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    Fridge Horror 
Fridge Horror
  • If you leave at daytime in the 1st episode, Shawn will be with Chet, and when they escape, Chet decides to leave. Paying attention to him in the background of the cutscene shows him looking at his arms right before he decides to leave. Chet was probably bitten.
    • He wasn't. He was clearly stretching, but it would be interesting to note that if you decided to wait till night, Chet is among the ranks of the undead advancing towards you. To think it's that early into the game, and even then you can decide whether someone lives or dies.
  • At the end of Episode 2, the recording left Jolene claims that the bandits are "rapist monsters". That her camp had two sleeping bags (one of which looked like it could have belonged to young girl), but no sign of said child, adds up to a rather dark picture.
    • She explicitly had a daughter. One could guess — from the sleeping bag, the Empathy Doll, and the fact that Jolene fixates on Clementine — that this girl was about the age of Clementine (8). During the scene with Jolene, my impression changed from "the bandits took her" to "these guys on the farm took her," and while I don't think they're the type to be raping 8-year-olds, there's still a dark picture to be had: a family chopping legs off a still-living 8-year-old to eat her since, "pragmatically," the odds of her surviving the apocalypse are slim. Which'd also be the fate of a couple other kids if we hadn't figured out what was going on.
  • Episode 3 implies that an army showed up between episodes to exterminate the walkers in Macon, and the army lost.
  • Chuck mentions having seen a little girl die to Lee, later on, we learn Stranger had a daughter, Elizabeth, that was possibly killed by walkers. So Chuck could have possibly witnessed Stranger's family die before he met the group.
  • In Episode 5, the zombie Lee shoots on the way back to the mansion only has one arm. It's possible that he was a bitten survivor who tried cutting off his arm to save himself, like Lee may do.
  • In Episode 2, Ben tells everyone that it is not the bite that makes you turn into a walker, it is the fact that you die. He also says that you need to destroy the brain. Kenny remembers this later and crushes Larry's head when he seemingly dies in the meat locker room. If Ben had not told the group about that important bit of information, and Lee hadn't chosen to help Lilly, then they would be locked in a room with a six foot, 300 pound zombie who hasn't experienced an ounce of decay and would probably start by killing the most competent fighter in the room—Lilly, who was trying to revive him.
    • But if you do CPR fast enough, Larry seems to be waking up before his head gets crushed. Meaning that if he hadn't told them, Kenny would have had no reason to stop Lee and Lilly from attempting to resuscitate Larry.
    • There is a chance that was actually Larry beginning to reanimate.
  • If Lee fights Kenny in Episode 3...
    Lee: You want to hurt people because you´re afraid? Losing duck isn´t enough for you? Because you´ll fucking lose everything if you keep acting like this! I´ll kill you before I let that happen!
    • Kenny loses everything in that same episode, and then in the next season too. Clem potentially ends up killing him.
  • Before getting shot or reanimating, Duck sees his mother kill herself.
    • Thankfully, this is somewhat eased by the fact that Duck is practically unaware of his surroundings by this point, and had no visible reaction... which might be considered worse.
  • Really more along the lines of Fridge Tear Jerker, if there is such a thing, but it's fairly easy to forget that the timeline of Episodes 3 through 5 lasts only about four days. In the space of less than a week, Clementine has lost everyone. She finds her parents infected, Lee is either dead or infected, and every single other person Clementine has come to rely on and know in the past three months — everyone, from Duck to Lily to Kenny to Ben and everyone in between — has died systematically over the course of a few days. Omid and Christa are the only ones who survived, but she had only met them during that four day timespan.
    • It gets even worse. The beginning of season two reveals that Clementine has been traveling with Omid and Christa for several months (as evidenced by Christa being heavily pregnant). After winding up at a rest stop, Omid is accidentally shot by a young robber. A sixteen month Time Skip shows that Christa and Clementine's relationship is now heavily distant and strained. What's more is that they're soon separated and, as of episode three, nobody knows what Christa's status or whereabouts are. Even though Clementine eventually joins another group, it's very sad that there's only one member of her old group that is confirmed to be alive (Kenny) and even he can possibly die. By Clementine's own hands, no less.
    • Even worse than that: As mentioned above, Christa is heavily pregnant at the beginning of season two, and after the timeskip, she's not. Where's the baby? Best case scenario: Miscarriage. Worst case scenario: the baby was eaten alive by walkers. Let that sink in. A baby, possibly a newborn, could easily have been torn apart and devoured by walkers. And the worst part is, we never find out. The only hope is the fact that Christa seems relatively sane during the few moments we see of her. Depressed for sure, but sane. Having her baby, and the only memory she had left of Omid be literally devoured alive by walkers would no doubt bring Christa to her breaking point, and would very likely cause her to commit suicide. A miscarriage, or even the baby dying of malnourishment or illness is a much better alternative to that.
  • The group's goal in season 1 is to find a boat so that they could escape. But note this: even if the rest of the world is safe, they still carry the infection, and they will turn when they die. So had they managed to find a functioning boat and escape to Europe or somewhere else, they would have either found that it's all the same there or carried the plague to a peaceful and unaware area.
  • In episode 4, Lee and Kenny get to the docks in what's assumed to be a rather long amount of time, and Lee finds his way to the sewers, and judging by the time of day he gets back to the house, he arrives at sundown. Lee probably took the same or at least a similar route to the morgue where the cancer patients held up]], meaning that once Lee faints in Episode 5's start, he's doomed; the virus is already harming his body at that point, and there's nothing he can do about it.
    • Episode 5 has you overlook from the top of the hospital to the church next to the mansion. It's barely 2 blocks away.
  • In episode 4, you find the reanimated corpse of a small child who starved to death. In episode 5, you learn he could have escaped.
    • Not really. He would have had to smash down a partition wall, a job that needs the concerted attention of two healthy adult males, all on his own. Even then he would have simply been in another house overrun by zombies. Lee's group escape via a method a lone child would never have been able to use and indeed kills the youngest member, if he's still around.
  • In Bonnie's story, you are forced to kill Dee. Not doing so results in getting killed. It seems a little strange, as with a flashlight, Dee should be able to tell who she's attacking before actually killing her. Unless, of course, she was planning to kill Bonnie from the start.
  • Take a good long look at Clementine in this cover art for Season 2. Has she been bitten?
    • Yes and no. She was bitten, but it was by a dog, not a walker.
      • The dog (Sam) bit Clementine below the elbow, whereas in this image she's holding the area above it. This could be her trying to numb radiating pain, but I bet the promo art was more than likely just that, promotional material.
  • In the first episode between Season 2, there is a 16 month Time Skip between Omid being shot and where Clementine and Christa end up. The thing is, before the 16 month skip, Christa was pregnant and after it, she isn' where is the kid?]]
    • It's pretty obvious... Christa lost her kid, though it isn't clear how or when it happened yet.
  • The fact that Omid was shot in the chest meant that either Christa or, God forbid, Clementine either had to defile his corpse by shooting him in the brain (This would be particularly hard on Clementine if she Mercy Killed Lee. This would open those old wounds right back up.) or leaving him to reanimate. Either outcome is horrible.
  • In Season 2, when Sarah asks Clementine if she wants to be friends Clementine can say she doesn't want to become her friend and be asked to do something unfriendly later. Could this be a Call-Back to Lee, Kenny and the choice to either kill or try to save Larry in the meat locker? Could that incident and Lee and Kenny's relationship have negatively affected her view of friendships?
  • Remember how good it felt to tell off Rebecca by asking her whose baby it was? You just reminded her of being raped.
  • Near the end of All That Remains, while walking through the woods Pete will ask Clementine if anyone taught her how to shoot. One of the available replies is "I don't like guns." After accidentally letting the Bandit in the beginning of the game get a hold of her gun, which led to Omid's death, she may not feel like she should be trusted with a gun again after what happened last time
  • Carlos' fail-safe plan for Clementine is this. Clementine was bitten by a dog, but the group does not believe her in spite of the obvious wound that does not look like a walker bite. Carlos decides to lock Clementine in a shed until the morning to prove whether she'll get a fever from the supposed walker bite overnight, and will help her if she does not turn. Problem is, Carlos refuses to treat the wound, meaning that her wound will catch all kinds infections regardless of what bit Clementine's arm. Carlos, being a doctor, should have known that an untreated wound will get infected anyway...unless he wanted Clementine dead from the start.
  • Omid's name is Persian for "hope". Now, in light of this, the fact that he dies at the very beginning of Season 2.]] Means that TellTale literally killed Hope at the beginning of Season 2. Symbolically speaking, this does not bode well for the rest of the season.
  • May be considered Harsher in Hindsight and Fridge Brilliance as well, but this post on a tumblr blog points out this: Almost every time Clementine tries to help someone in Season 2, she gets hurt in some way. If you try to [[spoiler:protect Alvin, Carver will grab Clem and hold a gun to her head. If you try to defend Kenny against Carver, Clem will be hit with Troy's gun. When attempting to save Luke, Clementine nearly freezes to death. If you try to help Arvo, Kenny will accidentally hit Clementine. If you try to get between Kenny and Jane in their fight, Clementine will be pushed down. It really drives home Carlos's line. "No matter the intent, bad consequences may occur."
  • When Clementine gets to choose between helping Luke or covering him from zombies when he is about to fall into the frozen lake, he is practically begging her to do the latter. If you do choose to try and help him, him helplessly screaming for Clementine to stop and not get herself hurt is a major Tear Jerker. Fridge Horror kicks in when you realise that no matter your choice, you have to smash through the ice in a last ditch attempt to save Luke: the last thing he sees is Clem falling into the freezing lake and desperately reaching for him. Luke's last thoughts are that he killed Clementine.
  • In Season Three Episode Two, Clementine reveals that she used to be a member of The New Frontier, the antagonist group that killed Mariana and Francine. Considering how baby AJ isn't with her when she first appears in Season Three Episode One, it's safe to imply that AJ is most likely still with The New Frontier.]] Then we learn in Season Three Episode Three that AJ is indeed still with the New Frontier, as after the New Frontier kicked Clem out of their group for taking drugs for AJ, they decided to add an additional punishment by taking AJ away from her and making her leave without him.
  • Another Season Three, in the opening scene, Javi, Kate, Hector, and the kids are all riding to the hospital to meet up with David and the grandmother. Hector rolls up his sleeve to see that he's been bitten by his zombified brother. And then we don't see what happens.
  • The fact that, unlike many of the older survivors, AJ has no happy pre-Zombie Apocalypse memories to fall back on. This is the only life he knows.
  • In season 3 we learn that Jane committed suicide if Clementine went with her and if Clementine went with Kenny she accidentally got him killed. Obviously Jane was going to kill herself whether Clementine was there or not, but how did Kenny die in the scenario where Clementine wasn't there?
  • The Garcia family in the opening to season 3 are just a small number of people in the world who have to deal with their first walker on that fateful night. In their situation, they were fortunate enough that Salvador Garcia's zombie was put down before it could eat anyone. And even then, dealing with him after what seemed to be a miraculous awakening from the dead ended up with TWO people bitten. There are thousands of deaths in the world from natural causes and accidents every day that wouldn't lead to brain damage that would prevent reanimation. How many grieving families that day were caught unawares when their deceased loved ones suddenly rose from their death beds only for them to be a zombie's first meal?
  • With the reveal that Marlon actually traded Tenns sisters to adult raiders rather then the lie that they were killed my Walker brings up the disturbing question of what they did to them. As pointed out early on their bodies were never recovered. Considering these are a bunch of adults who could have literally taken anything else that would be more useful such as supplies then two teenage girls brings disturbing implications about their fate.

    Fridge Logic 
Fridge Logic
  • When you find that abandoned station wagon, your group steals from it even if you choose not to. Thing is, Kenny and his family are the only ones who seem to want to steal. Lily even calls you out if you tell Clem you have to take it!
    Ben: Look, we don't know if these people are dead.
    Lily: If they come back, then we're just monsters who came out of the wood and ruined their lives.
    Clementine: This stuff isn't ours.
    Duck: (nervously) Dad, whose stuff is it?
  • How does Lee get back over the barbed wire fence by the Auto Shop the second time, without Molly's help?
  • Clementine's parents are still together as walkers.
    • Although the TV show has been implying that walkers might contain a slight recollection of who they were. Another explanation is that they turned roughly around the same time and were together when they shambled out into the street.]]
  • In Episode 2, Danny St. John begins telling Lee not to kill him so his meat will stay fresh. Which means that the St. Johns probably know that everyone will become a walker when they die unless their brain is destroyed. They left Mark with his legs sawed off, dying of blood loss — in fact, he crawls downstairs during dinner and loses consciousness, but when he attacks Brenda during the climax, he's back on the upstairs landing, so they obviously moved him. Yes, in-story it happens so one of them can suffer a karmic death, but it also makes them look like idiots for not sparing the extra 30 seconds or so to drop a salt lick on his head.
    • This has been addressed elsewhere on This Very Wiki: it was most likely Brenda who carried out the task of "preparing" Mark, as the 2 boys were busy with their guests. She's less experienced than either of the boys in preparing human meat and wouldn't have the same equipment upstairs in the house as the boys would in the barn.]]
  • How did the Stranger keep up with a train when his car was out of gas?
    • Clementine had been talking to the Stranger on her walkie even before they left the motor inn, meaning he would have plenty of time to find out they were planning on going to Savannah and get there first.
  • If you go alone to look for Clementine in Episode 5, the cancer survivors attack the rest of your group while you're gone, and when you get back Kenny is beaten up, with a black eye. Why? That implies that he got into a fight with them, even though they were armed, and instead of just shooting him, they fought back hand to hand. Of the 4 remaining patients, only one of them looks capable of being in a fist-fight.
    • This is likely because shooting guns would attract the walkers and would expend precious ammo when they have no real reason to shoot him. Plus, while they may be willing to steal the boat, they probably didn't want to go so far as to kill him.
  • In-Universe, Sarah reacts this way when Sarita tells her about the Christmas Carol "Good King Wenceslas", saying that if he really were a good king he wouldn't have made his servant go out there with him.
  • How exactly is it that Clementine constantly struggles with pulling weapons out of walker's heads and whatnot, but breaks down the trailer door in Episode 4 by kicking it?
    • Because the Walker corpses would still be viscous enough for weapons to get stuck in them, while that door has been left "rotting" for years.
    • It's because she uses weapons like the hammer and the axe, which get caught easily. Once she starts using the screwdriver, she can pull it out with ease.
  • While it's extremely cruel, Crawford banning the sick and enfeebled makes sense. However, banning children doesn't. Yes, they are a drain on resources for at least ten years or so, but how is the community supposed to thrive or survive by not replacing the people who die or are kicked out due to age or developing a disease? It seems like extremely short-sighted and narrow-minded planning.
  • Why exactly did Dr. Logan record the aftermath of his tryst with Molly? Immediately after he begins recording, he freely admits to breaking the Crawford rules by giving Molly medicine for her sister; in-universe this tape would only serve to incriminate him if it was ever found by anyone else in Crawford and its sole purpose seems to be as exposition for Lee and company.
  • How the hell did anyone not notice AJ going for the gun at the end of "Done Running"? Sure, all eyes were on Marlon and Clem but it's a pretty big suspension of disbelief when you have one of your main characters suddenly become a stealth master out of nowhere. You'd think someone would've called it out.

    Fridge Brilliance 
Fridge Brilliance
  • Now, in the first season around Episodes 2 and 3, it seems a little weird that Kenny, a headstrong father who pretty much likes giving orders and doesn't like receiving them from strangers, would be the one favoring more of a Democratic Approach to "Governing" their little group, but then you realize: In a Democracy, everyone votes. Kenny had a wife and a son, both of whom loved Kenny dearly and would follow him thick and thin, through and through. And since most people who play this game live in a Democracy, they would make Lee more sympathetic to Kenny's cause then to Lilly's demands for order under her rule, which would make Lee and Clementine be on his side in most issues. That's 5 people out of a small group that numbers no more then 10 (It's 10 beginning in Episode 2 and 9 beginning in Episode 3). Kenny's basically trying to become the sole leader of the group through the guise of Democracy and using the strength of the Majority! Of course, he loses his ambition to do this after his wife kills herself because of their zombie infected son, who is then killed to spare him from being a Zombie, and allows Lee to basically be the guy that keeps the group together. But it's brilliant how using Democracy to unite people could make you the de facto leader of the Group with enough allies to keep everyone else down.
  • In the beginning of Episode 2, Carley points out that it's always a power struggle between Kenny and Lily and stays out of it. As a former war correspondent, she is designated to play the role of a neutral party.
  • During Episode 2, Lee notices a walker tangled in the fence with a white arrow in its head, mentioning the St. Johns probably just use them as target practice. When he and Mark then cross over the fence, it turns on and strands them on the other side before Mark is shot with a white arrow from what appears to be further down the fence. Attentive players may notice, however, that the bandits only are firing red arrows.
    • One dialog choice ("The fence turned on!") has Andy lie that he turned the fence on because he heard Mark yell and assumed they were done fixing it... even though Mark clearly yelled after the fence turned on and he was hit with the arrow. Lee must have failed his Sense Motive check.
  • In Episode 3, when Lee first meets Christa and Omid, they're bickering. Omid expresses an unsettling amount of enthusiasm upon seeing the group has a child, Clementine. Why? Because Christa is pregnant, and joining Lee's group would mean the baby could grow up alongside another child. The two were likely bickering over whether joining a group would be best for their baby's safety.
  • When you find the third videotape in Dr. Logan's locker, it begins right as he is zipping up his fly after having sex with Molly. While it was convenient dramatically, the tape also may have started there because the Doctor was watching what happened just before and ejected the videotape without rewinding it.
  • It's entirely possible that the choice to cut off Lee's arm worked. He just lost too much blood in the process. At one point in the episode, despite the fact that the stump is bandaged, you can clearly see that it's dripping. This could be the reason why Lee's skin color looks so bad regardless of the scenario near the end of the episode. Depending on how it plays out, the possibility of getting shot by The Stranger and surviving could be another reason why Lee dies despite cutting off the infected arm. As for the possible chance of getting bitten a second time while fighting the horde, that would obviously make cutting off the arm a moot point.
    • It also didn't work because it wasn't done soon enough. Season 2 reveals that amputating the bitten limb can work, but only if it's done immediately. Lee first tried tracking Clementine down to Vernon's hideout; traveling there probably took at least an hour. It's only after Lee finds the hideout empty and is contacted by the Stranger does he actually consider amputating his infected arm.
      • This idea has a distinct amount of possibility. Lee already fell unconscious once before he or whoever was with him attempted to cut his arm off to save his life, if they chose to do so. The fact that he's already experiencing loss of consciousness already suggests that the bite infection has begun to affect his neural system, if not the rest of his body. Meaning it's likely already too late that cutting off the bite, no matter how far up, would be futile.]]
    • Also, the tool Lee used to cut his arm off might have not have been the cleanest instrument.
  • It's hinted that of all the people in the group, Ben gets along best with Clementine. During his calling-out of Kenny, he mentions having a little sister (who is most likely dead by now).
  • The fifth episode is titled "No Time Left." Lee's bitten arm, which the player can choose to amputate, is the arm he wears his watch on.
    • It's also his left arm.
  • If Ben was killed in Episode 4, then in Episode 5 Kenny instead jumps down to save Christa. He knows Christa is pregnant and wants her future family to live.
  • In Episode 5, Lee walks through a massive crowd of walkers. While he has to kill several of them, most pay him no attention because he's so far infected that he's starting to smell like a walker.
    • It's actually the fact that he's slaughtering them left and right in this scene and getting covered in their blood as a result. Walker blood masks the smell of the living; unless you make a wild movement at point blank range, they'll tend to ignore you. It's been seen several times in the TV show/comic and has been fairly effective for those who have discovered this.
    • There's also the fact that getting bitten a couple of times while hacking your way through the crowd does not result in game over.
  • Episode 5 ends on a brilliant Book-Ends with how the whole game began. What's the first thing Lee had to do? Get himself free from handcuffs and shoot a zombiefied cop. A walker cop is the final hazard of the game, and putting handcuffs back on (on Lee or on the walker) are the last important things you do.
    • Two Book-Ends at once: At the start of the game, Lee first sees Clementine as a shadowy figure in the distance. At the end, Clementine sees... somebody in the same way.
      • Three Book-Ends. At first, Clementine gives Lee a hammer to kill the zombie babysitter. At the end, Lee rolls Clementine a bat to kill the zombie cop.
      • There's even a fourth book end, related to the first: what was the first thing you did after getting out of the cop car at the beginning of the game? Limp forward injured, using the body of the police car for support. What's the first thing you do after waking up in the final room? Limp forward injured, using the display case for support.
  • Understandably, if Lee dies, the game ends. So why doesn’t the game end at the end of Episode 5, when he dies for real? Because the story isn’t really about him – it’s about Clementine. Until the very end of Season 1, Clementine is completely dependent on Lee for protection. If he dies, she will have no one to look after her (aside from the other survivors, most of whom are too busy with their own problems to really take Clem under their wing like Lee did). The game doesn’t end because Lee dies, it ends because Clementine will soon follow. But in the later episodes, Lee finally starts to teach her how to protect herself. He cuts her hair too short to grab, teaches her to shoot, and also gives her advice on how to survive (depending on what dialogue options you choose). And at the very end, when Clementine kills a walker with a baseball bat, and either shoots Lee or leaves him to turn, she overcomes the final obstacle. She doesn’t need Lee anymore. So even when he dies, she will go on. And so will the game.
    • That being said, the game does end when Lee dies, since the end title appears with a Smash to Black as soon as Clementine shoots him or he slumps over as she walks away. This highlights how all of the game's choices have the same ultimate outcome; you get a "Game Over" screen no matter what.
  • At the end of 400 Days, whether or not Vince agrees to follow Tavia to her people's community depends on who he was with at the end of his chapter. It seems counter-intuitive at first, but if he leaves the bus with the relatively friendly and loyal Danny instead of Justin, who betrays him some time between his chapter and the epilogue, Vince will be less likely to trust Tavia's intentions. However, the way he changes his mind and agrees if you choose to go with Justin suggests that thinks that Justin might be there, and he's looking forward to getting revenge.
  • At the end of 400 Days, the character most likely to go with Tavia is the one who does not give the player any major Sadistic Choice.
  • Some may have thought achieving the Golden Ending in 400 Days was too easy. It's possible this was done intentionally to make players feel like shit when they found out what became of the characters in Season 2.
  • Why is Clementine the protagonist of Season 2? The last puzzle in the first season was more or less a point-and-click adventure game puzzle, except Lee was telling Clementine what to do.
  • This one can be a mixture of Brilliance and Horror, but during All That Remains, Clementine comes across a cabin of survivors who question her injury, thinking she was bit by a Walker when in fact it was a feral dog. The doctor of the group examines in, stating that he can't tell what caused it but suggests leaving Clementine in a shed overnight to see if she develops a fever, per the symptoms of a Walker bite. However [[spoiler:due to blood loss, infection from the dog, and other factors, Clementine would have developed a fever regardless. Carlos knew that it wasn't a Walker and was setting Clementine up to die, seemingly to prevent her from meeting his daughter Sarah (or at least have one less mouth to feed).
  • Some players may be confused by Clementine saying she hated her Treehouse in A House Divided when part of her character profile described her as spending a lot of time in there before the outbreak. But after the outbreak, she was alone in there for days, with the no doubt terrifying event of her babysitter turning and no adult figure to comfort or even try to explain what's going on to her. She was probably living on whatever snacks and beverages she could climb up there with. A couple of days in that state and there would probably be some bad memories attached to the place.
  • During "In Harm's Way". Carlos smacking Sarah was the best thing he could do in that situation. He knew that if he didn't, Carver would have done things far worse. He clearly did not want to do it, but whatever Carver or Troy would do was going to be far worse whether it would hurt either him or his daughter. If it was an act of self-preservation; he would still ultimately have done it for Sarah's well being, as we see at the end of the Episode when he does get killed.
  • Listen to Sarita's song in Episode 2. Sounds like foreshadowing of the finale, doesn't it?
    Sarita: (singing)Mark my footsteps, good my page/Tread thou in them boldly/Thou shalt find the winter's rage/Freeze thy blood less coldly.
  • The way Kenny or Jane die at the end of Season 2 is actually very fitting, considering their characterizations. Kenny is often protective of others to a fault; Clementine, the one he's probably protected the most during the two seasons, directly shoots him. Jane is a loner who has twice left someone behind - first her sister, then Sarah; if Clementine does nothing, thus leaving her to be on her own as Jane herself has done, she gets stabbed. Kenny dies protecting Clementine and AJ from walkers by drawing them to him. Jane on the other hand kills herself without regard to Clementine and AJ's lives after finding out she was pregnant which many people consider to be a selfish decision, her hanging herself also forces Clementine to kill yet another person close to her.
    • In addition, assuming you leave out the option to shoot Kenny, you're either watching Jane die or looking away. Very reminiscent of when Kenny killed Carver earlier - but the way the choice is laid out, most players who want Kenny to live would simply choose to look away, not realizing they'll just watch if they don't choose. This makes sense; Clem would obviously want to watch Carver get beaten to death, but since she had bonded with Jane, she really wouldn't want to watch her get stabbed, and would rather look away no matter how hardened the game's events had left her.
  • A mild case of foreshadowing in the case of Javi. When Salvador Garcia reanimated and started attacking David, Javi's first instinct to try to get him off of him was to tear a bedpost off of his bed and take a swing at his head. While he could have easily tried to wrestle his father off of his brother, his baseball experience made his first instinct to find a long blunt object and hit him with it.
  • In Season 4, Episode 2 "Suffer the Children", we see Mitch get stabbed in the neck while trying to rush attack Lilly. Such a fatal wound left him as good as dead, and Lilly then stabs him in the head immediately after. While this may seem like a cold and heartless action, Lilly most likely killed Mitch quickly to prevent him from reanimating. She was visibly shaken afterwards.
  • At the finale of season 4, it might seem odd that Clementine survived her bite when she looked almost fully infected by the time AJ chopped her leg off. But then you remember that Minerva had cut a huge gash in Clem's leg with an axe, meaning Clem's weak and pale state at the barn was likely more due to blood loss than the bite. The huge wound may even have caused the infection to spread slower if it caused some of the bacteria to bleed out with it, further explaining her survival.
  • The reason behind AJ's choice boxes being more numerous and shaky? He's still a child, he's still learning and still questioning his world. Whereas the other previous playable characters like Lee, Clementine and Javi are more assured in their actions or believe in them more. Where AJ's wobbly boxes are more emotional and inexperienced, the solid boxes of Clem, Javi and Lee show their maturity and willingness to see their actions through.
    • Also, when AJ becomes our playable character, his text becomes white, and Clem's turns into another color.


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