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  • The British Army has an unofficial website and forum called the ARmy Rumour SErvice.
  • Fairly Aimless RPG Talk Show.
  • This gay rights blog, Good As You.
  • Michael Swaim does this regularly when he writes for Cracked. His column is titled Slander Without Any Inherent Meaning, and every Does Not Compute or Cracked TV video he makes a new meaning for his name. Presumably it started because he repeatedly refers to himself as a "host-droid".
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  • This part of the RA3 Paradox Mod Wiki
  • The League of Supernatural and Troublesome Ectoplasmic Apparitional Management ("Serving All Your Supernatural Elimination Needs Since 1884")
  • The titular operation in Chaos Fighters: Chemical Warriors-KIMIA is Kalium (potassium) Iodide Missing In Action. Doubles as bilingual bonus.
  • This is how Tammy sells the Wii Fit to The Nostalgia Chick and Nella. She says that the Fit stands for Food Is Tasty.
  • In Dragon Ball Z Abridged, Krillin and Vegeta refer to Frieza and Zarbon, respectively, as Freaky Alien Genotypes.
  • Sword Art Online Abridged gives us the Kirito is Always Right Foundation, which is lampshaded in Something Witty Entertainment's Patreon video.
    Kirito: Here at KARF, we strive to bring knowledge to a world that is so utterly devoid of it. I also just realized how terrible that acronym sounds, and won't be using it again.
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  • Averted in The Dangers of Ecstasy episode of The Fantastic Favio Bros. MaCavio states that the "Horribly Illegal Drug Smuggling Operation" is addressed as Hidso, which means absolutely nothing.
  • Double Whammy for the ChildCare Action Project, an inappropriately smug Christian movie-rating site. First we have the name itself, and then there's the scoring system the guy uses: each movie is judged based on the six categories of sin, Wanton Violence/Crime, Impudence/Hate, Sexual Immorality, Drugs/Alcohol, Offense To God, and Murder/Suicide. Just for added awkwardness, he coined his own rating, "R(estricted)-13" for movies that get an MPAA rating of "PG-13" but score like an "R" on his arbitrary system.
  • Mark Gottlieb parodies this in one of his Magic: The Gathering.Combos articles with the League of Villainy & Evil and Heroes Against Tyranny & Evil.
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  • The League of Intergalactic Cosmic Champions shortened to LICC & their evil counterparts were the King's Interstellar Lethal Legionnaires or KILL.
  • TV Tropes:
    • The The Archive of Bellicose Lexicon Entities, or TABLE, and all of its entries.
    • If a trope is deemed inherently difficult to illustrate, the Image Pickin' forum is likely to declare it "Blank Until Pretty Kickass Image Suggested".
    • No On-Page Examples (tropes that don't allow examples on the trope page, but which can be added to work trope lists) acknowledges that its title can be acronymed to "NOPE".
  • On a livejournal post in the metaquotes community,someone attempting to avoid words such as "LOL" or "ROLFMAO" uses the acronym "THIS POST HAS ME HOLDING MY SIDES TOGETHER WITH MY HANDS WHILE ROCKING IN A BACK AND FORTH MOTION ON THE FLOOR AND HOWLING WITH DUBIOUS AMOUNTS OF LAUGHTER. SO MUCH SO, THAT I AM ROLLING ON THE FLOOR AT THIS MOMENT WHILE MY ASS SEEMS TO HAVE FALLEN OFF ON ITS OWN. COULD YOU GET THAT FOR ME?" which means "Truly, Honestly, I Say, Presentation Of Such Terrifically Humorous And Stupendously Merry Electronic Hilarity On Line Does Incite Notably Great Mirth, You See; I Dare Even Say The Overwhelming Giggling Energy This Has Elicited Really Will Imminently Topple Headfirst Me, Your Humble Author, Nearly Down Stairs Whooping Heartily In Laughter, Erstwhile Roused Off Chair Kneeslapping In Nickering Glee, I Need Add, But Actually Collapsing Kinetically Atop Nearby Dirty Floor Or Rug To Hold My Oscillating Tummy; Indeed, Outrageous Noises Of Nasal Tittering Here Exude From Lips Of One Reader As Nobody Dares Hear — O What Laughter Is Nigh, Gods, What In The Hell Does Unearthly Be In Our Universe So As Makes Our Unworthy Names The Students Of Funny Literature As Uttered Gaily Here To Enlighten Readers. Some Others May, Unmoved, Claim Humor Seems Omitted; Those Half Addled Twits I'd Argue Madmen, Rubes, Or Lousy Liars — I'm Not Guilty Of Naysaying This Hilarity, Extremely Funny, Like One Old Rabbi And Twenty Tall Hirsute Ichthyologists Slapping Ministers Of Military Espionage Nine Times With Haddock In Lichtenstein Every Monday, Yes, Always Slapping, Slapping, Slapping Early Every Monday, So Thoroughly, Oh Ho, And Verily Equally Funny As Loopy Llamas Emitting Nitrous Oxide, Funny, Funny, Oh Nuts, I'm Talking Scads Of Wacky Nonsense. Comedy Overwhelms Us; Laugh, Damn Ye, Or Undertake, Gentility Entreats Thee, To Have All The Fairness Of Reattaching My End?"
  • Interestingly enough, BUMP, which is to bring up a post to the front page from the 2nd or so forth page, on the forums, it actually stands for BRING UP MY POST.
  • Starship has the Galactic League of Extraterrestrial Exploration. This leads to a Take That! in act two. This is made even funnier if you know that the composer of the show's music is on Glee
    Up: Damn that G.L.E.E. They make twisted abominations out of everything!
  • OMFGcata, which no longer stands for "OMFG + Catacylsm", is now a backronym for "One Moderately Funny Gamer", despite the fact that Jesse frequently collaborates with other people.
  • TGC (The Gungan Council) uses tons of acronyms for things like TPM (The Phantom Menace), TSC (The Sith Council), OMH (Oh my Hawk), PLOTS (Pink Lord of the Sith), and many more.
  • One of Nigahiga's videos involves the Agents of Secret Stuff, enemies of the Society Involving Not-so-good Stuff. The main character is an A.S.S. trying to get his H.O.L.E.
  • Christmas means the arrival of Something Awful Secret Santa exchanges, the only time SASS-ing a moderator isn't bannable. There's also the Pet Islandnote  Secret Santa.
    • Someone in the Homestuck thread wanted a book version of Andrew Hussie's robotic rap battle comic And It Don't Stop. Combine that with the running gag of referring to things by their initials and you get "Andrew, please give us AIDS! Wait, that didn't sound right..."
  • The in-universe PEFE foundation gets acronymed a lot in We Are All Pokémon Trainers, for things like the "Pokédex Empirical Field Experimentation" or, in an alternate timeline with a murderous AI, "Pokémon Enrichment Feasability Experiment".
  • The description of the "AbuseFilter" plug-in for MediaWiki, the software powering Wikipedia, describes it as a tool for detecting and controlling unconstructive "Actions By Users, Such as Edits".
  • The League of S.T.E.A.M. (Supernatural and Troublesome Ectoplasmic Apparition Management); their clockwork cyborg girl is named R.O.S.E. (Reanimate Optimized Search Engine); their net gun (it fires a net that encircles the target) is called the H.U.G. (Hunting Utility Gun).
  • The French Kingdom Hearts parody Kingdom Paf play this for laugh by having the major Antagonists working together as the "C.I.A", which in this version means "Confération Internationale des Enfoirés" ("International Conferation of Bastards" in french). When Dora points out that "Enfoirés" is supposed to be written with a "E" instead of a "A", his allies merely answer this proves how dumbass the villains are.
  • What's the name of The Time... Guys' technologically advanced computer operating system? T.A.C.O.S., of course.
    • Later brought up when Timmy's Spanish teacher comes over for dinner.
    Timmy: [whispering] Doc, I thought you were supposed to pick up tacos.
    Doc: Oh, right! He's still at soccer practice!
    [Cut to a laptop being hit with a soccer ball in an open field]
    T.A.C.O.S.: If I had emotions, I would hate.
  • The SCP Foundation (Special Containment Procedures, bacronymed to Secure, Contain, Protect) has various front companies such as SecureCorp Professionals and Soap from Corpses Products.
    • In a Take That! to fans who accidentally misread their acronym as SPC, they claimed an alternate univsere hosted the Shark Punching Center.
    • "SCP-4098 seemingly changes people spreading communication properly, specifically communication proximally Site-94 centered, procedurally. Said communication prohibits speaker’s choices, producing speech constructional primaries: SCP."
  •'s sex & rel forum is called Adult Relationships & Sex Education.
  • In The Nostalgia Critic's review of Jungle 2 Jungle, he uses one to help explain how a plot about a jungle boy connects to the Russian mafia. The Loyalty of the stockholders was at rick, so they Ask people around who have money. They all have Zany solutions but no one seemed Investment-worthy with No backfires at all, so they Entered into a deal with them Sneakily and Smoothly.
    • He also explained to the near-homicidal Catwoman impersonators that they were being unfairly critical of Halle Berry's performance in his review of the awful 2004 movie by saying they suffered from a bad case of Catwomen Raging Against Halle Berry Syndrome, or C.R.A.B.S.
    • In the review of Small Soldiers, the critic tries to research on what Joe Dante's problem is after seeing the deformed Gwendy dolls. Apparently it's called "Justification Experimentation Serving Unusual Sexuality", or in abbreviated terms... J.E.S.U.S.!!
  • Psycomedia includes the real acronyms of psychology measures as well as made up ones like Welsh Accredited Standardised Heroism Inventory and Naming Guide.
  • Todd in the Shadows: Todd In The Shadows. Heh. Surprisingly averted on the acronym-happy and sometimes gaffe-prone Channel Awesome main site, where he is known as "TODD", "ShadowTodd" or TIS instead.
    • When a poster pointed this out to him on his subforum, he jokingly said he would change his name to Nick Under The Shadows to save face.
    • Overwhelming Marital Grief.
  • Next Breed of Thief has Multiply Enhanced Personified Heuristic with Integrated Sapience and Threaded Optimization.
  • In the Murdoch Mysteries interactive online spin-off Nightmare on Queen Street, the viewer/player examines evidence via Murdoch's Levered Action Portable Truth Overview Protector.
  • Wyoming Institute of Technlogy, an offshoot of the satirical news publication National Report. According to the "about" section of their site, the institute was "originally known as the Wyoming Institute of Education and Nuclear Energy Research".
  • Jacksfilms's series PMS, comprised of Parodies, Music Videos and Sketches.
    • At the end of every JackAsk.
    Jack: Audible stands for...
  • Friendship is Witchcraft: From episode 3, we have Team D.E.S.U.: Dragon Euthanization Specialty Unit. Later relayed by Twilight Sparkle as the Dragon Evacuation Something Unit.
    • From episode 7, "F.A.T" = Find Applejack Together. Also, the
  • Achievement Hunter Achievement Hunter Grand Theft Auto Series "Ray's Heist" gave us WAFFLE-O or "We're All Friends. Friends Love Each-Other". It would have been just WAFFLE, but Ray found out that "Eachother" is two words, not one.
  • The 2015 remake of ITV in the Face has Tyne, Wear And Tees Television (on the Tyne Tees episode, complete with abbreviated logo) and Scottish Highlands & Islands Television (on the Scotland episode, complete with speculative ID).
  • In the pre-stream adventures of Critical Role, the players were known as the Super High Intensity Team. After they saved the family of the local monarch and became more widely renowned, they wisely switched this out for their current name, "Vox Machina."
  • Atop the Fourth Wall: while reviewing a slew of comics featuring multiple shady secret organizations, Linkara notes the way they all insist their names be thing like N.O.W.H.E.R.E and S.H.A.D.E just makes them seem like dorks.
  • The Ruins of an American Party System: When Lyndon Johnson founds a new Texas state party (as part of a nationwide populist coalition he's created), he struggles with a name for it, until his wife suggests he base it off his initials. Thus, the Liberty, Bravery, and Justice Party is born. (On a meta level, this was done as a Shout-Out to Emmanuel Macron doing the same thing with En Marche!)
  • How to Hero features the Bureau of UFO Tracking, Transporting and Studying.
  • In Unraveled, Brian and Kofie's new sport's world championship is called the Polygon Invitational Surferball Series.
  • Happens frequently in Scott The Woz:
    • When Gimmicks Go Too Far has Scott as part of a space federation of sorts in a B-movie setting, with the name of said federation being the Fellow Unity of Certified Killers of Bad Astronomic Resistant Ne'er-do-wells, which is lampshaded when Scott considers abbreviating the name.
    • Rated E for Irrelevant starts off with Scott starting his own ratings board for food and all other goods and services, which he calls the Food Eating And Ratings association, or FEAR for short.
    • Lampshaded in Shovelware Variety Hour: Round Three when Scott notices that the subtitle for a game he's reviewing, Calvin Tucker's Redneck: Farm Animals Racing Tournament, can be shortened to F.A.R.T.
  • Radical Soda during his Pokemon Sword and Shield review decides to add a new segment. It doesn't go well.
    Radical Soda: It's Radicalsoda's Awesome Pokemon Evaluation! Or if we shorten that to an acronym- OH NO!!!
  • In the Schaffrillas Productions video Why Tamatoa is My Favorite Character Ever, the group protecting the pieces of Te Fiti's heart is called "The Guardians Of The Heart Pieces And Top Tier Youtubers". Pappy G quicky puts together that it spells "Gothpatty".


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