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Fridge Brilliance

  • Taiga being considered part of the New Generation Series actually makes some amount of sense. First off, Taiga is the Spin-Offspring to Taro, much like Zero, the founder, is to Ultraseven. The second is the fact that Taiga being the first in the Reiwa period marks a new generation of Ultra Series viewers.
  • Fuma being a ninja Ultraman makes sense when you analyze his point of origin (Planet 0-50 and its home universe) has recurring themes of pseudo-Japanese. One such example is Ultraman Orb: The Origin Saga, where Gai and Juggler dresses as space ronin.
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  • This season managed to justify the inclusion of past Ultraman powers when the Tri-Squad are on equal terms with their predecessors: for now, each episode involves the Tri Squad fighting against Tregear or stronger monsters; be it new ones or those from past seasons.
  • Ever wondering why Pirika of all people liked Titas? That's because Titas' predecessor Joneus had a human host back in his anime home series, where he is portrayed as a Chick Magnet due to being portrayed as a Nice Guy.
  • (Ta)(iga), son of (Ta)ro, first Reiwa era Ultra, just as T(iga) was the first Ultra of Heisei era.

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