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Funny / A Day at the Races

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  • "Getta ya tootsie-frootsie ice cream."
    • "ZVBXRPL. Hey, Tootsie-Frootsie, what's this optical illusion you slipped me?"
    • "The letter Z stands for J unless the horse is a filly..."
  • Groucho throwing off an attempt to learn his real identity by pretending to be multiple people over the phone.
    Groucho, in falsetto... twice: Here's your Florida call, Mr. Whitmore!
  • Harpo's attempt to perform on a piano that keeps progressively falling apart and blowing up. Not to be outdone, he pulls the string assembly out and - lo and behold - it's a harp. (Wait, is there such a thing as Artistic License: Musical Instrument?)


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