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Fridge Brilliance

  • NXT's seasonal reality show-based format shifted to what basically amounted to its own little 'promotion within a promotion'. And yet, because of the way WWE tends to operate, the premise really never changed - the standouts in NXT in one year are usually promoted to the main roster in the next. They also usually receive huge pushes, at least initially.
  • Andrade "Cien" Almas, whose name roughly translates to "Hundrednote  Soulsnote  Andrade", made his TV debut against Tye Dillinger, who is known as "The Perfect 10." 10 vs. 100. Three guesses who came out on top.
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  • Roderick Strong's Face–Heel Turn becomes less shocking when you watch his match against Cedric Alexander in the Semi-Finals of the Cruiserweight Championship tournament on 205 Live. What does he do to Cedric in that match? Throws him back first into the ring post from the Fireman's Carry position on the apron! Using what is usually considered a heel tactic as a desperation move, Roddy was already showing signs of turning before TakeOver: New Orleans.
  • It may be a coincidence, but The Undisputed Era is composed by Adam Cole, Bobby Fish, and Kyle O'Reilly. They were later joined by a freshly heel-turned Roderick Strong. As in... CFO$, the duo which succeeded Jim Johnston in the WWE music department.
  • Most of the callups to the main roster are similar to the way sport clubs behave in real life: like OVW and FCW in the past, Developmental!NXT is the feeder division to Raw, Smackdown and 205 Live's main teams. Most of these changes in real life take place at what's called the "window transfer period", which in the WWE timeline is the period between WrestleMania and the next PPV. At some points, players on the main roster get sidelined by several reasons (i.e. releases, injuries) and NXT has to feed more roster members to these shows.


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