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People who are good with kids in video games.

  • Zack and Stella of Asdivine Hearts grew up in an orphanage and, as such, are both really good with handling and taking care of kids. Harming or threatening kids is also a shared Berserk Button between them.
  • Beyond Good & Evil:
    • Jade takes in war orphans and cares for them, despite being occasionally frightfully low on cash. She's even extra-kind and nice to the kids in the city who aren't staying with her. Threatening her kids is a good way to get Mama Beared.
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    • Pey'j. He probably wouldn't let them stay in his house if he didn't care for them, after all. And the end credits Photo Montage shows that Double H really is a Gentle Giant by having several pictures focus on him playing with the lighthouse kids.
  • In Bioshock, Jack becomes this if the player chooses to rescue every Little Sister encountered. Rescuing all The Little Sisters results in the Happy Ending, in which Jack adopts five of them as his own daughters. They hold his hand lovingly when Jack finally dies of old age.
  • In Bioshock Infinite, there's an optional scene in Shantytown where Elizabeth sings Will the Circle be Unbroken while kindly offering an orange to a small boy who was hiding under the stairs. In addition, when Daisy Fitzroy attempts to kill Fink's son, Elizabeth fatally stabs her with a pair of scissors.
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  • In BlazBlue Litchi Faye-Ling is very good when it comes to dealing with children, she usually comes around to the Kaka clan to kindheartedly teach and play with the Kaka kittens and her child-assistant Linhua looked up to her greatly and she returned the favor. She's also quick to befriend and hug Ronin-Gai children despite that their boss just harassed her. She's also incredibly fond to Carl Clover, who was virtually unknown to her and would even give her life to help him. She doesn't even hold a grudge when a bratty little girl like Platinum went bonkers on her just due to breast size difference and still finds herself comforting her. In the CT Arcade Mode, she mistook Rachel Alucard as a lost child and sweetly asked to escort her to her mother... This gets slightly subverted in Continuum Shift after her Face–Heel Turn. Once she learned what kind of creature Rachel is and that she's an enemy, she drops her kindness and opts a more antagonistic manner (though not as over the top). However, she went back into Friend To All Children mode when she met a distraught Carl (still post-Face–Heel Turn) and offered him a Cooldown Hug in her Marshmallow Hell.
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  • Rozalin's first Pet the Dog moment in Disgaea 2 comes when she treats the kids really well. Barring her other persona, being nice to kids seems to be a consistent part of her character.
  • Dragon Age:
    • Dragon Age: Origins:
      • Depending on the player, the Warden can be this. There are a few opportunities to do things like give money to orphaned children and protect Amalia and Connor from demons who want to possess them.
      • Wynne tends to act grandmotherly to young children, although she's not afraid to put her foot down when the occasion demands it. Much to her regret, she wasn't always this way and for many years believed that being an overly Stern Teacher lead to the escape and execution of her first student by the Templars. He actually survived.
      • Rather surprisingly, Oghren is implied to be this. If the Warden decides to simply kill Connor instead of finding some way to defeat the demon possessing him, his loss of approval is more than any other companion.
    • Dragon Age II:
      • Upon meeting Anders and being asked for favor, Hawke can request clarification up front, stating that "I don't do anything involving children or animals."
      • Discovering that a deranged serial-killer has been targeting the elven children of Kirkwall, simply because they are "too beautiful", is enough to make even a Paragon Hawke so utterly furious they vow to slit the man's throat.
      • After Hawke becomes a Noble in Act 2, it's implied by Aveline that Hawke has donated a large amount of their reclaimed family fortune, in order to help their fellow Fereldan refugees and the children orphaned by the Blight. S/he can also give money to a specific beggar in Darktown who asks for help in feeding her children.
      • Merrill and Varric are consistently shown to have this trait. It's also mentioned that most of the Pirates in the Waking Sea want Isabela dead for performing a one-woman army stunt, seizing the vessel she was meant to be escorting, after she discovered it contained slaves who were mostly women and children.
  • In The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim it's impossiblenote  for the player to harm children. Also, you can play games like tag and hide & seek with the children that you meet. Even the dead ones.. With the Hearthfire DLC, the player can even adopt children, although you're limited to just two. However, just because the player character likes kids doesn't necessarily mean that they like you back.
  • The poor children are most of why Allegretto steals bread at the beginning of Eternal Sonata, and why he embarks on his quest. One part of the game involves him navigating a puzzle graveyard and beating up a large beast... so a little girl can have water for her flower.
  • Fallout 3 lets an adult be one with the Child at Heart Perk... except for the fact that it can be used to make kidnapping a child for slavers easier.
  • Aeris Gainsborough could count for this in Final Fantasy VII; the original game has her trade herself for the safety of a little girl she barely knows and puts her on friendly terms with the slum children, who looked after her flowers in her absence; Crisis Core and Advent Children also show her having a soft spot for children.
  • Final Fantasy VI has Terra Branford, who takes care of a village full of orphans and turns into a Mama Bear whenever any of them are in danger.
  • Fire Emblem:
    • Patty and Faval from Genealogy of the Holy War, as well as their expies Daisy and Asaello. In both cases, they work hard to sustain the Orphanage of Love where they grew up.
    • Despite being skittish and at times kind of a Jerkass, Prince Takumi from Fire Emblem Fates gets along surprisingly well with kids. In his support with Azura, she fails to bond with a rebellious kid but Takumi manages to reach for him easily.
  • In Five Nights at Freddy's, the animatronics at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza are your primary antagonist as they actively try to kill you in the alleged belief that you're a metal endoskeleton without its costume on. There are hints, however, that those same animatronics fall into this trope as they grow increasingly hostile towards adults while still getting along perfectly well with children. Randomly appearing minigames suggest that Freddy Fazbear tried and failed to protect children from being murdered by a killer who lured them in using one of those same animatronic suits. It's commonly theorized that the animatronics now attack any adults they come across outside working hours as part of a quest for revenge against that killer.
  • Kratos from God of War. They may have been his daughter, his kid brother, and a little girl that reminded him of his daughter, but they remain the only children depicted in the games. More Friend To All Children Who Appear In The Series. His Papa Wolf nature is one of his very few redeeming traits.
  • For a physical manifestation of the Wings of Valmar, Millenia in Grandia II is friendly towards children and children follow her in turn. This is the first clue to her true nature and big reveal that Valmar is not necessarily the devil that people condemn it as.
  • To everyone's great surprise, Haseo of the .hack//G.U. games. Though he does become much friendlier in general over the course of the story, even back when he was a revenge-obsessed Jerkass he would act kindly toward kids.
  • In Harvest Moon, the main character is usually always instant friends with the children, even the shy ones. This becomes even more apparent in games where a character that lived in the same village as the child for years frightens them, yet the MC as a total stranger gets instantly accepted as a new friend.
  • In The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, Link is friends with all the children of his village, and happily looks after them and plays with them. Not surprisingly, when they get into trouble, he goes Papa Wolf quickly and literally.
  • Nall, an immortal white dragon in Lunar: Eternal Blue, at first appears to be a troublemaker and is very rude but is actually in charge of a Neverland he created for orphaned and neglected children and is very caring toward them. He is very protective of Taben's Peak and rough towards outsiders, but he also doesn't want to make connections with older people because he never wants to see another friend grow old and die.
  • Metal Gear: Raiden is shown as one in Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance; when he discovers a plot to turn kids into cyborg Child Soldiers like him, he is absolutely pissed and goes on the warpath to ensure that no child go through anything like he did.
  • Big Boss in Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake takes in war orphans and raises them as his own, although it's twisted at the end when he reveals he's training them into soldiers to perpetuate war in the future. At least that was the excuse he gave at the time.
  • Metroid:
    • This seems to be a confirmation of elements from the time Super Metroid was released, where Samus was typically portrayed as being quite passionate about the infant Metroid, treating it like her own offspring, unleashing the bowels of Mama Bear after it was destroyed, and entering a state of deep sorrow after she'd cooled down. This hovered around various fiction, including Nintendo Power comics and Manga. In other words, the Manga serves to confirm that when Samus says she kills to protect others, she really really means it
  • Ultimate Caretaker Maki from New Danganronpa V3 is this, as despite her actually being a Child Hater, children love her for some reason. Subverted when it's revealed that she's actually the Ultimate Assassin and she was lying about how she was the Ultimate Caretaker.
  • Ninja Gaiden:
    • Ryu Hayabusa is idolized by all of the children in the Hayabusa village, and in Ninja Gaiden 3, he ends up bonding with Canna to the extent that she considers him a surrogate father.
    • Likewise, Ryu's apprentice Momiji is considered a Cool Big Sis to the children in the Hayabusa village. When one of the kids is taken hostage by the Tengu Brothers in Sigma II, she personally chases them all the way to Tokyo to save him.
  • Onmyōji: Enma turns out to be this, as noted by Hangan. He is annoyed by this, but he is fine as long as she is happy.
  • Professor Layton is implied to be this. He's as respectful and courteous to any children he meets as he is to anyone else, but the two children he interacts with the most often — his apprentice Luke and adopted daughter Flora — absolutely adore him, and he them.
  • Milla Vodello in Psychonauts loves working with children, and when you use Clairvoyance on her, she explicitly sees Kid Hero Raz as a sweet little baby to look after. If you poke around enough in her Mental World, you can see how this figures into her backstory: she used to work at an Orphanage of Love, but it burned down while she was getting groceries. Word of God says that she's mostly managed to moved on, but you can find her "Nightmares" still locked up in her mind.
  • Juno from Soul Nomad distrusts humans but loves children... even human children, as she is raising a young boy named Penn,who is Thorndyke's son.
  • Resident Evil: Claire Redfield first and foremost she bonds with Sherry Birkin as little girl in RE2 as soon as she meets her and becomes Mama Bear over her. In Resident Evil: Degeneration Claire easily babysits Rani Chawla and protects her with a passion, no wonder in the same movie Leon S. Kennedy dubs Claire's role as "protector" instead of a fighter like Claire's brother Chris and himself.
    • Leon himself seems to get along with kids since he becomes jovial around Sherry at the end of the RE2 remake and when a truck approaches them Leon quickly tells Claire to take Sherry to side of the road. Ironically Leon had less scenes with Sherry compared to the original game.
    • Barry Burton invokes this considering how quickly he bonds with Natalia in Resident Evil: Revelations 2 and how goes out of his way to protect her, despite his actual daughter Moria being in danger as well. Being a Family Man it's probably second nature to him.
  • Street Fighter
  • Tales Series:
  • Oddly enough, some of the mercenaries in Team Fortress 2 appear to be this, as shown by the comics on the official website. Soldier takes kids trick-or-treating, Scout treats kids like little brothers (understandable, considering he's the youngest of eight brothers), and they both get very defensive when they're on mall Santa duty and a kid gets kidnapped. Spy sees the kid's fear and teaches the kid how to stab the kidnapper in the jugular and free himself, and consoles the kid afterwards, asking him if he was scared, and giving him a piggyback ride. Even Heavy shows this when he gets angry and calls a kid presumptuous and fat for wanting him to spend his hard-earned money on Halloween candy, and then apologizes profusely when the kid starts to cry, taking back the "fat" comment when he realizes that he hates being called that himself. He then proceeds to give the kid $7,000 to make up for it.
    • One might think that the Pyro Maniac, er, Pyro would be rather child-unsafe, being the blazing deathball that they are, but it turns out that they're really more of a geeky Psychopathic Manchild that gets along great with the various kids of the town of Teufort. They were once shown burning school books so that the school would be forced to close until they could get new ones, to the cheers of all the kids. Later, it's only the implication of some sort of bizarre and unsavory child abuse to a bunch of orphans committed by the Classic Team's Soldier and Scout that compels them gruesomely burn the perpetrators to death where they stand.
  • Tekken:
    • Both Kings (jaguar masked religious pro-wrestler); parts of the reason why they enter the Tekken tournament is to raise money for the orphanage they're in, although for King II, that has become a background thing while he focuses on some darker issues (but still retains his kind heart).
    • Bruce Irvin is chiefly known as a friend of Kazuya and usually serves as The Dragon for him. His endings in his debut and 5 involve helping kids to stand up for themselves, or inspiring them (to be good kids, not to be like Kazuya).
  • In Tokimeki Memorial's Tabidachi no Uta continuity, Mira Kagami turns out to be this. A Justified Trope, since she has helped raise her younger siblings.
  • In World of Warcraft, your character undergoes a lot of quests than involve, rescuing and protecting children, and in some extreme cases, providing food for impoverished ones. The children's Week event is the biggest example, where you have to act as a mentor to an orphaned child. (Although success in doing so means doing things few sane guardians would, like taking them on the battlefield and into dungeons with you. Also, the Bad Example achievement - which requires scarfing down candy in front of them - and Home alone achievement - which is abandoning them - are oddly enough necessary for the overall achievement For the Children.)
  • In the Yakuza series, nothing brings out Kazuma's good side like kids, especially his kids from the orphanage and his adopted niece Haruka. Subsequently, nothing brings out Kazuma's BAD side like someone hurting a kid. The most savage and satisfying beatings Kazuma's rained on someone are those in retaliation for abusing a kid.
    • Similarly, about the only thing that will unfailingly bring out Goro Majima's better nature is a child in trouble.


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