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Fridge Brilliance

  • While Zarkon returning to the throne and he Lotor and Haggar all working together again during the Post-Script Season despite their hostility towards each other in the first season finale seems like a simply case of Status Quo Is God. Theirs actually cases for that sort of thing happening with dictators in real-life. Would-be world conquerors like Santa Ana and Napoléon Bonaparte used war as a way to not only attempt to seize power, but also return from exile after being deposed with aspirations of making a comeback. As for Zarkon, Lotor, and Haggar agreeing to work together again, that probably was because they all agreed they didn't have many other options.
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  • In the Post-Script Season episode "A Ghost of a Chance" Merla mentions that one of her machines is powered by a phenomena called quarks. Turns out quarks are a thing in real-life, though they don't work exactly as Merla describes them.

Fridge Horror

  • From "The Sand People", the main reason Lotor singled out Sandy for the Robeast transformation. Poor little Sandy was wearing Allura's bracelet, and he only had it because Allura had given it to him as a gift. The bracelet made him easier to single out. Not that it was her fault, of course. Allura had given the bracelet away out if kindness.

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