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Fridge / Yo-Kai Watch
aka: Yokai Watch 1

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  • Insomni is the Yokai that causes people to stay awake all night and get sleepy in the morning. While she only does it to people she thinks are interesting, the flavor texts of the games reminds us that the only way to break free of her is to lose her interest, otherwise she can feasibly keep you awake until you die (which is a very real possibility), or at least near death. Being awake for too long can still cause serious health and mental damage. So the question is: how many people have either died from sleep deprivation because of Insomni?
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  • Scritchy causes uncontrolled itching which no amount of scratching can ever stop. This may not seem so bad, but then you may want to read this. Geez...
  • "Jibanyan's Secret" reveals Jibanyan's past. While it's largely a tearjerker, a part of the episode does reveal something frightful: the truck that hit and killed Jibanyan (and almost hit his owner, Amy) appeared to be inspirited. Think about this from the driver's perspective. He could have been the most upstanding citizen around, but since he happened to be possessed by something while driving, he would probably be unaware of what was going on. Imagine what would have happened had he actually hit Amy and then later came off being inspirited only to realize he's being accused with hit-and-run charges, among other things. Yokai possession can be no joke sometimes.
  • Robonyan Type F is an even more futuristic version of Jibanyan and Robonyan and travels to the present day to collide himself with an asteroid about to hit Earth, sacrificing himself in the process. Robonyan then decides to go through the process of becoming the new Robonyan Type F. Know what this means? Jibanyan really will die for real someday.
    • Also, Robonyan and Jibanyan both witnessed this—meaning that Robonyan Type F had witnessed his own death beforehand, twice.
  • The second movie begins with something bad: Nate dies. Sure he comes back later but at least a day went by when he was dead. Imagine how Nate's parents must have felt when Nate didn't come home that night with no explanation...
  • Not the most horrifying thing in the series, but in episode 5 Jibanyan moves into Nate's house due to the sharp increase in Cat Yokai in his territory; keep in mind that his territory is an that we already know was the site of one cat's death...Just how often do cats die there?
    • Not to mention the monster cat that scared him away, that thing is the size of a truck

Alternative Title(s): Yokai Watch 1, Yokai Watch 2, Yokai Watch 3


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