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Fridge Brilliance

  • In her debut story Sapphire found out what Paperinik's Secret Identity looked like and even about his girlfriend, yet this seems apparently forgotten. It is, literally: every time his secret identity is found out by someone Paperinik feeds them a pill that wipes their memories, considering that this time not only his identity but even Daisy's life were in danger he must have done it again off-page.

Fridge Horror

  • When Paperinika teamed up with Paperinik to take on Spectrus and Sapphire, she choose to fight Sapphire, and revolted her gloves to cause her to short-circuit and nearly blow herself up. Seems just a Designated Girl Fight... Except that Paperinika, as Daisy, has prior reasons to hate Sapphire (who in her debut story had hypnotized Paperinik to commit a heist, and Daisy saw her apparently making a move on Donald with hypnosis), and has almost as bad a temper as Donald, with her somewhat better self-control getting replaced by Tranquil Fury when she's Paperinika. Considering that at the end Paperinika pretty much blow her opponent up, it wasn't a Designated Girl Fight, it was Paperinika trying to kill Sapphire.


Fridge Logic

  • Why in the world would Eeta recruit Fethry and Gus? Donald and Goofy are obvious. They both have long experience with crime fighting, have saved the world on multiple occasions, and are either very resourceful or powerful. Mickey is intimately familiar with many of the villains, and have outsmarted them on several occasions. Gladstone has luck which, to an outsider, could be confused for something useful. Paperinika is at least an established superhero. But Gus and Fethry?

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