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Funny / A Complete Turnabout

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  • In the scene in the detention center, at one point Dahlia says "It's because of that person, right?" Phoenix muses internally that she could have actually said "It's because of that person: Wright" and he would never know for sure, because the tiny difference in inflection is inaudible through the visitor microphone.
  • The sequence of the sparkling Steel Samurai Cards in chapter 13. Wright's brain just broke.
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  • Phoenix using his typical debate tactics when used on a cheap table. The table didn't stand a chance.
  • The Big Lipped Kay Faraday Moment.
  • Revealing that the prosecutor to 'help' Phoenix is none other then... Franziska von Karma. Still the same as always.
  • A moment in the Tumblr blog:
    • Phoenix: "Should it relieve me that I apparently still qualify as sane after all…?"

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