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Fridge / X-COM

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Fridge Horror

  • What kind of a world are you making by selling all those advanced arms? Especially the self-recharging laser guns and craft plasma cannons?
  • What condition is the Earth in if you leave too many terror missions unchecked?

Fridge Brilliance

  • Apocalypse shows how much power that an organization like X-com could truly hold - an independent military with very little oversight, which is allowed to build its own arms and equipment.
  • Why the morale penality when you kill an alien you mind controled? Well, first of all, you are shooting someone one of you guys has a Psychic Link with, so s/he's not going to appreciate that. and secondly, you are killing someone that is currently helping you. Even if it's an alien, this is still a ruthless thing to do.
    • Plus some of the reasons given in XCOM: Enemy Unknown: Seeing something that tough die so easily is demoralising, as is the brutality of We Have Reserves...As done by either side.