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Record of Agarest War

  • The first time you meet Lavinia in the third generation.
    Winfield: Thoma!
    Thoma: Winfield!
    Winfield: What are the rules of the gentleman!?
    Thoma: Shower her with affection!
    Winfield: The first rule!
    Thoma: Old, young, it matters not!
    Winfield: The second rule!
    Thoma: Flatter her with compliments!
    Winfield: The thiiiiiiird rule!
    Thoma: This is an emergency, and the list must abridged, but never forget the final rule!
    Winfield: The cardinal rule! The one thing you must never do to a woman!
    Thoma: More important than never making her cry...Never, ever, raise raise your hand to a womaaaan!
    Ellis: .....
    Lavinia: .....
    Monster: .....
    Winfield: We are truly man of the highest caliber.
    Thoma: We are, aren't we?
  • Anytime there's a Hot Springs Episode and Winfield in the same scene. Hilarity Ensues every single time.
    • The first time, Winfield gets Leo and Zerva to look at the hot springs. This is also the first time Borgnine beats Winfield to a bloody pulp (orders from Ellis)
    • In the second generation, Winfield invites Ladius and Vashtor to "guard" the hot springs. He got beaten up again by Borgnine.
    • In the third generation, Winfield and Thoma pulls off an awesome speech that verges on Chewing the Scenery to peep at the hot springs. Both of them this time got beaten up by Borgnine.
      • Thoma's scream at the end of the scene.
    • In the fourth generation, Winfield tricks Duran, Fer, Ganz, and Alberti look for "treasure". The latter four escape while Winfield gets beaten up again.
    • Finally, in the fifth generation, every single male character except for Rex goes off to make an awesome tribute for Winfield for him to peep at the hot springs (you'd think the game will reveal that Winfield was gonna get an awesome scene). Hell, even Borgnine lets him through. Even the women were already allowing Winfield to peep on them, but since tradition states that he gets beaten up for every single generation, Ellis gives out the order. Cue Winfield getting beaten up again to a bloody pulp.
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  • Fighting the boulder in generation 1. That is all.
  • Third generation. Clean up the girls' rooms instead of just leaving the room as is.
  • Some of the EX combos can also fall to this. Examples include:
    • Winfield-Lavinia-Noah combo has Winfield pulling off a pass to Lavinia and Noah. They then beat the crap out of Winfield and the unlucky monster while Winfield gets an uppercut in space.
    • Fer-Arbol-Ganz combo has Arbol and Ganz as a pinball surrounded by a ball of fire. Ganz tries to reason to Fer but Arbol was waaaaay too willing. They get to be pinballs as a result.
    • Winfield-Sharona-Ladius combo has Winfield try to convince Ladius about how to flirt with women. Ladius of course is clueless about things and then Winfield just had to mention Sharona's age. Sharona comes by and throws how many hundreds of weapons towards Winfield and the monsters (Ladius steps aside) while he dodges and Ladius with a sweat drop.
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    • Rex-Plum-Qua-Reverie-Beatrice-Murmina combo has Rex getting surrounded by his Unwanted Harem, complete with pink aura. Then the women just had to jump at Rex while Rex barely dodges while backing away with a sweat drop. The monster however isn't lucky.
  • Third generation. Noah's treasure collection. That is all.
  • First generation. Elaine makes Leo taste her creations. Before Leo can even take a taste, he senses something that is comparable to death on a battlefield.
  • In the True Ending, the fate of the world is hanging in the balance, and yet Thoma gets to flirt with a Hermaphrodite goddess. In front of his three Love Interests!
  • Thoma, after one too many a Double Entendre has been said to Lavinia, apoligises with this gem:
    Thoma: Okay. What just happened there was like buttoning up your shirt too fast only to find out you put the buttons in the wrong hole. All we need to do is undo the buttons and start over to make sure we get it right. So can we start over?
    Lavinia: .....
    Lavinia: Fine.
  • After an event, Winfield notices that Ladius looks like death warmed over. Ladius admits that he was preoccupied with a woman the entire night and that neocollum women become beasts under the full moon. Winfield, assuming that Ladius got lucky, spouts this gem:
    Winfield: Can you see this, Leo? Your son has even less social graces than you do, but what a fine man he has become!
  • Your first actual serious boss encounter is a Jumbo Cock. There's no way this was Accidental Innuendo.

Record of Agarest War Zero

  • Any scene with Shernini and Decimal will guarantee laughs. Even Decimal's awesome moment is one!
  • In the event immediately after Linda's recruited back into the party, pick the "Dodge" option when Freidelinde charges Sieghart, and the following occurs:
    Friedelinde: I always wanted to say that I've always loved —
    Sieghart: Aaaaaaah! (Dodges)
    Friedelinde: Yooooooooooooooouuuuuuu?! (Thump!)
    Sieghart: Oh! I must have dodged out of instinct! Linda?! Hold on, Linda, help is on the way!

Record of Agarest War 2

  • Have a Hot Springs Episode and add the father and son, Janus and Jude. There will always be guaranteed laughter topping Winfield's events
  • Meta-example: Opening the Heroic Trials that came with the limited edition of the game will make you laugh at the parodies of a certain Maxim magazine.

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