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Funny / A Tale of Transmigration

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  • The PHO Interlude in Chapter 11 has Skitter admitting Grue has a nice ass, to his embarrassment, along with Wraith adding he has a sexy voice. Clockblocker is reasonably speaking freaking out online, and Skitter is unintentionally creepy for wanting to make blood bugs... for medical uses, of course.
  • Apparently Leet showed up with a Gundam to an Endbringer fight... and it worked.
  • It's been mentioned that Tinkers actually join in Khepri battles solely for the chance to loot copies of their gear. Which Armsmaster does right after his battle ends.
  • The PHO Interlude in Chapter 14 continues the laughs. This time we have Clockblocker x Skitter commentary, among other things.

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