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  • Fridge Horror: In one section of the Shalebridge Cradle, the item you need has been destroyed so you must go into the past, possess a mental patient, sneak past the guards and into the children's dormitory to retrieve it. That's right, a mental patient can sneak into the children's dormitory, and Lauryl was well aware of this fact.
    • The information that leads you into Shalebridge in the first place indicates that the staff were well aware of the easy access mental patients had to the children's areas as well.
  • Fridge Logic: Electricity and electric lighting exist in this world, but homes still use torches and gas lamps, which Garrett can easily douse with water arrows. Perhaps explainable if electricity is expensive, but Garrett robs the houses of the wealthy.
    • It seems like the Hammerites and Mechanists are very selective as to who gets what of their mechanical wonders.
    • It's not always consistently applied throughout the games, but some levels tend to put the electric lights in working and above-stairs, affluent areas, whereas servants' quarters and utility areas tend to get gas lamps or torches, which would corroborate the "cost" theory.
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  • Fridge Brilliance: With 20/20 hindsight, the first two games would seem to imply that for all their claims that "preserving the balance" is sacrosanct to them, the Keepers have been bloody reckless in terms of how closely they were willing to court disaster by giving The Trickster so much of the upper hand in the first instance, and Karras in the second. Of course, either through inspired forethought or genius ninja storytelling skills on the part of the writers, we discover in the third game that Gamall (The Hag) has been translating the prophecies throughout - and may well have been spinning the prophecies to suit her own agenda. Or even - considering that she's a quasi-immortal psychopath - just for her own amusement!

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