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Fridge / The Thing on the Doorstep

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Fridge Horror

  • The fact that "Asenath" not only spent some time going to a girls' school after her father went mad, but also apparently tested some hypnotism and body-switching on her classmates.
  • Given what happened to Derby after he died, it's entirely plausible that the real Asenath suffered the same fate—And may still be doing so...
  • Asenath occasionally reentering her own body - crying with pain, fear and guilt. Doubles as Tear Jerker.
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  • How about this one? Upton merely assumes that "Ephraim Waite" was his true enemy—But given what we see in way of Demonic Possession otherwise, perhaps even Ephraim wasn't really "himself" at all when he did all those horrible things to his daughter. Which would then be the true reason why the Eldritch Abomination called him "Kamog" in Derby's confused retelling of the unholy ritual...
  • Derby is adamant to have is body cremated since Ephraim was able to complete the mind swap despite "Asenath" 's death. However, The Case of Charles Dexter Ward establishes that a necromancer can be brought back from death with his mind intact from his "essential salts" only, and that cremation is not enough to destroy them, therefore even if Derby's instructions were obeyed, Ephraim might still be at large.

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