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Fridge / Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger vs. Go-Busters

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Fridge Brilliance

  • This team-up was obviously meant as a treat for older fans (it's doubtful little kids would care a lot about Zyuranger and Abaranger, at least not more than the Go-Busters they likely watched when that series did air). The fridge brilliance comes when you realize Toei constructed the film so anything a fan might have a problem with can be explained away:
    • The suits for Grifforzar and Geildon only share minor similarities with the suits from the original series: That's cause it's not Grifforzar and Geildon, they're Neo-Grifforzar and Neo-Geildon. They're born from the original villains' regret at not defeating the Zyurangers and Abarangers. Being new characters mean they have no obligation to look like anyone from the orginal villain groups; that fact they do makes the connection to the original villain apparent and plays on nostalgia for the original shows without:
      • having to worry about making exact copes of the suits,
      • get the original actors, and
      • not waste story time with explaining where they came from.
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    • The two Tyrannosaurus zords shouldn't have made Daizyujin or AbarenOh, which required five and three individual mechas (respectively) previously: The Beast Batteries never appeared in previous Sentai shows. The fact the mecha come from the batteries means they're not the same (whether they're connected to the original mechas or not are not noted) and can become Daizyujin and AbarenOh on their own. This also explains why the cockpits look nothing like they did in the original shows while also pleasing fans who believe the pamphlet for the Gokaigers' 199 Heroes movie when it says the original mecha were destroyed in the Legend War. Speaking of the Gokaiger...
    • Fans who say each Sentai series has its own universe and the team-ups are in their own and Daigo shouldn't recognize the reference to GokaiRed: Well, this one may speak for itself.
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    • Additionally, AkaRenger, Ninja Red and Hurricane Red appeared in the series of Ninninger, similar to the Hurricanegers meeting the Gokaigers in their own series. The Hurricanegers, Goraigers and Shurikenger not seen summoning their mechas in 10 Years After also made an indirect reference to their mechas, except Fuuraimaru, being destroyed in the Great Legend War although the new Fuuraimaru himself ironically didn't appear in the 10 Years After special. Also, Gavan Type-G meeting the Go-Busters in their series, the Gokaigers and Go-Busters meeting each other in their team up and the Gokaigers meeting the original Gavan are all referenced in Super Hero Taisen Z although Gokai Silver is shown interacting with Gavan Type-G instead of the original Gavan and him recognizing Yellow Buster. Furthermore, Bouken Red made a reference to AkaRed whom he teamed up with before during his brief team up with the Gokaigers. However, at the same time, Kamen Rider: Diend mentioned the world of Shinkengers having no Kamen Riders is a contradiction to Super Hero Taisen movies and the team up between the Gorengers and J.A.K.Q. and there is the bizarre distortion plot during the crossover special between Drive and Ninningers, showing that they do not coexist which is also contradicted by the crossover between the ToQgers and Gaim. In short, it all really depends on the writer.
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  • Having Nossan and Amy, the characters portrayed by the oldest (30) and youngest (16) actors on the core Kyoryuger team, to be the ones cheering on the arrival of the Zyurangers and Abarangers respectively as the past non-Red Rangers arrive is a nice touch considering those two Sentai shows' year of broadcast fitting in with their respective childhoods, Yamato Kinjo being age 8-9 as Zyuranger aired in 1992-93 and Ayuri Konno being 6-7 when Abaranger was broadcast in 2003-04.
  • While it feels odd to have the ToQgers appeared after the credits, one has to think about their motif. It is about trains. And where do trains have their last stop? At the terminal where trains meet. Now imagine the after credits moment as the terminal. That is when the Fridge Brilliance comes in especially when it symbolizes the fact that the ToQgers were literally the next Super Sentai team after the Kyoryugers.