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Funny / A Snake Named Voldemort

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  • Harry's shock at The Reveal that... Voldemort drinks tea.
  • Harry agrees to take Voldemort in and pretend he's a lost, starving snake.
    Harry: Can you handle being coddled, my poor little lost snake?
    Voldemort: If anyone attempts to coddle me then they lose their rights to remain unharmed.
    Harry: I'll just have to let everyone know you're a Drama Queen.
  • Harry waking up and finding snake!Voldemort watching him. He promptly falls out of bed.
    • Gets a Call-Back later when Harry wakes up and finds Nagini and Lady watching him.
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  • Dumbledore mistaking Lady (formerly known as Bellatrix) for Tom.
    Harry: I'm afraid, Professor, it's worse than that.
    Dumbledore: Worse?
    Harry: Er, well, I guess "worse" is relative - it's true, Dark Lords really don't make good pets [...] There's a new policy for the Death Eaters: misbehave and you become Harry Potter's pet.


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