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Funny / A Very Long Rope to the Top of the Sky

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  • The stay at the ritziest hotel in Silver Spring. Mint compliments Ivy's atrocious piano skills while Cyril groans, and when Cyril's finally ready to go to bed, the 'inn' music fades out...only to start back up as Mint and Ivy are seen bouncing on their bed to Cyril's confusion.
  • Nox's sidequest. The very first thing Yvette does is compliment herself. Despite having to be a spirit guide, Young!Yvette goes along with it.
    • Really, the entire sidequest is this. It's full of Yvette complimenting herself and making fun of and joking with her friends throughout their ages. Crosses into heartwarming.
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  • Oliver asking if he's a bad friend for not visiting his friend since he buried him...thousands of years ago. Ivy responds appropriately.
  • The theater scenes you can make in Sanctuary. Due to the huge cast, you could have crazy old people or one of the character's mothers playing a part in the play!
  • Sometimes, when Nox gives sermons, Pallance and Glass will be there. Given Pallance's luck with churches, Death of all people will interrupt the sermon to get Pallance. Even better, Nox tells Death to leave for trying to fight in his church.
  • Lovie extorting 100,000 gold from the Sanctuary treasury to take on Gretchen as her a town greeter. Liesel even admits that Lovie was never on the payroll, at which point Lovie and Gretchen demand the money for past services rendered. And since Ivy is the mayor, you can totally follow through and give them the money.

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