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  • Don't startle Dazzler. "Friend Alison!" "AHHHH!" BAM.
    • With the exception of Medusa, all of the (non) reactions of the other members of the team to suddenly having a little blue alien thing teleport in and immediately glomp them are funny.
  • Medusa's "fur" causes Antimatter to wonder if she is a pet. She takes this about as well as you might expect.
    Medusa Pet? PET?! I am A QUEEN! *Wraps Antimatter with her hair and throws it into a building*
  • Upon filling Medusa in on who Nico is, Jen points out that a team of teenagers who ran away from supervillain parents calling themselves Runaways is a bit...literal.
    Nico: You're one to talk, She-Hulk

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