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Funny / A Car's Life: Sparky's Big Adventure

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  • "POTHOOOOOOOOOLE!" and the accompanying scenes.
  • The scene where Fender stops Sparky from singing by stating it's not a musical. Considering the audio in this movie, it's a Moment of Awesome, too, by default.
  • "CHILD ABUSE!" (yes, that's really a line in the movie)
  • While Sparky is taking a car wash, we hear the cries of an off-screen purple hummer without gas. While she's off-screen...uh, her cries mught be taken the wrong way.
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  • Likewise, with the Auto Swag scene. "A few moments of pain for a lifetime of gain, monimino!"
  • The scene where Norbert is set on fire. It has seen to be seen to be believed.
  • Speedy's incredibly silly-sounding death scream as she's being killed by Igor. Sure, it's only temporary (unfortunately), and it's not the sort of thing people would normally find amusing, but here? Take That, Scrappy!
    • And how exactly is Sparky saved from the same fate? A police car equipped with a FUCKING ROCKET LAUNCHER.
  • In the sequel, right after Sparky spent the day working with Diesel (who creates a debt for him), Norbert delivers this line:
    Norbert: (sniffs) Did something die?


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