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  • The descriptions given for why each tribal leader contributed to the failing of the Shouting Congress start out pretty reasonable: Hurricane is used to an environment of superiors or inferiors (plus hating Earth Ponies), and thus has trouble working with equals. Aurum, meanwhile, is stuck having to pander to his court's outrageous demands in order to keep them loyal, demands which only piss off Hurricane. Then we reach the reasons for Puddinghead, which are summed up rather simply:
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  • The eyewitness account of Smart Cookie being "elected" as Puddinghead's Secretary.
  • Puddinghead founded the Army of the Alfredo Sauce in order to protect the Republic from the "Evil Lich-Queen of the Cuttlefish of the Damned" living in Lake Trot. Which is ridiculous, since, as according to the in-universe author's notes:
    "...there is no evidence either archaeological or modern or even in Folk Lore that there was ever an undead ruler of Cuttlefish at Lake Trot, of the infernal sort or no, mostly due to the fact that Cuttlefish are in fact marine and not freshwater dwelling."
    • Become a Brick Joke when, according to Clover's recounting, Puddinghead arrived in the cave on the night of the Warming and gave this as an "explanation" when Smart Cookie asked what she was doing there.
    "The Lich-Queen's Stallion-Slave shall die tonight, for it has munched the wee men, and 'napped my good li'l Cookie."
    • Heck, "Army of the Alfredo Sauce" as a name for an army is worthy of its own entry.
  • During one of the side stories, when an upset Clover tells Hurricane that her father's died, he comforts her, saying she obviously loved her father a lot... only for Clover to say that her father ignored her and her brothers for everything except for using them as political tools. Hurricane's response?
    "Oh. Well in that case, he was a total dick."
  • "Once you go Earth, you'll always want girth".
  • See Bizarro Episode on the YMMV page.
  • In the otherwise depressing side-story about Princess Platinum's death, when Count Pyrite is murdered by his son and his son's Pegasus lover. As the two are trying to dispose of the body, Pyrite's wife enters the room... and begins chiding the two on the mess they've made.
    • Meanwhile, after Clover and Cookie's reactions to Platinum's death, Hurricane asks his son (who with a small amount of legal wrangling could be declared King of the Unicorns, which is part of the reason Platinum killed herself) if he wants to be royalty. Star Burst thinks about it for a second:
    Star Burst:' No way in Hell, dad
    Hurricane: That's my colt.


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