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  • In Drowtales, Quain'tana would be this from the perspective of the Blue Blood Sharen clan. She started out as a lowly orphaned Street Urchin, forced to steal food in order to survive and nearly dying at the hands of a Sharen dragon knight over it. But in time, she was able to build up enough power to become their bitterest foe for authority and survived all of their attempts to crush her. By the end of the Time Skip, she overthrows their reign over the city-state of Chel and completely topples their sense of reality.
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  • In Theres Something About Tails, Tails gets possessed by a soldier from another universe and turns into a badass.
  • Several centuries before the start of Tower of God, Hoaqin was originally just an ordinary Regular from the 10 Great Families. After fusing with his siblings to become more powerful and taking on the guise of White, he climbed up the Tower, became a Ranker and eventually became one of the most infamous and feared FUG Slayers in the history of the Tower. His crimes and actions were so severe it took the efforts of the Zahard Princesses to put him down for good. Or so they thought...
  • In 8-Bit Theater, as it turns out The Onion Kid becomes Sarda, Reality Warper extraordinaire.
  • Karnak from Dominic Deegan was a human orphan raised by orcs. Through a Heroic Sacrifice to save Miranda Deegan, he was transformed into a semi-demon and gradually slaughtered his way up the ranks to become the only Demon Lord in Hell.
    • Most Infernomancers in the series fit this trope as well. And Necromancers. And maybe Siegfried. Yeah, Mookie sort of loves this trope.
  • Jack Noir of Homestuck starts out as just an unwilling Obstructive Bureaucrat in the kingdom of Derse, but ends up becoming the comic's Disc-One Final Boss after killing the Black Queen and takes the prototyping rings for his own use.Takes a whole another level when he successfully kills an entire universe
    • Eridan Ampora is a competitor for fastest jump from Ineffectual Sympathetic Villain to a serious threat with his plan to join Jack, the murders of his love interest and best friend, and causing the extinction of his species. Right after pathetically thanking said best friend for being the only person to show faith in him.
    • For straight-up old-school shiver-inducing terror try Gamzee's about face. He starts the comic as an unimportant Flat Character based on a parodic Deconstruction of a Insane Clown Posse video - an attempt to imagine what a character holding the beliefs implied in the video would actually be like (a Monster Clown with a tough upbringing, but also a sweet-natured, totally chill, Stoner Love Freak who is probably the nicest person in the comic). The fanbase loved him and produced gag fanworks based on him, which made it all the more hilarious when he was described as "the most important character in Homestuck", and then flipped out and started murdering all the other trolls due to a religious crisis.
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    • ...and now we have Aranea Serket, whose whiplash-inducing Face–Heel Turn is enough to break one's neck. Making it worse? The action that put her over the Moral Event Horizon was "healing" Jake's emotional trauma, allowing him to use his powers against everyone else in the session on her behalf—against his will. The fallout? Considering he's a Page of Hope, explicitly stated on several occasions to be one of the most powerful classes, not exactly pretty. Her actions end up causing the failure of the entire original timeline, needing a large scale multiversal retcon to fix.
    • And finally, in an exceptionally spectacular example: Caliborn. He was little more than a brat on trapped on a room, but ended up turning into the ultimate omniversal terror, ruler of paradox space, and unquestionable master of time; the all mighty Lord English.
  • The Order of the Stick
    • On the prequel book Start of Darkness, Redcloak goes from a cleric initiate to vessel of his god's will and earthly power simply by donning his mentor's Crimson Mantle.
    • His master, the Dark One, started off as a regular purple-skin goblin before becoming a powerful warlord, and eventually a god.
    • Xykon goes from being an unfocused thug with no real long-term goal other than just wanton murder and destruction to an undead monstrosity that threatens the entire world.
    • Tarquin was once a small-time adventurer who tried to set up his own nation on the Western Continent. However, he joined together with his old friends and engineered a conspiracy which controls most of the Western Continent. He is now the de facto ruler of the Empire of Blood, as well as the other two Western Continent superpowers
    • The Snarl started out as a tiny piece of creation that embodied the pantheons' disagreements over how the universe should work. It was so insignificant that the gods either didn't notice or didn't care about its existence. Then it got bigger and meaner to the point that it could curbstomp entire pantheons. It is now supposedly the greatest threat to all existence, with the entire series revolving around efforts to control or seal it.
  • Pretty much the main story arch of Zebra Girl. the series began when a random magical accident transformed an ordinary tech support specialist into a demon with a soul. From those humble beginnings, she has gradually lost her humanity by inches, and has spent the past several months of the comic gleefully and unrepentantly terrorizing the inhabitants of her hometown as the living embodiment of fear. Basically, she has become a better-looking version of Freddy Krueger. With longer claws.
  • Coyote of Gunnerkrigg Court believes that etheric beings like himself only exist because of human belief. Assuming his theory is true, he was once an ordinary coyote until a delirious dying human saw him as a deity.
  • In El Goonish Shive, this is why the government puts so much effort into maintaining The Masquerade that keeps regular people from realizing magic exists (and, more importantly, how easy it is). Ordinary jerks with just a taste of magic can turn into psychotic monsters.
  • (Mostly) heroic example in Schlock Mercenary: Petey, near the beginning of the comic, was merely the AI of one of many of the Ob'enn warships, and thus just an assistant to a race of Omnicidal Maniac koala-like bears. But he proved to have both unparalleled tactical genius, a fondness for baryonic life as a whole and a bit of a god complex. All of this together led to some complex trickery on his part to take over his own ship, and later employing our protagonists in a variety of missions to spread his influence further, along with making some tactical advancements of his own. By the latter chapters, he's become the closest thing to a god the setting has, the commander of the greatest known fleet in existence, and the Milky Way's self-appointed protector.
    • A similar example, including the (mostly) heroic part, is LOTA. He was initially built as a longshoreman, albeit an overengineered one, built with off-the-shelf tank parts and his AI built by one of the greater experts in the matter. But still, a longshoreman. Some skillful maneuvering, journalist call-outs and colony-saving later, he ended up in charge of the entirety of the Credomar station, with millions of (now happy) humans to rule over and one of the galaxy's most dangerous weapons at his disposal.
  • Guilded Age has Penk, who starts out as a drummer and herald with strong ideals but not much else, and then becomes an avatar of his god, gaining increased strength, resilience, and senses, and takes on leadership of the World's Rebellion's response to the Gastonian Peacemakers.
  • Girl Genius has Baron Wulfenbach. While not quite nobody, Baron is one of the lowest ranks possible in Europe, and his family historically ruled a single town without much invasion of anyone else. His greatest personal claim to fame was essentially as a recurring sidekick for the two legendary heroes of the era. He disappeared for a few years, during which time the heroes disappeared (maybe killed), attacks from their arch-enemy the Other had left Europa in ruins. By the time he came back, all the good he accomplished with his heroic friends was in shambles and every Mad Scientist on the continent was running around trying to kill or conquer each other again. He dealt with this by rolling up his sleeves and conquering the entire continent in a matter of years. Then he held it all together for decades with a delicate balance of soft-touch and iron-fist policies summed up as "Don't make me come over there".


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