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Fridge Horror

  • On Wuthering Heights, Victorian propriety made Emily Brontë not give any details about how the conceptions of young Cathy and Linton happened. Now consider how Heathcliff treated Isabella Linton, and how quickly she came to be disgusted with his viciousness (to the point of running away through the moors while pregnant), and think: how could they possibly have conceived Linton?
  • Healthcliff tells Nelly before Isabella flees that she is consenting to all of his 'experiments' that are 'strictly within the limits of the law' what would Healthcliff have done that made Isabella leave him then? Just because something is legal—as marital rape was in England and Wales until 1991—that doesn't mean that it's bearable. Considering Heathcliff's treatment of Isabella, it's likely that he sees "consent" the same way that quite a lot of people nowadays see rape. If a woman is silently enduring rape by a larger and stronger man who could maim or kill her if he chooses, many modern people (and even worse, many cops, attorneys and judges) feel that she must have consented, or she would have fought him physically. If she didn't struggle physically, the argument runs, then she must not have objected. This ignores the fact that fight or flight are not the only options. Sometimes people freeze in terror.


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