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Fridge Horror

  • Ingrid has spent the time between the second and third series - four years - "making the streets of Stokely run red with blood". Not only is that a fairly horrific number of attacks, but just imagine what things would have like for the rest of the characters, mindwiped by Vlad... if they were anything like Renfield, they wouldn't have been able to quite grasp what was obviously happening around them.
    • Elements of this have been somewhat confirmed... Eric van Helsing was killed by a vampire after he passed out while facing them thanks to the mindwipe.
  • Ingrid's 'hit chicks' and their deaths - on the one hand, yes, they're vampires... but they were ordinary human teenage girls only hours before, and they didn't even particularly want to kill Vlad! The more you think about it, they're kind of tragic.
    • Some survived, and S 4 E 1 revealed that a half-fang's loyalty to their maker doesn't last long (as Ryan turns against Ingrid), meaning that we've now got an army of teenage Vampires walking through Garside).
  • The Count and Ramanga's plan for Vlad to marry Adze to get rid of Erin technically becomes true. The use of the Rings of Arianrod, although the Count and Vlad didn't know about it, is ultimately responsible for Erin becoming a vampire, and retalliates by betraying Vlad by attempting to destroy the coexistence.

Fridge Logic

  • In the first episode, Ingrid explains that they had to learn this "stupid language" (English). Makes sense. But why, in the Count's flashback to escaping Transylvania, is everyone speaking it there?
  • When Vlad said he couldn't mind wipe someone you care about to explain why Johnno wasn't mind wiped in S 4 E 10 does that mean Robin wasn't mind wiped at the end of season 2?
    • It's also likely that Vlad was just telling himself that. After all, Jonno was mindwiped at the end of Season 2, and we saw the Branaghs (whom Vlad definitely cared about) were mindwiped.
      • Vlad also mind wiped his own father in another episode. It's possible that he had gotten confused with the previously established fact that vampires can't hypnotize people they're in love with (As had been established with Ingrid and Will.)


Fridge Brilliance

  • When Vlad opens the book the pages are blank but Vlad tells the others that their time had come like there was something written on them. But maybe there is writing on them, only Vampires can read it!
    • Or only Vlad can read it. Or they really are blank and Vlad's good side thinks he can use it as a chance to put his plan for vampires and breathers to live together by making out he's the only one who can read it and saying that's what the books says.
      • May have been Jossed. Vlad seems to have confirmed the pages really are blank.
  • Jossed. Slayer's blood is required for text to show up.
  • Wolfie ages in dog years or close enough. Just look at him, in series 3 he looks more like a 6 or 7 year old and not a 4 year old, and in series 4 he looks 8 or 9 years old.
  • The Count mentions in one episode that pig blood is his 2nd favourite blood. Many portrayals of vampires show them having a hatred of Christianity. Since Christianity comes from Judaism and Jews aren't allowed to eat pork, this makes perfect sense.
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  • This is likely accidental Fridge Brilliance, but an event in Series Five could explain why Magda prefers Ingrid and why Vlad is the Chosen One. Vlad's real mother is a breather, which means there's no reason for Magda to like him, as well as that Vlad brings breathers and vampires together - because he's both!
  • In "Like Father, Like Son" Ingrid tells Vlad "This is what happens when you try to turn someone into something they're not". She's obviously referring to Vlad hypnotizing the Count into acting like a normal parent, but it could also be interpreted as directed at the Count, who has spent the whole series trying to force Vlad to be evil like him.
  • Vlad's hair throughout season 3. Up until the Bad Vlad episode (S 3 E 8) Vlad's fringe is parted to the left but when his reflection gains control his fringe is suddenly parted to the right. This is because bad Vlad is normal Vlad's refection, his mirror image. also right after the big show down at the end of the episode when he comes out of the mirror room Erin says to Vlad "it's all over isn't it" to which he replies "he's part of me now. How can if ever be over?".his fringe is not parted to one side but sitting straight down the middle. To top it all off in a bit of Fridge Horror in ep 10 when Vlad returnshis fringe is once again parted to right. Implying that it is in fact Vlad's refection that is in control not the Vlad that we know.
  • It can be assumed that members of a certain clan share the same style of fangs (eg, the Dracula clan have two sets, one on their outer incisors and another on their canines). So if Malik truly is the son of the Count, why does he only have one set of fangs?
    • This can also implied with Erin and her hatred for Vlad in the second half of season 4. Despite Vlad turning her, she only has one set of fangs compared to Vlad's two.

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