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Aftermath of the Games

  • When Shining gives Spike a treat, and tells him to speak. Up until that moment, Shining was unaware that Spike had been given the ability to talk. Spike's reaction?
    Spike: Sure thing. What do you want to talk about?
    *Later while Shining has himself locked in the bathroom*
    Sci-Twi: That was mean.
    Spike: It was funny.
  • Sci-Twi is understandably confused by human Pinkie Pie's reality-warping abilities. At first she doesn't think much of it, chalking it up to the magic she was exposed to, but after Pinkie tells her that she's always been like that...
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  • When Sci-Twi meets Princess Twilight for the first time the awkward silence is broken by Pinkie Pie.
    Pinkie: Quick, make out with yourself!
  • Puppy Spike and Dragon Spike get into an argument with each other after Dragon Spike expresses shock that he really is a dog in this world, and Puppy Spike jealous that Fluttershy gives him a new collar as a gift.
  • When Pinkie points out how Princess Twilight essentially became Starlight's mother, she and Sunset soon point out that by hatching Spike she technically isn't his mother but she's his FATHER!
  • Sunset, Applejack, and Rainbow Dash tackle Captain Flash so Twilight can talk to his human counterpart. And Pinkie shoves Sci-Twi on him so he can remain by Twilight's side at all times. Both blush from the experience.
  • Shining Armor tried to train Puppy Spike to attack any boy that gets too close to Sci-Twi.
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  • Princess Twilight claims that it is part of the magic of Equestria that ponies can breakout into choreographed song and dance numbers. This lead to Sci-Twi stating she knew there had to be a reason she started singing in the hallway.
  • After Princess Twilight gives Sunset Shimmer and Sci-Twi a magic journal so they can record and share their findings on magic with her Spike asks her what happened to the other journal she requested from Celestia. Twilight asks why she would do that, after she had just stepped outside to talk to human Flash. Rarity sees right through it.


  • Shining tries to train Spike (who doesn't understand what is it with humans and female chests) to keep boys away from Twilight again. The entire scene has to be read to be believed.
  • Relating to the above, when Sunset is writing to Princess Twilight about how her human self is doing, she mentions that Sci-Twi turned down all the bikinis Rarity kept offering for the pool party in favor of a one-piece. The real gem comes here:
    Sunset: Yeah, I lived with humans for two years, and I still don't get their shame over their bodies.
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  • Sci-Twi gets revenge on Rainbow Dash for a previous game of Truth or Dare (she had to chug down an entire bottle of hot sauce) with a dare of her own. The dare in question? Call Big Mac and tell him he has a cute butt. She gets revenge on her friend and scores her a date at the same time.
  • When Sunset, Rarity, and Sci-Twi develop telekinesis without ponying up, Pinkie Pie wonders if wings will become permanent too, and lifts up the back of Rainbow and Fluttershy's shirts to see if they've grown yet. Both of them were not amused.
    • Dash pouting about the lack of wings is also funny.
  • On the pony side of things, there's Cadance trolling Twilight by blatantly talking about her and Shining's love life. Twilight is left stunned silent.
  • Pony Sugarcoat is just as much of a Deadpan Snarker as her human self is, even when addressing her captain.
  • Sunset, both Twilight's, and Dog Spike react to seeing fan art of Midnight Sparkle and Daydream Shimmer by sitting in a corner with dark clouds over their heads.
    • Applejack comments that they shouldn't show Shining Armor any of the fanart.
  • Remember upon the two Twilights meeting each other for the first time Pinkie joked that they should make out? Shining teases both of them by saying that he doesn't want to hear any evidence that they've been doing that. Both of them blush deeply.
  • Dog Spike and Dragon Spike arguing over whether Fluttershy or Rarity is prettier.
  • The end of chapter 4 is one long moment of Heartwarming, but ends on a hilarious note, as Sunset comments that Celestia informally adopting Twilight means that Spike and Starlight can now call her "Grandma". Celestia is shocked, to say the least.
  • Part of the reason Flash's parents- or at least his mom- are excited about his relationship with Princess Twilight is because she already comes with two children included.
  • While Flash and Twilight make plans for him to visit Equestria Flash teases Twilight when she asks him not to make certain comments around others, she responds by promising to hit him the next time she sees him.
    • A few chapters later, the hit came, but from Rainbow Dash instead as Sunset relayed Princess Twilight's message for the first one of her friends who runs into Flash to do the hit.
  • Rarity dragging Sci-Twi out of Rainbow's house when she learned she only had her school uniform to wear was funny in the first story by itself, but here it is further explained that Rarity lifted Sci-Twi above her head while screaming.
  • The dialog between Shining Armor and Flash Sentry after Sci-Twi's attempted kidnapping was stopped by Flash.
    Flash Sentry: (to Shining Armor) Well, you had Princess Twilight for dinner. I thought she might have mentioned we were dating.
    *Later after Shining gives his trust to Flash*
    Flash Sentry: Who knows, maybe this Twilight will end up with the other Flash.
    Shining Armor: (nods absently) Wait, what?
  • While also very sweet, for some reason it's funny that Cadance watches Sci-Twi sleep for the night while holding a large baseball bat in case anything happens.
  • When Starlight calls Spoiled Rich not very bright for not wanting Diamond Tiara to hang out with the Crusaders, even though they still have Twilight time with the princess and their big sisters make up half the friendship council, the entire schoolyard erupts with laughter, even Sunny Flare tries to hold back her snickers. Sugarcoat, while maintaining her usual expression, tells Starlight how blunt and tactless that was and how she has never been prouder of anything.
  • When Twilight complains about how anal-retentive Captain Flash is and tells Spike he has no idea what it's like to deal with someone like that, he gives a glance to an unseen audience.
  • Twilight gets a marriage proposal from another noble in the mail. She sends a reply stating that she does not accept marriage proposals through the mail and that if he proposes again without seeing her in person she will place him under house arrest for a week.
  • Flash's mother taking his car's spark plug as an excuse for Princess Twilight to spend the night. Flash's death glare to her ensures it doesn't work.
    Twilight: I had a great time tonight. Even if your mother is a little...
    Flash Sentry: Crazy?
    Twilight: Silly, I was going to say silly.
    Flash Sentry: Twilight, I came to terms with it years ago.
    • Flash says that Sunset forced him to be vegetarian when they were dating, but as soon as they broke up, his friends dragged him to an all-you-can-eat barbecue and made him text her pictures of his food.
    Starlight: What's barbecue?
    Twilight: (To Flash) Don't answer that.
    • Just when Twilight thinks she and Flash are going to have to give Starlight and Spike The Talk, the latter reveals he already knows, since Blueblood isn't subtle about his conquests.
    • Twilight tells Spike and Starlight to go ahead through the portal without her and she'll be through herself shortly. Starlight is confused but is dragged through by Spike who knows where this is going and doesn't want to be around to see Twilight and Flash kiss.
  • Shining Armor's reaction when he sees Dog!Spike sitting on the toilet in Interlude II.
  • When Twilight is talking with her friends about how her date with Flash went, Pinkie figures out that Twilight got her first kiss from Flash and all of the girls Squee! in response, even Applejack and Rainbow Dash.
  • Celestia realizes that the agents of S.M.I.L.E and F.R.O.W.N will need to be re-evaluated and might even need new identities after first contact with Terra. She congratulates Twilight on earning herself all kinds of new paperwork over this, forgetting for a moment who it is she is talking to.
  • Humans VII starts with Princess Twilight writing a message to Human Flash flirting heavily with him...only for Sunset to respond instead revealing that Twilight was writing in the wrong journal.
  • Adagio bumps into Chester A. Bum, and pays him to leave her alone.
  • Pinkie Pie can't resist playing with Adagio's hair because it's so poofy, much to the siren's annoyance. Then Zephyr walks in on the girls and after flirting with Sci-Twi, starts playing with Adagio's hair, even commenting on its poofiness. As Pinkie Pie joins him, Adagio is stated to look ready to kill something.
  • Sunset and Spike watching Twilight and Flash making out. Sunset just laughs at the display while Spike's scales turn green. Twilight and Flash both blush and untangle themselves when they finally notice.
    • Spike asks how it is Flash got Twilight interested in him when she was never interested in stallions before. Flash thinks it's his hair, stating girls love hair, but Sunset says his hair makes him look like a dork.
  • When Sunset once again jokingly calls Celestia a grandma and Twilight joins in, Celestia gets them back by starting to tell Flash Sentry embarrassing stories about the two girls when they were fillies. The two panic and teleport out of the room, hiding under Twilight's bed.
  • In Interlude III it was revealed that like Twilight in order to get into Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns Sunset had to try and hatch a dragon egg (likely Spike's) and after exhausting all her better ideas Sunset just decided to blast it with pure magic, which resulted in an egg shaped hole in the wall and a black eye for Celestia who was flying by when she got beamed with the egg.
  • In Humans VIII, Fluttershy starts worry if it was a good idea leaving Adagio with Zephyr. Gilligan Cut to Zephyr introducing Adagio to the wonders of Grand Theft Auto.
  • Rainbow Dash stops by the castle to pickup the new Daring Do book and accidentally meets Sci-Twi. Once Rainbow realizes that Human Flash, Twilight's boyfriend, is also there she flies off to find him while Princess Twilight orders her guards to pin her.
    • Sunset Shimmer eventually gets Rainbow to back off by whispering she knows Rainbow's crush into her ear, realizing that's another thing the two Rainbows have in common. Princess Twilight reveals she already knew Rainbow's crush since Cadance told her, and Cadance "always knows."
  • When Sci-Twi and Sunset sleep in, the former tries to wake up the latter. Sunset's response?
    Sunset: The alarm isn't my master, the bed is.
  • When Princess Luna prepares to visit Twilight in her dreams, she hopes briefly that it is not one of her intimate dreams, which have apparently become more frequent since she got a coltfriend.

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