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Fridge Brilliance

  • Woody's right arm rips when pulled against Buzz's left arm—in the previous film, Buzz's left arm falls off, whereas Woody's right arm falls off later in the film.
  • When the toys are in the luggage conveyors at the airport, why doesn't Jessie intervene at all in the fight between Woody and Stinky Pete? Because she was having a panic attack being locked up in a closed space with no light. When Woody finds her again, she's in a fetal position and shivering.
  • Furthermore, it's kind of odd how earlier Jessie and Woody and Bullseye were playing around like crazy when the toys in Andy's room wouldn't play unless Andy was there to play with them. But as far as Jessie, Bullseye, and Pete are concerned, this is the last chance they'll ever get to actually play before they're shipped to the Museum.
    • Actually, the other toys also play amongst each other. Remember Woody and quick'n'draw having a 'gunfight'? It just only ever was a background event.
  • Why was Stinky Pete the only Woody's Roundup toy that was still in the box? Because Stinky Pete toys were in such low demand that stores had trouble selling them, so it wasn't difficult to find a surplus of Stinky Pete dolls.
  • A rather subtle theme of character building; in Toy Story 2, Rex is consumed with beating the Buzz Lightyear video game. In Toy Story 3, Trixie gets a message from "Velocistar 237" (presumably another dinosaur toy), who is proudly boasting "I made it to the dark fortress!" And in the end credits, Rex and Trixie are seen bonding over playing a video game. Apparently dinosaur toys are avid gamers...
    • Well, maybe it's because of Yoshi.
  • When we first meet the Roundup Gang, they treat Woody almost reverently, Stinky Pete even referring to him as 'the prodigal son'. That all made perfect sense to me, it meant that they were finally getting out of storage. But the other day I realized there was another layer there. None of them had ever met a Woody toy before, but judging by their reactions they had all seen the Woody's Roundup show before. Woody is the main character of the show, referred to in the opening as 'the very best' and always portrayed as the great hero who saved the day (and their characters) in the end. So here we have these three toys, locked away in the dark for years, with the knowledge that when Woody comes everything will change. And their only image of him coming from a show that builds him up as their savior. No wonder they were so excited to see him!
  • Upon rewatching the movie, I saw the "When She Loved Me" sequence and kind of wondered why Jessie never bothered to slide out from under the bed for Emily to find her. It ultimately wouldn't have mattered: even if Emily found her, or even if she simply got another Jessie doll, she still would have grown out her interest. Even if Emily did find her, Jessie wouldn't be played with again, and would just as be good as gathering dust under the bed like the other discarded "Woody's Roundup" merchandise.
    • It's possible that's exactly what Jessie realised. At first falling under the bed might have just seemed like a mistake that would soon be rectified, that Emily would come looking for her soon enough... but the days kept going on and on, and suddenly all the Woody's Roundup stuff was there with her, and she finally got the message: she wasn't important anymore
  • Stinky Pete says Woody's Roundup was canceled because children wanted to play with space toys. In the original film, Woody feels tossed aside because Buzz Lightyear, a space toy comes into the picture.
  • In the airport, Stinky Pete yells, "You're all going to end up in a landfill!" In Toy Story 3, where do they end up?
  • This one's more like Fridge Heartwarming, but here: The whole reason for Stinky Pete's villainy is that no one ever bought or played with him. His final fate, being given away to a little girl that defaces all her toys by drawing on them, is played up in-universe as a Fate Worse than Death. It's only later that I realized: even if he gets drawn on, he still finally gets to be played with.
    • Supported in side media such as the movie website, which shows Stinky Pete actually enjoys his new owner and has more or less pulled off a Heel–Face Turn.
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  • When and how does Stinky Pete foreshadow that he's actually the main antagonist? Shortly after Woody reveals he still has an owner, he tries to explain that he was in a yard sale that he wasn't even supposed to be in, and Stinky Pete interrupts Woody before he can properly explain himself, even using Woody's injured arm to imply that Andy is an abusive owner. By doing this, he is actually discretely showing his distrust for kids by assuming that Andy was just throwing him out.
  • As mentioned in Fridge Horror, Stinky Pete has convinced Jessie and Woody that Woody's Roundup was cancelled before the final episode even aired, though this is later revealed to be untrue as it plays when Woody's friends are leaving. This episode also ends with Woody teaching An Aesop about the importance of loved ones and singing "You've Got A Friend In Me" while being hugged by a child. Stinky Pete likely didn't want to show them this ending because it contradicts his nihilistic beliefs that children are irresponsible ingrates who destroy toys, and also causes Woody and Jessie to realise that being loved by a child is more important than being remembered as a collector's item.
  • Woody at one point says "I'm not going to any museum!" Jessie replies, "Well, I'm not going back into storage!" Though these are seemingly contradicting fates at the time, in the end, both of these actually end up true. In this respect, Woody and Jessie get what they wish for.
  • This might be a stretch, but it's possible that the sideplot of there being 2 Buzzes is a reference to the "2" in the title.
  • When Al is talking about shipping and checking luggage to go to Japan, he is saying, "What? That's in Yen, right? DOLLARS?!" His surprise of how expensive shipping to Japan is genuine - since prices in Yen look huge to people used to "Dollars", which use decimal points. (Yen doesn't - which is why cheap items are sold in increments of hundreds.)

Fridge Horror

  • A lot of what Stinky Pete does becomes a lot Harsher in Hindsight once he reveals his motives. When he asked Woody if Andy broke him on purpose and, later, if Woody thought Andy would take him to college, he was really planting negative images of Andy in Woody's head to rule out his going home. Also, listen closely in the scene were Woody rejects Buzz's rescue and you'll hear the ending to "Woody's Finest Hour" that Pete claimed was never broadcast. Now consider that he's also been telling Jessie these things. She's also the one who shuts off the TV before the final episode plays, meaning he's been lying to her, taking advantage of her claustrophobia and abandonment issues for years. He's not just a Manipulative Bastard, he's a psychological abuser!
  • How long did Jessie have to wait under Emily's bed before she was donated to charity?
  • Considering how psychedelic those posters were, it's possible that Emily was Jessie's original owner. If that's the case, Jessie's been missing her for decades. Ouch!
  • Why was Jessie donated in the first place? Because her owner didn't have kids. However, she was still attached to her Jessie doll, treating her like a child and what not. Maybe she can't have kids?
    • It's common for young girls to be motherly towards their toys or treat them like real people, but because they usually mature faster then boys, once they outgrow said toys, they don't see any use for them. Emily is shown to be at least adolescent when she donates Jessie. Of corse, this makes everything even worse because it meant that Emily really did forget her.
  • Zurg reveals to "New" Buzz he is his father. After Zurg is defeated by Rex, New Buzz, rather than accepting victory over Zurg, mourns the apparent demise of his father. Later, they are seen playing catch together. Why? Zurg didn't have much opportunity for a Heel–Face Turn, and New Buzz has only just learned his arch enemy is his father. It's because, unlike Luke Skywalker, New Buzz has decided to join his father on the Dark Side.
    • Zurg had a dent on his head. Brain damage from the fall (a whole new issue) probably Heel Face Turned him.
    • According to the manual, when Zurg was evil he's actually in "Demo Mode", which makes him thinking that he's a real Emperor Zurg. When he fell, he's accidentally turned back into "normal mode", making him remember that he's just a toy.
  • How many people were hurt or worse in the collision the toys caused while crossing the road?
    • From what we see, most of the collisions appear to be of the 'fender bender' variety, so it can be extrapolated that outside of a few cases of minor injuries or whiplash and some hits to the pocket to cover the damages, there were likely very few major injuries or fatalities. Although there is that large concrete cylinder that rolls off the back of the truck...
  • The baggage people at the airport don't care about their job one bit. For one, they casually toss a box that says "FRAGILE" in big words (followed by the sound of shattering glass), and decide to put the final set of bags onto the next flight. Imagine how unhappy and/or stressed the poor people will be when they arrive in the airport in Japan.
    • Unfortunately, that first one about the box labeled "FRAGILE" is Truth in Television. It's been discovered that boxes marked "FRAGILE" are more likely to have their contents damaged in transit, not less.
    • I hate to imagine the negative press and lawsuits this airport will get upon finding out that four toys, a camera set, and several golf balls have disappeared, glass has been shattered, and some luggage have been placed on a different flight. And didn't Woody and Jessie open up a hatch as the plane was about to take off? We never see it being closed. And thus, more damage, negative press and lawsuits ensue.
  • If Al and Stinky Pete's plans had succeeded, then Woody, Jessie, Bullseye and Stinky Pete would have been stuck in the toy museum surrounded by security cameras, meaning they would have to stay completely motionless FOREVER.
  • Didn't Buzz knock down a display of toys to escape Al's Toy Barn, causing Zurg to escape? Did more disillusioned toys escape? Would Al return from Japan to find out that his store was apparently robbed? And what would become of his employees who failed to notice that at least two toys have disappeared?


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