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     Mishonh Form God 

Episode 1

  • When Erika attempts to use a theme song. You can seriously just imagine an accompning Record Scratch.
    *roll theme*
    Ness: Wait, we ain’t have no opening!
    Erika: Oh! Sorry! Heh heh…
  • Sonic, Ness, and Robin's first response.
    Fic: Sara went to nentendo world to save.
    Ness: What save file?
    Sonic: Aww, Ness! I wanted first dibs!
    Ness: Tuff luck, dude!
    Robin: This is my first exposure to “English” - first impression: This writer is horrid at it.
  • Imagining this small detail in video format helps make the fic much more bareable.
  • Erika's reaction to Supper Smash Bras.
    The game where you smash bras for supper?
  • Erika's response to Sonic and Rock not knowing of 'lesbans' is this for those who have seen what she means first hand.
    Ironic considering your fandoms...
  • Another humourous reaction.
    Fic: you Christens wil be defeet on day!
    Sonic: Off with their feet! Wait, what’s a Christen?
  • Sonic is left with no idea about what Mr. Jonson is saying, and asks Robin for help.
    Robin: What? I’m used to literature, not the embodiment of the worst that can happen without a publishing house!
  • According to the fic, God is 'waring a rob'.
    Sonic: Rob? He’s wearing ROB?! My, what a unique fashion sense, if I say so myself!
  • Apparently, a bunch of Heatrans disapprove of God murdering Mr. Jonson.
    Erika: I didn’t type that folks, it was spelt like that and capitalized like that from the start it’s just HEATRANS!!!)*pics of Heatrans spin around as “HEATRANS!!11!!” flashes onscreen*
  • Sara's bro is her brother.
    Robin: Unless "bro" is his name?
  • Satan plans to do evil stuff in 'Nentendo World'.
    Sonic: It's a vague threat of vagueness!

Episode 2

  • Erika takes the "Hai" and adds an "O" to it.
  • Sara mistakes 'Samas' for "Mister Chef from Hallo".
    Sonic: There’s a chef in the house?! Hey Mr. Chef, I’d like a chili dog with the works, please!
  • Sara mentions how she 'cloded' her eyes.
    Rock: She clouded her eyes? No, that makes no sense for a biological human.
  • Ness gets confused by Sara 'madding out' with an apparent robot.
    Ness: *double take* Fluffernutters! How is that even possible?!
  • They find out that 'Mister Chef' was actually 'Samas'.
    Ness: Oh no,it's not Samus, it's this person named "Samas"!
    Erika: Dude, is she color blind?
  • The reaction to the shooted/shouted confusion.
    Ness: She’s shootin’ werds outta her mouth now? … Actually, that sounds like a legit verb!
  • 'Samas' starts to 'rap'.
    Sonic: Samus rapping? Now that’s hilarious!
    Erika: Wait, you don’t mean… *dramatically, screen zooms in* No. This just plunged into that territory!? *red beacon flashes*
  • 'Samas' grabs Sara's shirt and her shirt.
    Sonic: Two shirts? That some kinda fashion statement?
  • Marth acts heavily out of character in the fic, prompting this line.
    Sonic: Unfortunately, Marth was dragged back in after having a bunch of copies throw the invader off.
  • Amongst the 'Christens' is Sold Snape.
    Robin: All of a sudden, Severus Snape from that story was sold into here… Okay, that sounded wrong.
  • The reason for 'Snape' being Marth's father is a failed attempt at Rule of Cool.
    Ness: Dude, they’re from two completely different times! This lady’s troll logic is hilarious! *stuffs face with popcorn*
  • Sara mentions a 'govermint vaksine'.
    Ness: Introducing, the new Govermint! It’s a government an’ mint all in one!
  • The fic does not include every Smasher.

Episode 3

  • Before the commentary even begins, Calem mistakes Sonic for a Pokemon.
  • Wario can apparently only eat Vegetas.
    Erika: Sonic, what's the stupid level of this? *tosses him script*

Episode 4

Episode 5

Episode 6

Episode 7

  • The whole party's collective confusion at "3" and their individual responses, culminating into Erika being cut off mid-sentence.
    Roy: …Pardon? Is that it?
    Robin: …*rubs eyes with arm*...What?
    Rock: *scratching head* *pupils rolling around cartoonily* Does not compute!
    Lucas: Umm… Ness?
    Ness: Sorry dude, even I can’t translate this, man!
    Pit: Uhh… 4!
    Kristoff: *”wat” face*
    Calem: …Quoi? Is that supposed to be an emoticon?
    Sonic: Beats me!
    Sudz: *scratches head* Three? *somehow kitty-faced without the mouth* The heck is that supposed to mean?
    Ryu: I don’t even…
    Erika: Three? T-three?! *shakes arms, goes up to the screen* THRE- *cut off*)

Episode 8

  • Everyone's reaction to the "Lick my shit?" line. Which includes a Troll 2 style scream from Erika, a very strange Hurricane of Euphemisms from Ness, and Kristoff being deadpan and Rock and Sudz being naive as usual, among other things.
  • In the author's notes, Erika refers to the party as "7 kids and a chaperone" (referring to Robin).

Episode 9

Episode 10

Episode 11

  • What is Cloud's quote when "selected"? "Okay then... let's mosey."



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