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  • The first night after taking the brothers, Shanks wakes up Benn in a panic over not knowing 'how to dad'. The entire conversation is undiluted hilarity, especially when it gets referenced in later stories as a Running Gag.
  • Marco and Ace are completely smitten with each other the moment they meet. This leads to Shanks calling up Whitebeard and lambasting him about his 'blue chicken son' who 'seduced' Ace.
    Marco: …Blue chicken!?
    Whitebeard: Shanks’ words, not mine.
    Marco: And Ace is… Shanks’ kid.
    Izo: You’re going to die.
    Marco: I hooked up with a member of the Red Hair Pirates!?
    Thatch: And you screwed him? Shit, Pops, I think a lot of us are going to die!
    • Shanks proceeds to tolerate Marco, but not without calling him all manner of random bird species in lieu of his actual name.
  • Law gets sent to Amazon Lily with Luffy. The poor man's reaction to the ensuing events are a sight to behold, especially when said events include, but are not limited to: all three Boa sisters believing him and Luffy to be a couple, Luffy thinking it's a great idea, accidentally co-masterminding a prison break, being tsunami-catapulted into a warzone, meeting his self-declared boyfriend's overprotective parents in said warzone, having Doflamingo drop down right in front of him right after he declares his intent to kill him, and exhausting himself into a coma to save Ace.
    Law: I hate everything.
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  • It turns out that Marco's worst crimes are kicking Marines in the face, and property damage.
    Marco: You do not want to be where a pissed-off phoenix is aiming to dive-bomb.
  • Big Mom apparently tried to suggest an Arranged Marriage between Ace and her daughter Pudding. When Shanks declined on the grounds that Ace was gay, Big Mom's answer was to remind him she also had sons.
  • Eustass Kidd is basically a violent, malicious version of Luffy. The saner members of the Pirate Alliance in Wano feel dread when they figure it out that in a world were they were not competing to be Pirate King, Luffy and Kidd would get along like a house on fire.

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