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The TV series

  • Most of "The Notion of Nation" (S4E02), and particularly Martin's interview plugging his new book:
    Interviewer: Much of the book is a sustained attack on Tony Blair, whom you call "bewitched by billionaires and big business", "a morally vacuous creep", and "a transparent pillock".
    Martin: Yes.
    Interviewer: On page one.
    Martin: Yes.
    Interviewer: But after the first four chapters, you digress into an outburst of vitriol about Americans ... for two hundred pages.
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  • Martin doing his best to take a recorded piece of dialogue that's meant to show that a politician is gay and doing his best to remove all the innuendo and prove that he actually was hunting foxes. For example, when a journalist points out a line that ends in a four letter word beginning 'co', Martin suggests that it's actually a five letter word beginning with 'co', and suggests 'copse' as in, 'I like a really big copse'.
  • The scene in episode one where everyone's gathered around the TV, watching a client getting a blowjob.
    Alison: What is she doing?
    (Everyone just looks at her)
    Alison: Oh.

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