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  • The point of an Emerald Nuts ad campaign a few years back. There's a bizarre scene, for example, two guys circling each other in shopping carts proclaiming "My name is Norman and I am great!" "No, I'm a better Norman than you!" The tagline: "Egomanical Normans love Emerald Nuts!" There were quite a few variants (Elegant Naysayers, Evil Navigators, Extinguished Novelists, etc), and the campaign built up to a Super Bowl Special in which Eagle-eyed Machete Enthusiasts Recognize A Little Druid Networking Under The Stairs.
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  • There was an Amstel (beer brand) campaign some years ago whose ads consisted of really funny songs, like "Amigo Mío, Sólo Tú Encuentras Leña" (My Friend, Only You Find Firewood) or "Amigo Mío, Si Te Echaras Laca" (My Friend, If only You Wore Hairspray). Of course, the point of the ad was how great Amstel was for sharing with your friends.
  • A commercial for Staples features a law firm that decides to abbreviate their name in order to save ink when printing their name. Unfortunately, their firm's name is Dudley-Irwen-Newberg-Gonzales-Brown-Anderson-Taylor & Stein.
  • From an extended Microsoft advertising commercial featuring Felicia Day as herself:
    Guide: MSN gets the highest average visits for minute and the largest US BPI of any portal...
    Felicia: BPI?
    Guide: Mmm-hmm
    Felicia: Battle Planetary Invasion?
    Guide: Buying Power Index.
    Felicia: Butter Pecan Ice Cream?
    Guide: Buying Power Index.
    Felicia: Being Pretty Interesting...
    Guide: ...It means a higher propensity to purchase.
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  • Colgate toothpaste contains sodium monofluorophosphate (MFP), whose initials were once marketed as Maximum Fluoride Protection.
  • The American commercial for Sonic the Hedgehog has Humans Against Genesis.
  • The candy bar PB Max had a campaign somewhat similar to Emerald Nuts, with ads illustrating what the "PB" in the name did not stand for - "Penguin Black Belt" or "Plywood Bobsled" for instance. "PB" actually stood for "peanut butter", by the way.
  • The cell phone manufacturer HTC has a television ad featuring a Hipster Troll Carwash.
  • Adidas campaigns have used backronyms such as All Day I Dream About Sports.
  • A 1998 commercial for Kids' WB! gave a humorous acronym to help kids remember the weekday lineup: Toothless Camels Bake Apples Pies, Baby, meaning Tiny Toons, Captain Planet, Bugs 'n' Daffy, Animaniacs, Pinky and the Brain, and Batman/Superman (Though on Fridays, when Umptee-3 was on, it was instead "Ugly Camels...").


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