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Funny / A Song At Tara

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  • Any time the pack deals with lesser spirits is likely to qualify. Special mention must be made of Ferdinand the bull spirit, largely because of Joan's corny delivery of him going "Moo."
  • Taliesin convinces Taryn, a vegetarian, to just try a bite of breakfast sausage. She does. Then he asks "Are you going to swallow, or spit?" And thus the "Taryn ate Tali's sausage!" joke was born.
  • Tali springing the ambush on a warpack of Neo-Nazi Get of Fenris squatting in St. Stephen's Green. Does he offer a howl of challenge? Does he cite the Litany, i.e. "Respect the Territory of Another?" Nope!
    Taliesin: Surprise, cocknockers!
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  • A Meta one surrounded Liam's introduction, as the other players hadn't been told that Heine was changing characters and their PCs were still scrambling to stop Conall from leaving Dublin. Epic confusion ensued and it was most glorious.

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