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  • After Jay Weinberg announced his departure over twitter, Laura responded with a picture of a drum machine.
  • Laura's twitter is mostly filled with humor from her Adorkable and goofball self, most notably jokingly stating that the reason the cop was chasing her in "I Was a Teenage Anarchist" was because she stole his Pepsi or squeeing about getting Wolverine-esque claws for 40 dollars.
  • A twitter post featured her wearing a Kylo Ren helmet and squeeing about how much fun she's having with it, only for the Official Star Wars Twitter acknowledging it. When Laura stated she planned to use the voice changer for the next Against Me! album, the Official Star Wars Twitter account stated they'd be ready to hear it and called her "True Trans Force Rebel". Cue Laura fangasming and proclaiming "I'm dead".
  • Laura and Atom's other band the Devouring Mothers have a song called "I Hate Chicago". Guess what they played first at a gig in Chicago?

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