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Fridge Logic

  • With how frequent Yuri assaults other people and picks fights on top of damaging a dig find, he should have been sued or fired or both long ago.
  • Wait, when was Natalie infected?
    • You really don't want to know.
      • Oh. Wait, I don't remember that happening either.
      • The trailer at least shows part of a sex scene between Paul and Natalie. It might be in the uncut version of the film, but... I really don't want to know.
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    • I would assume that it's after that scene where she takes his shirt off to look at his cut, then suddenly he's on the other side of town for the obligatory scene of killing teens making out in their car... except that only raises the question of why Natalie never wolfed out any of the times when he did.
  • The lab's apparent need to acquire more funding after digging up the werewolf skeleton. You think that after such a significant find, Noel would have immediately contacted other researchers along with the media. Yeah, the claim that the skeleton is actually a werewolf would likely attract skepticism, but all they have to do is present it as “Hey, we found the bones of a really weird new animal out in the desert, come check this out!” and that would probably get them some attention. Once outside scientists confirm that the skeleton is actually from a lycanthrope and is not some elaborate hoax, they'll be getting tons of attention and research funding. And once the infectious properties of the bones are discovered (in a professional, controlled, lab environment, not just by infecting some random security guard, Yuri, you fucking idiot), it's a given that Noel and his researchers will never have to worry about money again, having scientifically proven the existence of one of humanity's most famous myths. So with all this in mind, why in the hell is Natalie whining to Paul about how he's their last hope of getting more funding?!
  • Yuri knows that a scratch from the skeleton will turn someone into a werewolf, since that's exactly what happened to Tommy. Yet he disguises himself as a doctor and sneaks into the hospital to steal some of Tommy's blood, so he can use it to infect someone else. Why would he bother, when he already has the means to make unlimited werewolves with the skeleton? And how did he know injecting someone else with Tommy's blood would do the trick, especially since doing so requires him to drug his victim, which means he's in big trouble if it doesn't work?
    • Maybe that's the point: he's experimenting to find out as much as he can about how the curse works.
    • As for the potential risks of getting caught, rational thinking doesn't really seem to be Yuri's strong suit, as evidenced by the multiple fistfights that he starts throughout the movie.


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