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Fridge / The Twilight Zone S3 E73 "It's a Good Life"

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Fridge Horror

  • From the sequel, we learn that Anthony gained a daughter...notice how we don't ever see or even hear a mention of the mother. Most likely implying that before the events of the episode, she got sent to the cornfield. Although what she did is also never explained. Even worse, how was he able to get her into a (presumably) consensual relationship considering his nature.
    • It's very possible that the only reason she consented to a relationship was out of fear of his retaliation. So... basically not really consensual at all.
    • How do we even know a mother factors into the equation at all? Given what he's capable of, it wouldn't be unlikely for Anthony to have simply conjured a child into existence out of thin air.
    • Agnes does mention her, saying Anthony "sent his own wife to the cornfield". Of course, she may well have been intimidated into marrying him.

Fridge Brilliance

  • It's logical that in the sequel adaptations showing Anthony as an adult that he is stunted emotionally. He never had adults discipline him out of fear, which is how children learn to control themselves and mature. While Anthony did learn how to experience love (he loves his daughter), he never learned how to channel his anger into anything productive because he didn't have to. He only learned how to somewhat behave as an adult by passively watching the people around him, but without being actively taught he couldn't mature properly. Compared to Anthony as a little boy, he did develop a stunted sense of empathy as an adult. Chances are that if someone had found a way to discipline him properly, Anthony could have grown up and used his powers for good.

Fridge Logic

  • Why didn't anyone try to subtly manipulate Anthony for their own benefit? e.g. "It sure is a good day Anthony, but you know what would make it better? Make it ten degrees cooler. Think of how good THAT would be!"
    • They may have, but from how he's portrayed Anthony would never take much advice from anyone, and probably retaliate against anyone who tried to push him into doing anything.
    • The original short story confirms that people have tried to convince Anthony to do useful things, but suggesting he do anything other than what he wants to do... doesn't end well.

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