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  • Johnny biting into the mitsudango, not waiting to hear Chie's instructions about how to properly eat them, and spraying the contents all over Yosuke thanks to not biting into the snack with his molars. All of which a reference to Part 8: Jojolion.
  • Nanako treats washing the dishes very seriously, and washes them in a particular manner that would be considered unorthodox. In true Araki fashion, she finishes washing a plate by saying a catchphrase.
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  • Johnny having no idea Saturday is a school day in Japan. Cue awkward moment when Nanako breaks it to him.
  • Yosuke screwing up and dropping his Kunai on himself as a result of trying to show off to the Shadows.
  • Chie kicking Yosuke in the nuts for accidentally peeping on her. This was a result of him trying to prevent Teddie from peeping on Chie, while Johnny just watches and doesn't lift a finger to help until after Yosuke's kicked in the nuts.
  • Johnny screwing up with eating rice while using chopsticks. He eventually gets so frustrated that he just uses a fork to eat.
  • ALL of Shadow Yukiko's hammy and over-eggagerated mood-swings.
  • Shadow Yukiko hitting on Chie. It raises a few... odd questions if the real Yukiko actually likes Chie as more than a friend.
  • Teddie channeling the great Joseph Joestar shouting "OH NOOO!" while being perfectly in character.
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  • Johnny only knowing how to cook steak and grilled cheese, a shoutout to Jojos Bizarre Adventure Abridged.
  • Johnny snarking with both Margaret and Marie.
  • Chie overreacting to Yosuke surprising her, going into a classic Jojo pose unconsciously.
  • Chie going into a rant and being overly excited after learning Johnny knows how to cook steak.
  • Gyro once again making original not very funny sight and word gags, much to the exasperation of those he tells them to.
  • Gyro and Kanji meeting, with Kanji trying his best to make Gyro think that the cute little bear that fell out of his pocket wasn't his.
  • Gyro choosing what he will or won't bring in his schoolbag. Despite it being useless, he ditches his water bottle to place his teddy bear in the bag.
  • Chie being able to knock out Johnny with one punch is darkly hilarious.
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  • Chie and Yukiko being forced to perform a wacky chase scene after Chie declared that Kanji being gay was totally cool.
  • Johnny commenting that them hiding while spying on Kanji and Naoto behind a telephone pole made them look stupid.
  • Yosuke's brilliant idea for checking if the mannequin nurses were Shadows? Mess with them a bit and poke them in the eyes.
  • Somehow, only Teddie and Yukiko find Gyro's jokes actually funny.
  • One of the reasons why Gyro forces Chie and Johnny to make up? He was getting sick of them arguing.
  • Kanji stating that he only has twelve percent of an idea, and Johnny informing Kanji it's barely a concept.
  • Gyro going into a mini-rant about Japan's very many and weird flavors for Kit-Kat bars. Culture Clash at its finest.
    • And later, his encounter with a modern WC-bidet while visiting Yukiko's inn
  • Apparently, Chie's phobia of bugs stems from watching The Fly (1986) with Yukiko while they were younger. What makes it doubly hilarious is that it's Yukiko's favorite movie.
    • When she gets bitten by a bug, Johnny quickly gets flustered, hinting at his bug bite Fetish.
  • Johnny and Gyro's reaction to Mystery Food X, with Gyro ultimately throwing it in the trash and mentioning that he has some leftover pizza.
  • The ADKoT Abridged is a non-stop gem of hilarity.
    • The fic is mostly Hiimdaisy Persona 4 comic, adapted adequately to Johnny, beginning with his reaction to now having a narrator on voiceover:
      Starting today, you are moving in with your uncle and cousin in Inaba. Where you'll be living in for the next year!
      Johnny looked up, his eyes widened in shock. "What the hell?"
      Oh? You didn't know? I'm your conscious! Nice to meet you!
      "Where the hell have you been all this time!?" Johnny shouted out, only for the voice to merely snort.
      Because you never even bothered to listen!
      "I think I would have noticed a freakin' disembodied voice earlier if you've always been here!"
      Well anyway, we're going to be together for a while.
    • And then:
      "What kind of conscious regularly insults the person it is in?" Johnny glared upwards, sincerely hoping the disembodied voice could somehow see his displeasure.
      My kind... or your kind. Our kind? It's very confusing in all honesty. Just roll with it.
    • And then:
      You are enjoying a nice, peaceful dinner with your new family!
      "No I'm not you ass!" Johnny shouted up to the ceiling, as if it were where the voice was originating from.
      All it succeed in doing was making him look crazy.
      "A pansy and insane huh? Wow. What a combin-" Dojima was stopped from his latest 'compliment' when his phone suddenly rang.
    • After Chie calls out Johnny's Jerkassery:
      Johnny then pushed himself off of his chair and hugged Chie's waist. "I'll be with you until the day you die!"
      "Call me a jerk again! Call me other things! Asshole! Dick! Anything! Please!"
      I'm starting to think you have issues man.
      "A-At least you want to go with us...?" Chie stated with a strained smile on her face.
      This is a start of a... friendship? I guess?
    • Johnny's Shadow. Full stop.
      "What the...?" Johnny looked up to see himself, riding on a horse while his totally silky locks blew in the wind. "That's me?"
      "Totally! And if you need proof..." The Shadow Johnny then sniffled and tears came from his eyes. "WAAAH! I can't walk and my life totally sucks! I don't want people to pty me but I sure do feel sorry for myself!"
      "NO YOU AREN'T ME I WOULD NEVER, EVER, EVER SAY THAT!"Johnny shouted out suddenly.
      "Oh, and I once tried to kill mys-" The Shadow then blinked and said, "Wow, really? That was easier than I thought."
    • The April Fool episode, which is explicitly out of continuity, is a mix of Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth with all of JoJo fighting games, where the Fic's Investigation Team intersects with the canon's IT, the main characters of JoJo (and their sidekicks) and the characters of Persona 3 with Hamuko Arisato. Among the funniest bits are how the ADKoT!IT differentiates from the canon one by being dressed more fabulously and doing Jojo poses in the background, Yu and Johnny's very awkward conversation about fetishes, the two Josephs' interaction after witnessing Chie's interaction with Lisa Lisa, and the offside mention of Rohan sketching the Velvet Room staff while they are posing.
  • Johnny Joestar's bitingly sarcastic answer to Yosuke asking him if he knew who Rise was.
    Johnny: No Yosuke, how could I know about the idol star that just went on hiatus which the news won't shut up about, the students here won't stop talking about, and who you keep going on and on about? Really, please tell me Yosuke. I honestly have no idea.
  • The Joestar Secret Technique makes its glorious return.
  • Since Teddy really wanted to explore the world outside the TV, he decided he would create a human body of his own. So he ate some of Johnny's hair (basically cloning his sensei) but this thing hanging between his legs was so cumbersome he opted for throwing it away! The male elements from the team are unanimous in their reaction when they hear this little tidbit.
  • Chie's standards about meat: she won't accept raccoon or dog but horse is apparently fine. She even confesses she kinda likes horse meat in front of Johnny. Who is American and loves horses. The ex-jockey is almost traumatized.
  • The already jittery Yosuke outright Freak Out when Rise points Johnny looks like very kissable after putting on lipstick, hitting his head and screaming "get it out". As Chie says it best, this just raises some questions.

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