice" (which he didn't to be fair, since the JARVIS AI became Vision in Avengers: Age of Ultron).
  • Peggy is complaining to Jarvis that she is waiting on Howard at ten in the morning, while he's having a pool party. Peggy asks who the partiers are:
    Jarvis: According to the accountants, production assistants.
    Peggy: I see. Well, they all look very useful.
    Jarvis: Not in the slightest.
  • To ensure she keeps Howard's attention while explaining her plan, Peggy takes Howard's drink and begins talking to him like a dog. Even better is that Howard actually follows her to get his drink back.
    Peggy: Come on! Whose a good boy? Howard's a good boy!
    Howard: Hey, give that back.
  • Peggy getting out of the Arena Club by pretending to be a dimbulb who gets confused at the mere sight of books. And doing so with a perfect American accent.
  • Howard has a group of women come barging into the Arena Club, creating enough chaos to cover Peggy's entrance. The response is to resignedly call in a "code pink" over the phone.
  • If you've watched Captain America: The First Avenger, it will be hard not to chuckle when Howard and Jarvis mention "fondue".
  • When Peggy is beating up a punching bag, Jarvis asks whether she needs anything, and says that if she needs a sparring partner... (looks at the brutal manner she releases her tension) ... Mr. Stark will be happy to hire one for her.

    Smoke and Mirrors 
  • Jarvis, while pretending to be a police officer, scares Hunt by knocking Hunt's door aggressively and shouting with hilariously fake American accent. He also briefly stops to tell a curious neighbour to stay away.
  • When Peggy tries to tranquilize Hunt, he is able to just shrug the tranquilizer off. Peggy's reaction?
    Peggy: Oh, for heaven's sake! That's enough to take down a rhinoceros!
  • Jarvis is hit with a tranquilizer as Peggy brings Hunt in. First he says "Jarvelous" and collapses, then Peggy has to try to sell Sousa on his being hung over while he has his face mashed against the car window, and finally he interrupts Peggy saying he's a good partner with "It's the prettiest horsey I've ever seen, Mummy!"
    • Peggy also tries to convince Sousa that the banging he hears in the trunk is from a vicious possum they caught, only for Hunt to yell, "Let me out!"
    Peggy: Or I have a man stashed in the boot.
  • Jarvis has had to use the tranquilizer gun not on Bernard, but a koala. "Its adorable appearance belies a vile temperament."
  • When Sousa dictates the plan for catching the Council:
    Sousa: Team Two will go with Agent Carter through the hidden door into the secret area of the club.
    Carter: That's right. He did say "hidden door" and "secret area." We're dealing with odd rich men here. They love this sort of thing.
  • Peggy is using her vacation days for this case:
    Vernon Masters: Agent Carter, how are you enjoying your vacation?
    Peggy: Vigorously.
  • Peggy's explanation to Hunt about why she's not going to torture him:
    Peggy: We're not going to torture you.
    Hunt: Of course you're not. I know all about you, running around, pretending you're Eliot Ness. See, and that's your problem, really. People on your side have a line you just can't cross.
    Peggy: I meant to say we're not going to torture you because... we don't have time.
  • And then revealing she essentially infected him with the common cold:
    Sousa: What did you stick him with?
    Peggy: Howard wanted to create a cure for the common cold. He came up with a compound that brings on intense symptoms in minutes.
    Sousa: You gave him a cold?
    Peggy: An intense cold.
    Hunt: (yelling through the door) HEY!
    Peggy: (brightly, to Sousa) Cup of tea?

    The Atomic Job 
  • Sousa managing to lose his engagement ring in Violet's couch.
  • Rose beating people up is this and Awesome.
  • Jarvis's response to being freed:
    Jarvis: That was nothing like making a soufflé.
  • Stealth Pun: Whitney Frost, bearer of "coldest thing in the room" Zero Matter, is a cold-hearted bitch.
  • The slow-motion Beatles-esque walk the team does out of headquarters... which is interrupted Jarvis realizes he parked the car elsewhere.
  • The memory eraser test results.
  • Peggy having to repeatedly zap Hugh Jones with the memory eraser while searching his clothes for his elevator key. She has to talk herself through removing his belt by reminding herself that it's to save the world. And then the aftermath.
    Receptionist: Did you have a good lunch?
    Hugh: [looks down at disheveled clothing and unbuckled belt, looks up with pleased smile on face] I must have!
  • Once again, we see a guy auditioning at the "Auerbach Theatrical Agency". This time, it's a musician who is not good with rejection, so Rose had to kick his ass.
  • Peggy, Jarvis, and Dr. Wilkes are discussing the plan to break into another Roxxon facility. Peggy wonders how they're going to defuse the atomic bombs; Sousa, experimenting with a salami "rod" chips in it's not his first time doing so. Until...
    Dr. Wilkes: One mishandled uranium rod could decimate an entire city block.
    Sousa: Sounds like a bomb to me. [fumbles with forceps, drops the salami on the floor]
    Dr. Wilkes: You just destroyed all of Los Angeles.
  • Samberly accidentally locks Jarvis in a room with with two uranium rods which the team needs to steal, forcing Sousa to talk Jarvis through placing them in the container to take the rods. Sousa gets a little impatient for Samberly to hurry up and unlock the door:
    Sousa: Doctor, how is the door coming?!
    Samberly: Hey, uh, how's the not blowing us up coming?!
    Sousa: Fair enough.

    The Life of the Party 
  • Dottie sassing Peggy during their conversation in the prison.
    Dottie: It takes more than six walls to hold me.
    Peggy: Six?
    Dottie: We're in a cube, Peggy. Try to keep up.
  • Dottie ignores Peggy's instructions during her jailbreak and runs the wrong way, to find Sousa waiting for her with a net gun. The net is... unimpressive.
    Dottie: You thought this would stop me?
    Sousa: No, but... I thought this might. [presses a button on the net gun, electro-shocking Dottie who falls down twitching]
    [Peggy slowly limps forwards and presses the button a second time]
    Sousa: You happy?
    Peggy: Very.
  • Dottie calls Jarvis "Jeeves".
  • Dottie casually asks Peggy and Sousa if she can kill Thompson.
    Sousa: What the hell is he doing here?
    Jarvis: He appears to be rubbing elbows with Ms. Frost and Mr. Chadwick.
    Dottie: You want me to kill him?
    Peggy and Sousa: DO NOT KILL HIM!
    Dottie: Come on. It'll be quick.
  • James D'Arcy is a master of physical comedy, as seen during his miming scene while Dottie is under the hair dryer.
  • Jarvis struggling to keep Dottie under control at the party, especially his almost tackling her while she's about to introduce herself to Thompson, completely in the background.
  • Jarvis distracted Thompson by popping in between Thompson and a female guest . Not to mention his dorky grin while doing so. Plus he's trying to needlessly distract a man who's already conveniently Distracted by the Sexy.

  • While Peggy and Dottie are struggling to get loose from their bonds before the other, Jarvis manages to free himself before either of them.
  • The code for Stark's concussive force cannon (which he gave to Jarvis) is the measurements of a celebrity actress. And there are multiple functions encoded into the cannon, all keyed to a different celebrity.
  • The way Jarvis recalled the correct codes for the concussive force cannon: When you watch the episode for the first time, it's only funny because Jarvis is seemingly mumbling random numbers. When you rewatch it, on the other hand, it's funny in the context that he's recalling measurements of a celebrity actress while releasing his tied hands.
  • As Jarvis is repairing their transponder...
    Peggy: Your hidden talents know no bounds, Mr. Jarvis.
    Jarvis: Well, one doesn't spend years in the company of Howard Stark without picking up a thing or two about electrical engineering.
    Peggy: Luckily you didn't pick up the clap.

    The Edge of Mystery 
  • Mafredi arguing with his grandmother about the preparation of the spaghetti sauce... while Peggy and Sousa can be seen beating up all of his men outside the kitchen.
  • Nonna Manfredi serving Sousa some spaghetti, but not Peggy... because she doesn't like her.
    *Nonna puts plates in front of Manfredi and Sousa*
    Manfredi: Look at that, she likes you.
    *Peggy looks insulted*
    Manfredi: She thinks you're the devil.
    Nonna: Malocchio. *spits*
  • Jarvis sitting at his wife's sickbed, making all sorts of promises about things he'll get her or do for her if she'll just wake up. Then she turns her head and said that she had woken up during the promise to get her a dog, and wanted to see how much else she could get.
  • Peggy and Sousa argue about whether Wilkes is a hostile or a hostage, with Sousa saying pointing a gun at Peggy made him an enemy, while Peggy says that Sousa let Wilkes get the uranium by caving into his holding a gun on Peggy. Sousa asks if she wouldn't have done the same, but before Peggy can respond, Thompson chimes in.
    Thompson: [clearing throat] If it makes a difference, I would have let him blow you both away.
  • Sousa and Thompson, who never agree on anything, both yelling at Samberly in perfect unison to follow Peggy's plan, with the same line Peggy herself uses in The Iron Ceiling.
    Samberly: [panicking] Chief, what do we do?
    Thompson and Sousa: Do as Peggy says!
  • With the Gamma Cannon ready, Sousa begins giving out targeting adjustments like a seasoned World War II artillery gunner.
    Thompson: I didn't know your unit was artillery.
    Sousa: It wasn't.
    Thompson: (face falls)

    A Little Song and Dance 
  • Dottie unexpectedly showing up in Peggy's dream, much to her surprise.
    Peggy: What are you doing here?
    Dottie: I will always be in your head.
    • The dream sequence in general. It starts off seriously, with Peggy having conversations with her dead brother and Jason, only for Sousa to show up and it to turn into a musical number. Which ends when dream!Rose tells her they don't need her at the talent agency, and punches her in the face to wake her up.
    • Also when Dream!Jarvis appears, look closely and you'll find out that the girls are Dottie Underwood, Ana Jarvis, and Whitney Frost the big bad herself.
  • Manfredi's Insistent Terminology regarding the "Waste Management Center" that everybody else calls a dump.
  • This Description Cut (without the cut):
    Samberly: [to Rose] ...So I look him dead in his eye, and I say, "I don't give a damn if you're Vernon Masters, Harry Truman, or Tarzan of the Apes! I expect 'please', and 'thank you'—"
    [Peggy and Sousa barge in]
    Sousa: Samberly, we need your car! Now!
  • Samberly is asked if he can build a frequency jammer in three minutes. He brags that he can do it in two. Later, when they try to use the jammer...
    Sousa: Samberly will get this working.
    Samberly: Iiiit's not working.
    Sousa: Why the hell not?!
    Samberly: I only had two minutes to build it!

    Hollywood Ending 

  • Howard enters the episode when Jarvis rams Whitney mid-sentence with his car (with Howard in the back).
    Howard: Jarvis, you just hit a woman with my car!
    Jarvis: I know, sir.
    Howard: Jarvis, that's a two-time Oscar nominee!
    Jarvis: I wouldn't put much mind to it, Miss Frost is quite resilient, sir.
  • Peggy finds Howard, Wilkes and Samberly deep in a serious argument that seems to bode ill for the success of the plan, only for Jarvis to inform her that they cracked the problem already and are actually arguing about what to call the machine. In the end, Peggy is the one who name it: "Rift Generator".
  • Later on in the same discussion:
    Peggy: I am standing in front of three of the most radiant minds on the planet.
    (Wilkes, Samberly and Stark all preen)
    Jarvis: I believe that you can actually hear the sound of their egos growing.
  • Manfredi's grandmother tells him that to save Whitney, he needs to make a deal with the devil. She means Peggy.
  • As Peggy, Howard, and Wilkes are having lunch, Howard yells repeatedly for Jarvis to bring the mustard. Jarvis comes in, held at gunpoint by Manfredi, and Howard gravely asks Manfredi to let him put the mustard down. Then it turns out they're old friends (though Manfredi is still mad at Howard for stealing his underwear), and Jarvis puts his arms down with an epic "Oh come on" look on his face.
  • And they then go on to have this conversation:
    Howard Stark : How do all great scientists achieve success?
    Jarvis: Based on your History, by drinking copious amounts of alcohol and consorting with loose women.
  • After opening a rift to another dimension and what does Howard Stark do? He starts playing golf with it. Jarvis suggests that when trying to shoot a golf ball into a rip in the fabric of reality, one should use a seven iron.
  • When the remote doesn't work and someone has to step inside the danger zone to manually turn off the device, everyone is arguing why they should be the one to do it, while Sousa just goes and does it (though he does have the foresight to tie himself a safety line first).
    Howard: Well that doesn't seem fair.
    • And then when Howard grabs on to Peggy to help her pull back Sousa...
    Howard: Peggy, I want you to know I'm not having any unsavory thoughts about you right now!
  • Last we saw Samberly, he was a few feet away from Whitney, and then he wasn't answering his radio. He shows up after the rift is closed, none the worse for wear.
    Thompson: Thought you were dead.
    Samberly: I didn't faint, I... did faint.
  • Peggy offends Jarvis by calling a cab for the airport rather than letting them spend a bit more time together as he drives her. Ana convinces her to let him do it, and before she even finishes agreeing he does a flying leap back out the door to get started.
  • This exchange between Manfredi and his henchman Hank:
    • From the same scene, when Hank unexpectedly confesses to selling out to the authorities, Manfredi's reaction is a mildly exasperated "Aw jeez, Hank, I wish you hadn't told me that! Now I hafta kill ya!"
  • Howard flirts with Rose while Dr. Samberly, who has crush on Rose, frowns while observing them.
  • Even in a normal conversation, Peggy can't stop being a snarker:
    Jason: Mr. Stark has offered me a position in his new facility.
    Peggy: I didn't know he had one.
  • When Peggy gives Sousa a "Shut Up" Kiss, his understated reaction is pretty funny.
    Sousa: (After rather passionately kissing Peggy for several seconds) ...good point. (They resume kissing)



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