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Fun With Acronyms / Radio

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  • Nebulous features both the Key Environmental Non-Judgemental Taskforce, and the Legitimate Organisation Undertaking General Humanitarian Business Operations Requiring Optimum Unconditional Global Harmony. But then, people from K.E.N.T. have always hated people from L.O.U.G.H.B.O.R.O.U.G.H..
  • In an episode of The Goon Show, Neddy Seagoon was appointed to be Britain's Fog And Thick Smoke Officer.
    • In another episode, Major Bloodnok has a washcloth stuffed into his mouth by thieves who stole 10 Downing Street. Ned says, "These initials must mean Winston Churchill!" Bloodnok answers, "I hope so!"
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  • One episode of Adventures in Odyssey features the Society for Mental Improvement and Living Enthusiastically, a nationwide organization bursting with Stepford SMILErs.
  • In one episode of Absolute Power, Charles is tasked with creating a name for a male pressure group. His efforts include British Association of Lovable LadS and GeneraL AsssociatioN for the Support of the Priapically ENdowed In Society.


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