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Fridge Brilliance

  • Peter's death occurs when Norman Osborn returns from his seeming death in an earlier story, where Norman and his son Harry were both seemingly slain at the end. The title of that earlier story should have suggested that one of them was coming back: "The Death of a Goblin."
    • This goes even further in Miles Morales: The Ultimate Spider-man #1. People are legit surprised that Norman Osborn was still alive however, it was never confirmed that he did in fact die. Nothing of a sort ever led to the idea that Norman Osborn was still alive. People have confirmed Peter's death, but no one said anything of the former billionaire tycoon's death which is a cue that he never died.
  • The spider that bites Miles snuck into his uncle Aaron's bag while he was burglarizing the abandoned Oscorp facility. So as with Peter, Miles' fate as Spider-Man is directly influenced by a crime involving his uncle even if he doesn't know it yet.
    • It goes further when his uncle Aaron (the Prowler) blackmails Spider-Man into working with him, mostly by appealing to the responsibility Miles has to his uncle, since it was because of him that Miles got his powers.
  • Here's another. Issue two ends with Miles upside down on the celing and in a reversal of what Peter reaction was. While Peter's reaction was excited ("This is so cool."), Miles' reaction was more worried ("Oh no.")
  • In an early volume 3 issue, Miles's mom catches Miles making odd sounds and appearing to be very sweaty after watching some online videos [of Spider-Man at work and trying to mimic him]. While she's suspicious, she seems reluctant to push the issue. In a later issue, Miles' dad reveals his mom had long suspected him of being gay due to his close relationship with Ganke.
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  • A young man gifted with strange powers makes the crucial mistake of not apprehending a thief when he has the chance, allowing a circumstance where the thief causes the death of the boy's uncle. From a Certain Point of View, this is entirely applicable to Miles just as everyone knows it is for Peter. Miles' uncle Aaron (a.k.a. The Prowler) tries to recruit him as a criminal, blackmailing him with revealing his identity as Spider-Man to his super-phobic father. Miles goes along in helping Aaron take down the Scorpion (here a Mexican crime lord) but when Miles draws the line, the two wind up in a battle that ends when one of Prowler's damaged tech gauntlets blows up, leaving him to die before his nephew's eyes in an eerie and twisted echo of the circumstances of Ben Parker's death.
  • Miles' Venom Strike is treated as a humorous way for him to end fights for the most part. However, there have been hints that there is more to it than meets the eye:
    • It stops Omega Red dead in his tracks long enough for Miles to drop something large and heavy on him.
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    • It completely destabilizes the Venom Symbiote, freeing it from it's host with explosive results.
    • Finally, Norman Osborn is rendered completely helpless (and temporarily de-powered), leading Miles to pound him into paste.
      • It stops normal villains in their tracks and trashes machinery, but it looks as though the greater amount of genetic instability a character has (Venom and The Green Goblin), the more effective it is against them.
  • When Nick Fury first met Peter Parker, he explained that they could not detain him yet. They were aware of his crimes, but could not prove them in a court of law. And they were aware that he mutated himself, but that mere act was not a crime in and of itself... but, he clarified, they were working on that. By the time of Ultimate Six, that work was done. Kraven got superpowers and announced it on TV, and that was enough for the Ultimates to detain him right there in the TV studios.

Fridge Horror

  • Parker broke Flash's hand during their fight, so he's out of the basketball team until he heals... by the end of the season. Parker got a Klingon Promotion to replace him, and took the team to the final, but quit when uncle Ben died. What will happen now to the team?


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