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Just because you’re flying around and shooting down enemy combatants, doesn’t mean you can’t have a good laugh.

Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War

  • Alvin “Chopper” Davenport is a comedy gold mine. He spends most of his time in the game snarking and cracking jokes with his fellow soldiers.
    • In the cutscene before the mission ‘First Flight’, he tells Genette about how the base commander wasn’t being subtle when accusing Captain Bartlett of suspicious behavior since he was once in a relationship with a Yuktobanian woman during the Belkan War.
      Chopper: (Imitating Perrault) ‘Was there anything suspicious about the captain’s behavior’, he says. Hell, I’m more suspicious about the screw in his damn head.
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    • Two missions are decided by a flip of a coin. The side that the coin lands on depends on if Blaze either said ‘yes’ or ‘no’ when Chopper asks him if he wants to listen to ‘Face/Back of the Coin’. And in both missions, Chopper complains about how they decided their next mission on a coin toss.
      Chopper: (First Coin Toss) I can’t believe we flipped a coin for this mission. This isn’t funny man.
      Chopper: (Second Coin Toss) Man this is ridiculous. I can’t believe they chose our next mission with a damn coin, again.
    • The second coin toss mission begins with a particularly funny exchange between Chopper and Thunderhead.
      Thunderhead: This is Thunderhead. Captain Davenport, how many times have I told you to cut the chatter?
      Chopper: Thunderhead, this is Razgriz 3, roger that.
      Thunderhead: (Beat) What did you just say?
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  • In Mission 3 'Narrow Margin'. As the Osean ships in St. Hewlett Harbour are in chaos from the surprise attack. The traffic control announced "This is not a drill"...after three Osean ships are already bombed to hell, cue an angry Osean sailor shouting out "Oh, thanks for the heads up, you idiot!".
  • In Mission 11B 'Reprisal', after you foiled the poisonous gas's attacks on Bana City, the rest of the mission has you observing the police cars chasing the terrorist truck through the city. The cars driving through a not-quite HD background of the city makes for a funny scene visually. Furthermore, the terrorists in the truck, in an attempt to go faster, start dropping objects from the truck...objects that actually appear as targets that you can destroy, ranging from a rocket launcher, a gattling gun, a TV, a seat, and a fried chicken, which all actually add up to the points you received after the mission if you destroy them. The police chatters in the mission are also gold as well, with the highlights being the exploits of a particular Cowboy Cop code-named Charlie 11, who apparently ditched his own daughter's birthday party in order to participate in the chase, and upon learning that there are attack helicopters coming to assist the terrorists, he immediately grabs an anti-tank rifle that he brought from home to defend himself. At the end of the mission, one of his fellow cops reported him a response of "a dad missing from his daughter's birthday party". After an awkward silence, Charlie 11 immediately responses that he's "proceeding to the scene immediately."
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  • Pops in one cutscene reveals that Bartlett’s nickname during the Belkan War was also ‘Kid’.
  • In a Black Comedy sort of way, Ofnir’s final moments. Where as Grabacr accepts his defeat with grace, Ofnir does not. He dies screaming at Razgriz at how they’ll come back to haunt them.
    Ofnir: We will haunt you for all of eternity! Aaah!
  • You have to admit there's something quite hilarious about the way Namco teases Blaze's appearance with that photograph of Wardog...only for Chopper to ruin it by deciding to show off his flexing at just the wrong angle.
  • In Mission 25 'Heartbreak One', the Razgriz Squadron is deployed to provide cover for Captain Bartlett's escape from Yuktobania with Prime Minister Nikanor. What they didn't expect is that one of Bartlett's companions is Nastasya, Bartlett's former lover and the person responsible for his callsign in the first place. You can practically feel the jealousy in Nagase's voice after she realizes there's another woman who's right next to her beloved Captain in the car. It's just so out-of-character for her that it's hilarious. Other funny moments include Bartlett having the time of his life as he plows through the checkpoints to get to the airport, with Nastasya having to warn him not to pull any loop-da-loops, Nastasya distracting Bartlett from his driving by showing some legs and reminding him of their previous dates, Captain Snow complimenting Bartlett's driving by saying "Now there's a real man!"

Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation

  • Near the beginning of the game, Melissa is listening in on a radio broadcast from the Estovakian propaganda machine. When the reporter tries to ask a young girl what do they think of it, the girl turns out to be Matilda, and she tells him ‘Go dance with the angels, mister’, before punching him.
  • in the cutscene that follows, Voychek had just arrived at the train station in Gracemeria, and seconds after taking a seat, a kid sneaks up behind him, and steals his luggage. His deadpan reaction just sells it.
    Voychek: There goes my spare clothing.
    • Doubles as a Tear Jerker due to the circumstances, but seconds later, another kid tries to steal the briefcase that Voychek set on the table. Only to find out the hard way, that it was handcuffed to Voychek’s left arm.
      Voychek: They will not be so lucky with these documents.
  • AWACS Ghost Eye shares a few jokes every now and then with the Emmerian pilots. Such as how at the end of the second mission, Avalanche says that he’s a little embarrassed to return to base, and Ghost Eye joked that he will label him as ‘gunned down and missing in action’.
  • At the beginning of the mission Ragno Fortress, DJ Zed apparently found out about the destruction of the Aigaion, and joked that the Estovakians shouldn’t be too disappointed when Emmeria shoots down all of their toys.
    • He also found out that it was Garuda team who delivered the finishing blow on the Aigaion, and had made some ‘Golden King Medals’ for them.
  • In one cutscene, when Voychek finishes interrogating a POW, he talks about how thanks to Garuda One, that the prisoners are now showing some backbone, and are using Matilda’s ‘Go dance with the angels’ line as an act of defiance. When the next prisoner comes in, he says that very line, and Voychek shakes his head.
    Voychek: Hmph. Another defiant one.

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