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  • Generally, any time Simon acts cynical is this.
  • From the episode "Talking Teddy":
    Talking Teddy: I think we should take all your pocket money and give it to charity! What about; Alvin's Skatepark? note 
  • The episode "Principal Interest" is full of this.
    • The sheer notion of Alvin trying to hit on the principal for the entire episode.
    • The principal's assistant is apparently Brittany, who says the next opening for a talk with the principal is next semester. And when Alvin gets sent there as a punishment;
    Alvin: Is it next semester already?
    (Brittany blows a raspberry)
    • Alvin hiding in a pile... of singing dolls of himself so he doesn't have to go to school. Dave ends up scooping up a section of the dolls and strapping them into the car.
    Dolls: *singing* Christmas, Christmas time is here! Time for cake and time for cheer!
  • "Jeanette Enchanted" is about Jeanette learning "magic" (effects put on by the Chipmunks and the other Chipettes). When she wishes for a feast, and she says the wand made her spaghetti instead of lasagne, Eleanor speaks up.
    Eleanor: Okay, the wand is only able to do so much! It's probably EXHAUSTED by now!
  • In "Lil T"
    Alvin: I didn't listen to Theodore's song because I thought the only rapper he cared about was a CANDY wrapper!
  • In "Sister Act":
    Alvin: Wait, so you interrupt our game when I was about to win-
    Simon: OBJECTION!
    Alvin: Overruled.
  • Alvin thinking Mrs Croner is a jewel thief in "What A Gem".
    • In the same episode, Mrs Croner makes a beeline to Alvin when he breaks his leg... only to scold him for ruining her rose bush.
  • The episode "The App" follows Dave buying a robot called Harmony, and upgrading several times by Julie's suggestion. Eventually, Alvin just shouts out:
    • Harmony treating Alvin like a baby near the end of the episode after the latter sneaks out for a party.
    Harmony: Baby Alvin is missing!
  • All of Theodore's attempts to impress his "crush" in "Don Juan Theodoro" are this. At the end of the episode, it turns out he only wanted to partner up with her for the cooking fair, not to be her boyfriend.
  • From the episode "Clowning Around":
    Simon: Alvin, turn off your electronics! There's a new thing - it's called the energy crisis!
    • From the same episode: Apparently Theodore's second-worst fear is the theme song for The Brady Bunch.
    • In the SAME episode, Simon tries to get Theodore out of his frozen state by giving him and Alvin a free trip to "Awesometown" (which leads into a Disney Acid Trip where the only thing you can say by the end of it is "What just happened?"). When Alvin refuses, this line from Simon is somewhat hilarious:
    Simon: (visibly annoyed) I said, how about YOU, sonny?
  • Mystic Mountain ends with a reversal to the titular "ALVINNN!!!" gag.
    Alvin: DAVIDDD!!!
    • Also, the attack on Dave's house just because he's good at an MMORPG.
  • In the episode "Driving Dave Crazy", when Theodore has to say something for one of Simon's experiments:
    Theodore: I don't want to do this anymore!
    • Said line gets reused in the song accidentally made when the experiment goes awry.
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    • Eleanor demands her soccer ball to be returned. A basketball then rolls at her feet and she angrily kicks it downstairs where Dave's working.
    Eleanor: Whoever took my soccer ball, please return it now! (A basketball rolls at her feet) C'mon, people! This is not a soccer ball! (she kicks the basketball and it bounces downstairs and into the den where Dave is sitting by the piano talking on his cellphone)
    Dave: I think you're really gonna like it, Mr. Figgle. I'm putting the final touches on the song as we speak. (The basketball bounces off his shoulder, the impact causing the keyboard cover to close on his hand) OW! (gets his hand out and scowls) Excuse me one sec, Mr. Figgle. ALVINNN!!!
    Eleanor: My bad, Dave. Sorry. That was me.
    Alvin: But blame it on me, Dave! 'Cause everything's always my fault!
    Dave: Sorry, Alvin!
  • In "Secret Admirer", Alvin thinks a classmate named Kevin has a crush on one of the Chipette triplets. He gets the below mentioned possibilites wrong too, by saying the girl Kevin has a crush on is as "pretty as his Uncle Bruce":
    Simon: Which one?
    Alvin: I'm not sure, but I've narrowed it down to three possibilities.
    • We also have this gem earlier on in the episode:
    Simon: Congratulations, Alvin! It almost looks like you're thinking!

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