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This page is for funny moments from the 2016 anime adaptation of Ace Attorney.

For funny moments from the games in the series, see the appropriate subpages:

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Notable funny moments from the anime include:

    Season 1 
  • The English dub continues the punny humor from the games with full force, first shown with Larry defiantly slouching in the defendant's chair and the bailiff repeatedly pulling him up in the proper position, as if it wasn't funny enough on its own:
    Phoenix: He's weird, but deep down, he's a standup guy.
    Mia: He seems to have trouble sitting down.
    Phoenix: Butz has always been a cheeky one.
  • In the first Turnabout Sisters episode, Maya and Phoenix ask at the same time, "Defend me/let me defend you," surprising both of them, which leads to them both accepting and overenthusiastically bowing... right into the glass wall in front of them.
  • Also in that same episode, Gumshoe and Phoenix meet in the law office.
    Gumshoe: You're, uh...
    Phoenix: I'm Phoenix Wright, attorney at law.
    Gumshoe: Yeah, yeah, I know who you are. That's some weird name you got there!
    Phoenix: (Heck, Dick Gumshoe's not totally ridiculous at all.)
  • Probably unintentional, but Edgeworth parking his red sports car like some sort of thug can be hilarious.
  • Redd White's glorious Engrish.
  • In Episode 5, both Phoenix and Maya mess up Gumshoe's name.
    Maya: It's Detective Gumtree!
    Phoenix: Actually, his name is Gumfoot.
    Gumshoe: NO! Both of you are wrong! For crying out loud, my name's DETECTIVE DICK GUMSHOE!!!
  • If you thought Oldbag was funny in the game, it's brought up some here as Edgeworth seems visibly embarrassed when she starts flirting with him.
  • The slapstick of the "Turnabout Samurai" episodes must be seen to be believed. From Will Powers being unfazed by slamming his head into the glass, to Phoenix falling headfirst into a drain.
  • "WENDY OLDBAG!" note 
  • At the end of episode 5, when the Judge is about call for adjournment, Oldbag interjects with a drawn-out "OBJECTIONNNNNNNNN!!!" which even gets its own speech bubble!
  • When Sal Manella sees Maya, we get to see what the initial design for the Pink Princess is like: It's Maya in a very Fanservice-heavy pink kimono. She's also a lot more... stacked than she usually is, almost to her sister's level.
  • Edgeworth tosses the spear that was allegedly used as the murder weapon to Phoenix so he can see for himself how heavy it is. Edgeworth has no problems holding it, while Phoenix immediately falls over.
  • When Phoenix comes back with a decisive objection against Vasquez, he performs a majorly-OTT "wind objection", that summons a massive whirlwind and causes the courtroom to illuminate. Funny in itself (doubles as Awesome, too), but it's even funnier when it cuts to the Judge shielding his face. Clearly he's become accustomed to this by now.
  • Apparently, from the first Turnabout Goodbyes episode, Maya is also a fangirl of Gourdy, talk about Genki girl to a new level!
    • In the same episode, we also get the first glimpse of Gourdy's face, he emits a roar like a beast he's supposed to be... Yet said beast has a very cartoony face. Intentional or not, it's still funny to watch.
  • When Phoenix walks into a room to get coffee in the first Turnabout Goodbyes episode, he walks in on Maya dressed in white...under a "waterfall" reality a hose connected to the sink. Plus she's standing in a kiddy pool.
    • The really deadpan way he backs out of the room and shuts the door is good too.
  • Von Karma, as usual, acts like his manipulative and coercive self to the judge like in the game, only this time, the Judge actually cowers in fear behind his gavel, not to mention Nick's and Maya incredulous and shocked reaction towards it.
  • When Lotta leaves and quickly returns she walks backwards as if she's being rewound. Twice.
    • Another from Lotta, when we see the real version of the moment she heard the gunshots, she comes outside and goes hyper girl mode. Her enthusiasm for the creature is very goofy yet adorable!
  • When Phoenix remembers the moment where Edgeworth pays Maya's bail out of gratitude of finding a hole in von Karma's case, a completely unexpected Mood Whiplash happens where Phoenix wishes Edgeworth would also cover his rent for the month.
  • Phoenix has no idea what "ballistic marking" is, causing everyone on screen (Gumshoe and Maya) to nearly Face Fault.
  • Lotta is present when Larry reveals the truth about Gourdy, causing her to smack him in the head with a magazine.
    Larry: Gouchy!
  • When Phoenix tries to question Yanni Yogi regarding the day he witnessed the murder, he tries to answer...only to fall asleep with his snorting animation, Phoenix and Maya are not amused.
  • Also a moment of awesome, but the part when Larry jumps in to save the day is kinda funny!
  • While the rent boat shack owner AKA Yanni Yogi is being testified, Phoenix eventually asks him if he saw who passed by the shack. von Karma makes the question more specific, trying to confirm whether it was the defendant, to which the old man confirms by angrily saying it was "Edgey-boy", then falls. He is not seen again in that trial day in the game, but we find out why he fell in the anime: he fell asleep. While accusing Edgeworth.
  • Anytime von Karma shuts Larry up by merely giving a finger snap.
  • In Episode 11, when they return to the boathouse with Gumshoe in the full awareness that a man was murdered there, both Maya and Phoenix are pretty nervous. Then the parrot says something. Maya jumps into Phoenix and Phoenix jumps into Gumshoe, resulting in an embarrassing triple cling. Then Polly says something else and they do it again.
  • Phoenix performing another "Wind Objection", which while an awesome moment, it also apparently blows Yanni Yogi's snorting away.
  • Perhaps the biggest shocking surprise for game fans is that when Phoenix tries to prove Von Karma's guilt, the evidence turns out to be missing. Luckily, the episode tries to light up the mood by adding a honking sound and Phoenix's baffled reaction.
  • Larry tries to buy more time for Edgeworth and Maya in getting the evidence for the disguising as Edgeworth. Manfred of course doesn't buy it and threatens him with the punishment of death, causing Larry to freak out and begs Phoenix to help him, Phoenix though, only muses: I must be in hell...
    • At the end, Larry unwisely decides to reveal that he was the one who stole Edgeworth's lunch money all those years ago. This causes Phoenix's frayed nerves to snap, and he chases Larry around the room, yelling that he's decided to become a prosecutor now.
  • Little Phoenix and Larry doing the Signal Samurai speeches and then edging over to Miles with goofy looks on their faces to get him to give the red Signal Samurai Speech.
    Larry: [posing like the Yellow Signal Samurai] See the enemies I do. So be careful, will you? Signal Yellow!
    Phoenix: [doing likewise as the Blue Signal Samurai] Kick enemies to the curb and sally forth! Signal Blue!
    [awkward pause while they scoot over to Edgeworth, who hasn't moved]
    Edgeworth: [embarrassed but going along anyway] You're facing me, and I shall stop thee. Signal Red.
  • Really, all of the interactions of the little trio of friends is beyond stupidly endearing yet so effective at the same time. The moments with the precious puppy and the Signal Samurai moment above really cements this.
  • Larry was about to do something with Edgeworth lost money...until he changed his mind with the sight of the beautifully cute eyes of the puppy which for some reason it looked like said puppy was falling in love with Larry.
  • Little Franziska von Karma, who is supposed to be two or three years old, fluently talks to Edgeworth in the car. Many a viewer did a Double Take during that scene. Young Edgeworth's expression sells it.
    Little Franziska: My name is Franziska von Karma. From now on I’ll teach you everything you need to know.
  • Lotta Hart being her usual animated self. She can read Nick like a book.
    Lotta Hart: Hey, what's with that look that reads, "she never changes"?!
  • Lotta and Nick's sneaking around the manor in the least covert and graceful manner possible.
  • Pearls being a Shipper on Deck for Nick and Maya. Even funnier is Nick's reaction to this.
    • Pearls then saying she heard from Maya that Phoenix is the best attorney in the world at breaking into a cold sweat. and Phoenix's reaction to it.
  • Nick wonders if Gumshoe is the only detective in the world after he shows up at Fey Manor.
  • Poor Gumshoe asking Nick and Pearls not to hate him — he's just doing his job by taking Maya in. Nick understands, of course.
    • Also funny is Gumshoe's attempt to sneak past them.
  • Phoenix's attempt to prove there was someone else in the channelling chamber fails and he is knocked back by the wind gust that Franziska summons with her objection. Pearl and Lotta then tell him that even they could tell it was a stupid idea.
  • Everyone's reaction after Pearl summons Mia, who is now flashing a lot of cleavage.
    Mia: Looks like Pearl summoned me, though her clothes are a little small in the chest area.
    (Phoenix turns around while blushing)
    Judge: (also blushing) D-defence! Who is that woman? She was a little girl until just now.
  • Probably the quickest Mood Whiplash in all history, Pearls tries to answer the question in her involvement of the murderer while she drops an Orange...Only to later try to catch it with her hands.
  • Lotta Hart scrambling around after her witness testimony back at Kurain.
    Lotta: Don't look at me!
    • Then later, inside the linen box:
      Lotta: I have no face!
  • In the day of the last trial, Franziska proclaims that she's prepared to watch the whole world witnessing Phoenix's humiliating defeat, only for Mia Fey to counter by saying that they shall see who will be humiliated. Of course, Franziska doesn't give in and proclaims that they're wise words coming from a lady with rare clothing. This flutters Phoenix shamelessly, proclaiming in how women are being scary.
  • Really, everytime both Ini actually Mimi and Phoenix imitate the motions in how she describes the car incident.
  • Mimi Miney creating a miniature nuclear explosion from inside the witness' stand in Episode 17. The cause? Make Me Wanna Shout.
  • Phoenix going to the circus with Maya wearing the bright pink sweater made for him by Dahlia Hawthorne.
  • Maya suggesting that Phoenix jump out the window to fly. Phoenix... declines.
  • Maya's Adorkable reaction to meeting Max Galactica for the first time is a line read of legendary proportions.
    —"Honmono da yo, Naruhodo-Kun..."
  • Max's freakout when he realizes that he's actually in prison and starts to break down in tears,all the while the cop keeping guard is laughing silently since he didn't realize it.
  • Max doing his "throwing cards" animation in the detention centre. The cards just smack against the glass. He does this twice.
  • Upon meeting Phoenix and Maya at Berry Big Top, Gumshoe asks Phoenix if he's "the only attorney in the world". Phoenix turns it back on Gumshoe by pointing out he could say the same of Gumshoe and the detectives.
  • Gumshoe casually pulling Max's hat out of some Hammerspace pocket in his coat. And wearing it, with a little pose like he imagines he's "gorgeous" too. And then putting it away again...
  • Maya's shock at Max's breakdown and revelation that he's a "country bumpkin". Likewise, Max's breakdown and his "country bumpkin" self reveals really benefits from the anime format, it becomes more hilarious to look at and sells the humor better.
  • Nick and Maya acting like monkeys, complete with monkey faces (when fighting Money).
  • Gumshoe's little diorama to explain how Max could have flown, and his speech about putting his heart and soul into it — then he protests that he was up all night working on it! Poor guy.
  • Phoenix, Maya and some of the circus performers doing a re-enactment of the murder complete with props and costumes inside the courtroom.
  • Moe, Ben and Trilo, all flying around on wires in the courtroom.
  • Max Galactica's trousers ride so low that when he stands behind the bench to hear his verdict, he looks naked from the waist down. It's hard to know if the effect were deliberate.
  • Poor Phoenix... First he deals with Franziska in the crime scene, and just as she leaves with Gumshoe, Larry Butz enters the room, much to the former's dismay.
    • The funniest moments include Franziska going into a whipping frenzy as Gumshoe and Phoenix hold each other, and then Franziska literally wrapping Gumshoe in her whip, and dragging him bodily from the room by the scruff of the neck!
  • Oldbag's ranting just plains baffles Phoenix, Maya and Pearl so much that Will Powers tries to intervene, only for Oldbag to shoot him with the blaster. Powers's actually acts like he's been shot.
  • Pearl's innocent questions in response to the things Oldbag and Larry say or do, and Phoenix's flustered reactions.
  • Oldbag ogling Edgeworth and playing with his jabot when she arrives to give witness testimony. Also, the moments with the raygun — she even manages to startle the judge with it.
    • She even uses it to intimidate Matt Engarde when chewing him out for Juan Corrida's death. The look on Matt's face is priceless, especially if you already know what he's really like. Doubles as a Moment of Awesome.
    • Then, of course, there's the fact she kept the photographic evidence from Edgeworth — and his reaction!
      Phoenix: You're a victim too?
  • Pearls and Gumshoe praying over the oversized teddy bear. Pearls can keep going without thinking about it. Gumshoe briefly opens an eye and glances at her to make sure he's doing it right.
  • When Edgeworth announces that De Killer will come to testify in the case, everyone is surprised for it given the nature of the person...and then when it's revealed that he's actually testifying through a radio, everyone responds with a very incredulous "WHAT?!"
  • Gumshoe has finally got a piece of evidence that will certainly prove in Wright's favor... then the car crashes when he talked with the phone. Poor guy, even he doesn't get a righteous eureka moment!
  • When Pearls summons Mia, Larry is stunned. Absolutely nobody pays attention to his reaction, and in a later shot, he's actually hiding behind Nick. A nice moment to break the case's tension.
  • De Killer's radio moving like it was a human being. It even sweats.
  • Larry and Gumshoe bawling at the reunion between Maya and Mia, and then Maya and Pearls. By the time they have hysterics over Maya and Phoenix, the sentiment has been entirely replaced by humor.
  • Maya goes to hug Gumshoe and he's still in pain, but he tells Maya not to worry — "it's just a flesh wound!"
  • Franziska wearing Gumshoe's coat over her usual court dress; she doesn't even try to wear it properly and it hangs off of her in shabby sadness while she's trying to make an entrance.

    Season 2 
  • The very moment Payne brings a zoomed-in picture of Dustin Prince's dead body on the screen, an amnesiac Phoenix freaks out and does a Face Fault on the spot.
  • Phoenix and Maggey's o_o faces when Richard Wellington introduces himself in his over-the-top way.
  • We get to see the scene of Adrian Andrews when she trips over and breaks the urn in full motion, and we get the bonus of hearing her screams of despair with every mishap. When she drops the shards on the spilled paint, she ends up fainting.
  • When Phoenix and Maya meet Gumshoe at KB Security, Maya sits on the president's chair and playfully spins around on it. Gumshoe shows up and tells her that's where the victim was moments before being killed. Maya freaks out and falls to the floor.
  • Gumshoe comments they had a bad day, and Maya says it's weird that Gumshoe doesn't rub it in their face. Gumshoe says that he sympathizes with the feeling of screwing something up at work. But as soon as they mention Detective Atmey, Gumshoe is quick to go "Serves him right! He got what was coming to him!" and laugh.
    Maya: Now he's back to normal.
    Phoenix: I feel more at ease now.
  • As it turns out, Ron tried to tell his wife that he was Mask eMasque. She didn't believe him.
  • When the case is solved, Pearl comes in to congratulate Phoenix for winning the trial, only to find him Holding Hands with Desireé. Phoenix doesn't even have the chance to explain that it's Not What It Looks Like before Pearl delivers her Armor-Piercing Slap at him.
  • Episode 6 starts with a little video made by Phoenix and Maya to promote their law office. It's pretty much clear Maya dragged Phoenix into it.
  • We see Phoenix and Larry in junior high. Larry tries to come off as more mature telling Phoenix he stopped watching kid shows like "Signal Samurai" and now he's enjoying radio like adults. Turns out he's listening to a show hosted by a girl he's infatuated with.
  • When Edgeworth exposes the fat lady's lies and she has breakdown, her hair raises like a bull's horns and she kicks the floor as if ready to charge. They even add bull bellows in the background!
  • The fat woman runs away at Manfred's Death Glare... and little Franziska's riding crop.
  • Edgeworth watching the promotional video made by Phoenix and Maya — and hitting the like button. He just has this warm look of affection and amusement as he does so.
  • After Gumshoe's prompting, Phoenix and Maya go visit the Detention Center to find out why he's so worked up about that case Phoenix supposedly lost. Of course we know the answer: the defendand in said case was Maggey Byrde.
    • And despite the seriousness of the situation, it's hard not to laugh at her angry face pressed against the glass when she complains to Phoenix about his supposedly poor defense.
  • Phoenix and Maya visit the Trés Bien restaurant, and they spot Viola Cadaverini as she's leaving. Maya freaks out and quickly clings to Phoenix.
  • Unlike in the game, Maya seems a bit more eager to accept Jean Armstrong's offer to work as a waitress. Their s'il vous plait exchange just sells it.
  • During the trial, once they bring Victor Kudo to the stand, Phoenix tries to break his testimony by asking what he remembers of the waitress he saw. Obviously, he mentions the ribbon in her hair, the apron... and her thighs. When asked about her face, he mentions it was "a plain one". Maggey feels indignant at the remark:
  • The first encounter between Phoenix and Furio Tigre is even more hilarious than in the game. Aside from his over-the-top screaming, we get to see him driving his moped, and he looks almost too big for it.
  • And of course, Tigre's quick mood shifts when he's near Viola.
  • Gumshoe and Maya use walkie talkies on a train to play criminals.
  • When Gumshoe sees Phoenix and Miles working together, he gives a squee that represents the entire fandom.
  • And when it comes to saving the day, he does it... while wearing a train conductor's hat.
  • Seeing how Mia was like as a rookie is very funny, but highlights include:
    • When Dahlia calls her 'old', she has a comedic pout about how they're not that different in age.
  • When Young Phoenix is Squeeing over his girlfriend, Dahlia's patience starts to run thin very quickly while everyone else is just baffled at how over the top this is as Dahlia is getting more and more annoyed. If it wasn't for the circumstances, it'd be kinda cute.
  • When Phoenix admits he ate the necklace, all Grossberg can reacted with is a Flat "What".
  • When Edgeworth and Gumshoe come to the Hazakura temple to question Sister Bikini about what she saw, the poor woman breaks down into tears on the ground. Gumshoe approaches to try and comfort her... and she grabs his tie to blow her snots on it.
  • We get to see up close Larry's portraits of himself and Iris on the walls of the Heavenly Hall. Truly works of art for a children's book.
  • When Sister Bikini introduces herself on the stand, the Judge goes over the usual "I don't see her wearing any bikini" before Franziska cuts him off with her whip.
    Franziska: The court is a sacred place! Those not pure of heart should leave immediately!
    Judge: Are you suggesting that I should leave?!
  • When Larry gives his testimony, the Judge and Franziska demand that Edgeworth rein him in. Why? Because he and Larry are friends!
    • His face says it all.
    • The minute Larry appears, control of the trial visibly slips out of Edgey's fingers. It's hilarious.
  • Gumshoe has Phoenix's "OBJECTION!" as his ringtone!
  • When the Judge suggests that Phoenix's argument implies there were two of Iris the night of the murder, Phoenix responds: "NO OBJECTION!"

    Blooper Reel 
  • The most Payneful insult toward the Butz.
    Butz: Hey! Hey wait just a second, man. Who the hell took that picture?
    Payne: The man whose dick she was sucking.
  • Detective Gumshoe has a habit of swearing after a mistake. On that note, all the swearing in the bloopers are censored.
  • This bit from Yanni Yogi:
    Yogi: He looked like that punk-ass bitch, Eric Vale.note 
  • Pearl: I'm totally f*cked!
  • Every time Phoenix ad libs...
    • When Pearl talks about the Sacred Urn:
      Pearl: Because I was so clumsy I let Mystic Ami's spirit fly away.
      Phoenix: Did you go cry to your mommy like a little bitch?
    • (When Ini actually Mimi describes the car incident.) "Did you just dab?"
    • "The fuck? Dad?"
    • I don't buy it. Something doesn't add up. (beat) "Oh shit, that's a mental line."
  • Ini: Okay, I'm gonna go smoke a fat blunt.
  • The season 2's first half starts us off with...
    Phoenix: Why is everything in Japanese?
  • Phoenix: Sorry to burst your bubble, [Wellington] but I have more evidence against you! You are so fucked!
  • What Desirée DeLite does in her spare time when Ron's not around:
    Desirée: Without Ronnie here, my only company is my giant box of dildos.
    Maya: There are a lot...
    • And later, when Maya trips on something:
    Pearl: Oh no! You tripped on the dildos!
  • Pearl describes Mask eMasque's costume as what Eric Vale would dress up like when he thinks he's alone.
  • During one of Phoenix's investigations in an office looking in a bag.
    Phoenix: What is this? Something smooth and hard... like a dildo.
    • And guess which bag it belongs too:
    Luke: *bursts in* The fuck?! What are you doing?!
  • Ian Sinclair dubbing both Luke Atmey and Phoenix Wright for a solid 35 seconds.
  • When Pearl sees that her Phoneix and Maya ship isn't supported.
    Pearl: You guys did such a wonderful job in there! Major congratulations...! Huh?
    *sees Phoenix and Desirée holding hands*
    Pearl: What the f*ck!

  • The Judge: I shall hereby hand down the verdict in the case against Maggey Byrde. Guilty as f*ck!
  • One moment gave us a brief summary of how cross-examinations work in Ace Attorney
    Tigre: What?! I don’t know nothin’ about nun of that, or what the hell a "tray-bein" even is!
    Phoenix: You're fucking lying!
    Tigre: Nuh-uh!
    Phoenix: Then explain this note, bitch!
    Tigre: What the-?!
  • In season 2's second half, Kent Williams manages to completely break Dani Chambers twice in short order.
    Dani: *breaks down laughing* Dammit...I was thinking that too...I'm like "WHAT IS THIS MUSIC?!"

    The Judge: I want to pitter-patter all over your tits!
    Dani: WHAT THE F—WHAT?! WHY?! WHY?! Why...
  • Dahlia: I was under the impression we were here today to solve Douggy's murder. Am I wrong... Farting Butthole?
  • Young Phoenix after discovering Doug Swallow's dead body.
    Phoenix: No... it's not my fault... it couldn't be...! I didn't kill this guy!
    Phoenix: ...I kinda did.
  • "I'm sorry...for pooping my pants! *imitates letting out a huge load, which the characters' reactions in the scene are perfect for*"
    • This makes a comeback in one of the last episodes, and you temporarily forget Dani's laugh is scripted there.
  • "While we're here, let's ask our lord and savior Jesus Christ for his help." Despite breaking at the bomb, Alexis Tipton goes along with it for their next line.
    • Then their praying is interrupted by a RICKROLL.
  • A few bombs suggest the leads are totally fine with Wright/Edgeworth.
    Edgeworth: I paid a visit to Wright at the hospital. He requested I do him. *Christopher Wehkamp cracks up at his own line*

    Nick: And then later we can maybe hang out a little bit...maybe date or something.
  • "What can't's Japanese writing!"
  • "KEEP IT IN YOUR ASS, BUTZ!" "It's where I keep it, Phoe~nix!"
  • "I found out [Dahlia] was you twin sister...I'd like to have sex with both of you."
    • "Finally I can have sex with [Maya], FOR THE FIRST TIME! Next episode: Bridge to My Sex in Her! I'm gonna stick it in!"
  • Phoenix talking to "Iris" about Dahlia.
    Phoenix: She started dating a college student for several months so she could use him. I'm curious, did she ever talk about that guy?
    Iris: Not really. But she did tell me one thing. She said, she hated his guts. That's it.
    Phoenix: Is there a good place to kill myself around here?
  • Phoenix while he's falling down from the burning Dusky Bridge.
    Phoenix: *thinking* What have I done with my life?!
  • "So that means GOD DAMN ERIC VALE."
  • Eric and Dani have one last shot at making each other crack.
    Dahlia: It was Maya you dolt—
    Phoenix: With my dick!
    Dahlia: —who else could have done it? She said it was for Eric Vale!
    Phoenix: No way! You're lying! She would never...*Eric struggles to not laugh* stab you with my dick...
  • "In the end, our struggles brought us closer. And I couldn't wait to get away from them, because they're the most irritating fuckheads I've ever known. Goodbye, Cleveland."


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