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Biff's Comments

  • Introducing Spring Man
    Biff: He's the epitome of smooth. In fact, I've never seen one strand of his pompadour fall out of place!
  • Spring Man Vs. Ribbon Girl
    Biff: Springs versus ribbons...Sounds crazy out of context, but here we go!
  • Spring Man Vs. Helix
    Biff: Apparently he was created right here in this lab...Not gonna lie-this place gives me the creeps. Let's hurry this up and get outta here!
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  • Spring Man Vs. Hedlok
    Biff: "Indescribable" is the only way I can describe what just happened-we're in for something special!
  • Ninjara Vs. Ribbon Girl
    Biff: This arena is absolutely packed with her fans! As the official ARMS mascot, I gotta say-I'm a bit jealous.
  • Ninjara Vs. Min Min
    Biff: Don't get distracted thinking about lunch, Ninjara. Stay focused and fight to win!
  • Ninjara Vs. Kid Cobra
    Biff: Snake versus ninja... It's what B-movie dreams are made of! Let's hope it's an A-plus fight!
  • Ninjara Vs. Helix
    Biff: His unnatural elasticity lets him wield his ARMS with unparalleled agility! You might wanna put on some goggles for this one, Ninjara. It's goo time!
  • Introducing Master Mummy
    Biff: Live from the Mausoleum-the tension, the suspense, the spookiness of the ARMS Grand Prix is upon us![...]Hear that? That's the thunderous arrival of our favorite life-impaired heavyweight, Master Mummy!
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  • Master Mummy Vs. Spring Man
    Biff: I wonder if Master Mummy feels out of place here in the big city... Don't let these guys intimidate you! You're a big strong monster!
  • Min Min Vs. Ribbon Girl
    Biff: I've heard Min Min is a bit jealous of Ribbon Girl's rising star and wouldn't mind her own taste of fame. In any case, let's hope Ribbon Girl is hungry for ramen, because she's about to get some!
  • Min Min Vs. Ninjara
    Biff: Some folks fancy themselves ninjas, but have no credentials. Our boy Ninjara went to Ninja College! But no amount of study can prepare a fighter to face noodles-go for the win, Min Min!
  • Min Min Vs. Hedlok
    Biff: C'mon, Min Min! Use your noodle and find a way to cook this kook!
  • Mechanica Vs. Master Mummy
    Biff: He's creepy, his stage is creepy... I think his fans are ghosts? I gotta find a new job.
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  • Mechanica Vs. Kid Cobra
    Biff: He's good enough at snakeboarding to be the captain of his own team, so now he's focused on fighting! Mechanica could build a snakeboard in her sleep. Time to show this kid what a fighting suit can do!
  • Mechanica Vs. Helix
    Biff: Apparently he's a living blob of DNA, but what do those letters even mean?! "Do not attack"? Don't fall for it, Mechanica!
  • Mechanica Vs. Lola Pop
    Biff: That sugary scent in the air must have Mechanica's sweet tooth aching! You know the rules - no dessert till after you win a fight, young lady!
  • Twintelle Vs. Master Mummy
    Biff: Our star of the screen face-to-face with a horror movie come to life?! Grab some popcorn-it's showtime!
  • Introducing Byte & Barq
    Biff: Entering this competition as a team is probably illegal, but who'd arrest this adorable duo? Certainly not themselves! And if they win, maybe they'll be able to leave the life of crime behind.
  • Byte & Barq Vs. Mechanica
    Biff: Whenever she sees a new piece of machinery, she can't help but take it apart to see how it works... Don't get disassembled, Byte & Barq!
  • Byte & Barq Vs. Twintelle
    Biff: I'm not sure robots even know what hair is, so this could be trouble... Keep your mechanical wits about you, boys!
  • Byte & Barq Vs. Lola Pop
    Biff: Our boys don't seem too comfortable here, fighting in the streets...Byte's either worried about the safety of the diners or running a system update. Meanwhile, Barq appears to have caught on to a sweet scent! Focus, boy, focus!
  • Introducing Kid Cobra
    Biff: All eyes are on Kid Cobra...literally! The views on his snakeboard videos are in the seven digits. If I was a betting man, I'd say his performance in the ARMS Grand Prix will only add to his fan base. But what do I know? I couldn't make a video like that, much less upload it for millions to see!
  • Kid Cobra Vs. Master Mummy
    Biff: Mysterious hands at the edge of the ring beckon to the fighters within... Seems like a bad sign to me, but I'm no expert.
  • Kid Cobra Vs. Max Brass
    Biff: His main hobby is stompin' down punks who jump up and step to the king-ya heard?! He's not gonna take too kindly to a snakeboarder coming for his throne!
  • Kid Cobra Vs. Hedlok
    Biff: I have no words for what just happened other than WHAT JUST HAPPENED?! I guess we get an encore!
  • Introducing Helix
    Biff: Listen to this! While he was being cultivated, Helix watched every past Grand Prix from his test tube. Talk about having a knowledge base! Speaking of, where exactly is his brain? It's a mystery, but that's nothing new around here.
  • Helix Vs. Master Mummy
    Biff: Is he alive? Is he dead? Is he hiding under your bed? He's literally wrapped in mystery! Frankly both of these dudes are super weird looking, so this should be quite the fight!
  • Helix Vs. Min Min
    Biff: Her signature Ramram ARMS paint a flaming curve through the air! It's just like the curve of a ramen bowl...and hot like the soup within!
  • Springtron Vs. Anyone. Biff tries to analyze the opponents' weaknesses. Some of them can range from only applicable in a context outside the ARMS Grand Prix (Min-Min being weak to long baths or Misango being weak to thumbtacks) to flat out bizarre and contrived (Spring Man must be inferior at math just because Springtron's a robotic version of him).
  • Dr.Coyle vs Helix
    Biff: Don't worry bro. Disappointing your parents is a rite of passage.
  • At Snake Park:
    Biff: Some of the Kid's beloved snakeboard are just lying around this stage...I'm guessing those are gonna factor into this fight!
  • At the Ramen Bowl
    Biff: Just look at that big ringside gong! I bet it sounds awesome... Maybe they'll let me hit it later!
  • After defeating Hedlok:
    Biff: I wonder... Think I'd look good in a mask? I've been in kind of a rut lately, stylewise.

Badge Descriptions

  • Played 250 rounds: Wow. You really like to punch stuff!
  • Played 650 rounds: Playing ARMS is like breathing...but more important.
  • You've thrown over 20,000 punches! Ever thought about kicking every once in a while?
  • You've thrown over 100,000 punches! Are y-you OK? That's gotta hurt!
  • Your multiplayer fight ended in a draw. Somehow that's worthy of a prize!
  • You launched ARMS for the first time! That was an excellent decision.
  • You won a battle as Kid Cobra using the Scorpio. Reminds me of the tale of the snake and scorpion! No, wait...
  • You won a battle as Lola Pop using the Popper. Lola Popper! Even saying it is fun!
  • You launched ARMS straight outta News! Yay! It worked!
  • You've collected 100 ARMS! (ARMS are nonrefundable and cannot be exchanged for goods and services.)
  • You won a fight using Guardian and Clapback! They say the best offense is a good defense. But who are...they?
  • All of the pillars in the Scrapyard were destroyed! At least the guys who fix them have job security.
  • You hit the Ramen Bowl gong 2 times! Take it easy-the neighbors get mad about that stuff.
  • You've collected 50 badges! You put the "achieve" in "overachiever"!
  • All of the tubes in the DNA Lab were destroyed. Repairing those things is a huge drain on the lab's budget.
  • You won a battle as Springtron using the Lokjaw! What, are you one of Dr. Coyle's groupies?

Everything Else

  • The game's cover has Spring Man taking a slug to the face by Ribbon Girl!
  • Some of Helix's screams can be particularly humorous.
    • Hell, just playing as Helix should warrant a chuckle.
  • This official Art has Biff get his wish of an autograph from Ribbon Girl, to Mechanica's sorrow.
  • These two bizarre tweets—coupled with footage of Helix fighting—suggest he unknowingly performed a Hostile Show Takeover on Biff's official Twitter.In case you're curious... 
  • The entirety of the Hoops minigame. Essentially, it's a game of basketball, only you dunk your opponent rather than the ball.
  • Mechanica programmed her mech suit to have incredibly Moe victory dances.
  • If both you and your opponent get your ARMS disabled (most likely due to a Shock Bomb), you both just kinda stand around awkwardly for a few seconds.
  • Max Brass and Master Mummy like to get fired up, even in their downtime. Take it outside, guys.
  • Master Mummy buying bandages at a suburban supermarket.
  • ARMS Institute seemingly decided to merchandise Helix. The first product they made with his face on it? DNA Man Juice. It's so good, even fans of Min Min and Spring Man enjoy it! Available in all four colors of Helix.
  • In Lola Pop’s reveal trailer, she demonstrates the Clapback’s ability to reflect incoming punches against Twintelle’s Chilla. The result? The Chilla bounces off right into one of Twintelle’s fans in the audience.
    • Like Helix's Blorbs, Lola's Bifflers cover the opponent's face and blind them. While Helix's leaves a blob on their face, Lola's leaves a huge stamp of Biff's face.
  • The fact that Dr. Coyle's home stage's official name is [NAME REDACTED]. It even uses that term in the badges for that stage!
  • After you defeat Dr. Coyle, she teleports out in a fit of rage... as Max Brass floats down from outside of the arena with the Parasol ARMS, flexing as he descends before making a crash landing. Oh, and the whole way down he's chanting his name repeatedly.
  • Dr. Coyle has an amusing tendency to treat her rather creepy creations as her "children," and it shows in some of her voiceclips.
    Dr. Coyle, upon equipping Hedlok: "*gasp* MY BABY!"
    Dr. Coyle, upon beating Helix: "Who's my widdle baby~?"
  • Max Brass apparently has ARMS on the brain at all times; several of his voice clips are him bellowing "ARMS" in different tones. Particularly funny is the quiet, rather confused one when he's grabbed.
    Max Brass: "ARMS...?"


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